Let the memory of James be with us forever
  • 67 years old
  • Born on September 1, 1945 .
  • Passed away on June 29, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, James McIntosh 67 years old , born on September 1, 1945 and passed away on June 29, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by VALERIE BARROW on 6th September 2018
HAPPY HEAVENLY BELATED BIRTHDAY JIM! Remembering you today and always, Valerie Barrow
Posted by William Swirsding on 5th September 2018
Hey Jim, Happy Birthday olde friend of mine! We certainly shared a lot of birthdays together - 60 give or take a few. But your 10th was a good one. Your Pop took us to Connie Mack Stadium to see the Philadelphia Phillies play to celebrate the occasion. There were other times and other places, but we never forgot each other's special day.
Posted by Carolyn Jackson-McIntosh on 1st September 2018
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! BABE, Since you've been gone, I've changed a few things here in our home. Still, there are some things that I wouldn't move, alter or exchange. Often, a visitor will admire the beautiful beveled cut, floor to ceiling mirrored wall in the dining room. Much to my delight, I get to tell the story of how on my birthday, returning from a trip, you totally surprised me with a mirrored wall, my gift from you. I'll always love you.............
Posted by VALERIE BARROW on 3rd July 2018
Dear Jim: It is such an honor to slow down and focus on you and your memory. The pictures and joy you exuded from them speak to those of us who knew and were blessed by your uplifting spirit. You brought that same joy to my Mom and I when you and Carolyn met up with us in Philadelphia for the Art Show, to my Dad in his time of need and again when I was in Florida for a conference and you and Carolyn took me to dinner on the Beach. These are just some of my fond memories and I thank you for all of them. Continue to rest in peace and look over all of us who miss you so, Valerie
Posted by Robert Statkiewicz on 1st July 2018
I can remember the first time I met Jimmy. We had just moved to Welsh Road during the summer and I would go into grade 1b at Joseph Brown School in a couple of months. My Mother wanted to instill responsibility into her children. So if I wanted anything special I, even at that young age, had to earn money. I proceeded to collect old newspapers. At the bottom of the hill (maybe 6 blocks away) was a junkyard that would pay for papers. So I loaded my red flyer wagon with papers exceeding my height. Since, at that point, I was too young to be a Boy Scout my knots had much to be desired. I made it a block and a half. In front of the McIntosh house the knots gave out and papers were all over the sidewalk. Out walked this boy who volunteered to help. We got the papers down to the junkyard and shared some candy at the local store. He was also going into grade 1b in the fall. From that point forward we spent most of our days together playing then in school. It never stopped all through out high school. Neighborhood baseball, cub scouts, boy scouts and the relationship just continued. I have to say, though at the time in the 50’s I did not understand, some people had issues with Jimmy and I being tent mates. The reality was neither of us had even given it a thought. Years later when Jimmy and I were re-acquainted in Florida I confessed that he was a primary reason that I could not see a difference in the races. I was proud to say he was my friend and glad I could see him once before his end.
Posted by Carolyn Jackson-McIntosh on 29th June 2018
My Beloved, Jim I lit a candle at seven this morning and placed it in front of my favorite photo of you. I opened the window shutters, which you often did, to allow the sunlight to illuminate the room. Last night, I prepared my homage to you by gazing through countless photo albums of our happy faces. On this day of your ascension, I had hoped to sit in the light and meditate on the happiness you brought to my life. I contemplated sitting in silence and reminiscing on some of your sage advice. In a meditative state, I could hear the inflections in your voice. I thought visualizing photos of our cheerful faces and recalling your sage advice would hinder the flow of my tears. To no avail! My tears saturated my face and flooded my mind. Although it's been five years, I'm still just not over you. I managed to regain my composure by following a ritual of yours, by observing the beauty of our neighborhood through the shutters. It prompted peace and generated some energy. A calming thought, GOD called you home to continue your sleuthing from heaven. HE knew the turmoil that was coming and HE needed you to help protect us and work toward a solution to this mayhem and debacle. HE could not have selected a better disciple. So, now the clouds have rolled in and it's raining. We needed rain and it seems appropriate for this day of mourning. Somehow I feel energized. I'm going out and let the clouds cry for me. I Will Always Love You!!!!!
Posted by Vicki O'Connell on 29th June 2018
Dear Jim On this day, the anniversary of your passing, I find myself reminiscing about our friendshp. You were my neighbor and became my friend forever. Years passed where we lost contact, but then found each other again, thankfully! Immediately our in depth conversations began. You had a way of being so positive and comforting. I miss you so much. A truly wonderful and kind man to everyone who knew you! Rest in peace my friend. I will keep you in my heart
Posted by Carolyn Jackson-McIntosh on 7th September 2017
Dearest Jim, This message is a bit tardy since your birthday was on the first. I did clear my calendar and spent your birthday reminiscing on all the good times we shared. I remain unable to look at the photos of our happier days, it's just too emotional for me. I'm terrified but my faith is strong, Irma is coming with a vengeance. I just got an email from Robbie. I'm swamped with phone calls and emails from friends and family. I'm grateful there are so many who care enough to reach out. Yesterday Bruce called with a list of emergency equipment I should have. He mentioned a lantern and I immediately got up and went out to the garage and found a brand new lantern you bought a few years ago. I opened the lantern to see how many batteries it needed and of course it was fully equipped and ready to go. Thanks honey for your efficiency and forward thinking mind. I will always love you...........Carolyn
Posted by VALERIE BARROW on 4th September 2017
Dear Jim: Your special spirit of kindness and joy will always be with me. We all miss you so much here but know that you are at eternal peace and watch over us. Thanks & Love, Valerie
Posted by Kenneth R. Webb on 2nd September 2017
Jimmy, During our last conversation you comforted me and assured me I had nothing to worry about with regards to you. I realized after you left to go home that you were at peace and God was by your side. I will see you soon. Thanks for all you did for me. God bless you Carole
Posted by VALERIE BARROW on 5th July 2017
Dearest Jim: I am so grateful for the memories of you and the special spirit of joy and love you shared so generously. I of course wish you were still here with us but I am comforted by the faith that you are at peace and will be forever in our hearts and minds.
Posted by Carolyn Jackson-McIntosh on 2nd July 2017
My Beloved, I spent June 29, memorializing you. I woke up at 7 AM, lit a candle and placed it in front of your photo. The photo was one of my favorites, you dressed in white. In my mind, I visualized the moments before you left me on your way to heaven. I was by your bedside until about 7:20. I left you for a few minutes and when I returned, you were gone. I felt your spirit around me while a white candle floated in a vase of water. I ask your spirit what time you departed and the candle flickered at 7:23. I could not believe my eyes and I watched the candle intensely for the next two hours to see if anything other than your spirit could have caused the candle to flicker. Much to my delight, the candle continued to burn bright until after midnight. My heart will abide and glow in love with you forever. Passionately, your wife Carolyn
Posted by Vicki O'Connell on 1st July 2017
I think of you often dear friend. You left us way too soon. I am thankful for the conversations we shared . Your words will always be with me along with our childhood memories.
Posted by Kenneth R. Webb on 9th September 2016
Jimmy you are thought of often and missed dearly.
Posted by VALERIE BARROW on 8th September 2016
You were such a dear friend to my Dad Jim and I know that you 2 are up in Heaven doing what you do best - Being a joy and adding your special impact to him and everyone around you. I will never ever forget how you shared that gift with us in Philadelphia and when I came to Sarasota and you took us out to dinner. Your spirit will be with me forever.
Posted by Carolyn Jackson-McIntosh on 1st September 2016
Happy Birthday My Beloved! Babe, yesterday would have been our tenth wedding anniversary. I reminisced off and on all day, visualizing our wedding ceremony. I just realized I never talked about how you never took your eyes off of me during the entire service. It was my Mom who mentioned how endearing it was to witness your gaze. I loved you then and more than ever now. GOD blessed me with the most handsome, intelligent, sensitive, adventurous and courageous gentleman. I could fill this space with a deluge of words to describe you. The criterion starts with you! How could I ever settle for less? On my first attempt to acknowledge your birthday, on this website, I discovered Cal beat me to it. Before I could complete my tribute I find Mick's accolades came through too. It warms my heart to see your dear friends remembering you. We miss you so much. I Will Love You Forever............... Carolyn
Posted by Thomas Gaskins on 1st September 2016
Hey Bra, Happy Birthday ! You know these next two days were always special for you, Brandon and I. I will forever remember our conversations, adventures and family vacations. Jim, you are truly missed but never forgotten. One last thing my brother, you were not hear to celebrate with us when Villanova won the National Championship. However, I know you had a big smile on your face, as coach Wright and I talked about you. GO CATS ! LUV MICK
Posted by Calvin Smith on 1st September 2016
Happy Birthday my brother. It's been four years since you left us physically, but your spirit and memories live on in those who remain. I personally miss our chats; political, psychological, sports wise and just good conversation in general. I know that you are holding court with the Master above. If I were a betting man, I'd say that you have been voted onto the Mystical Council and you are giving guidance to some wayward souls, smile! I love you Bro and one day we will be back together again. Love always, Cal Smith
Posted by Carolyn Jackson-McIntosh on 29th June 2016
Love of my Life, Another year has passed and I continue to miss and love you dearly. This day of your passing, is a bright and beautiful day. I'm beginning to feel less sad and I tend to dwell more on the good memories we shared. I feel you in my heart and your guidance in my head. I feel your presence more often in the car, as I tool around town. It's uncanny but I hear you say, "lock my door." There are a few rituals I go through before leaving the house because I'm afraid not to. I feel you prompting and directing my steps, just before my journeys outside of our home. However, on my return trip, a feeling of loneliness overwhelms me because I know you will not be there to greet me. I Love You Babe!
Posted by Carolyn Jackson-McIntosh on 29th October 2015
Hey Babe! "Hey Babe", I still hear those words in your deep voice, as you greeted me, called me, when you rubbed and hugged me. Today, two years and four months ago you left me to be with the LORD. I was so busy with Mom soon after you left, I didn't really get the chance to grieve. However, I always burned a candle on this day, to keep your spirit around me. After all this time, I finally find myself free to grieve. How fortunate and grateful I am to be able to google your name and see, hear and watch your familiar gestures and expressions. What a blessing! I just wish I could touch you. Some how I know you still hear me when I say "I Love You Babe!"
Posted by Calvin Smith on 26th October 2015
Hey Jim; I always think of you constantly and wish you a happy birthday on September 1 each year. I think back to all of the times we spent together in Philly, New Jersey, Maryland and Mississippi. Those were the days when we were young, and gifted and free, smile. As kids, (teens) we played basketball for George Ravelin's Three Country Boys. The list of people we met and played with goes on forever, i.e., Bobby Lewis, Larry Cannon, Troop Washington, Johnny Baum, Wali Jones etc. Those were quite memorable in their own right. Our lives intertwined when we went to Lincoln Prep together in 1965. You went to Villanova and I went to LaSalle. You joined the FBI and I the Federal Government Community. We were blessed to have such long and illustrious careers. I do, however missed the fact that the three of us, (Mickey, Jim and Cal) cannot laugh together about the fun times we had as young men, family men and now old men, smile! I was truly blessed to have you as a friend, a long lasting friendship that will never be extinguished regardless of the circumstances. You are gone, but never forgotten. I pray that Carolyn is in good health and will remain that way for a very long time. I miss you and leave you with these words: "When God saw you were getting tired and a cure was not to be He put His arms around you and whispered , come to Me. He didn't like what you went through and he gave you rest. His garden must be beautiful, He only takes the best. And when we saw you sleeping, so peaceful and free from pain, We wouldn't wish you back to suffer that again. Today we say goodbye and as you take your final rest, that garden must be beautiful, because you are one of the best! May the Lord give you peace now and forever. Amen!
Posted by Vicki O'Connell on 4th September 2015
I think of you often my dear friend. You were an amazing neighbor and friend. How I valued your advice and our talks. So thankful that we had that last year to reconnect. I have the e mails you sent me and I treasure your words......and will always! I miss you. I know you are celebrating your birthday in heaven. Vicki
Posted by Carolyn Jackson-McIntosh on 2nd September 2015
My Only Love! "Happy Birthday", one day late. You know I would not and never will forget your birthday. You were on my mind all day long. Leaving a tribute on your birthday was just too difficult. I feel you around me when I need you most. The day before your birthday I celebrated what would have been our ninth wedding anniversary. I love you deeply and forever.
Posted by Carolyn Jackson-McIntosh on 29th June 2015
My Love, Today marks two years, I have lived without you in my life. I miss you everyday and in every way. Recently, when I felt lonely and confused, with the deaths of our neighbors and sickness among our friends, you came to me with a message. I called out your name and expressed how impossible it was to be happy with so much suffering around me. Suddenly a phrase I heard you say often just came to mind, "Bloom where you are planted". I cried and laughed at the same time because I knew you put that in my head. "Bloom where you are planted", will stay in my head forever. Thank You Babe!
Posted by Vicki O'Connell on 4th September 2014
Dear Jim, Over one year since you left us, it is hard to believe. We grew up together. You were the best next door neighbor and always a great confidant. Since I was younger, you had the best advice for me . Always urging me to take the path of least resistance. I am so thankful for the last talks we had and the special e mails. I think of you often and I know you look down upon us and smile. I miss you my dear, old friend!! I pray that Carolyn continues to have the strength to move forward, knowing your love is with her, always!
Posted by Carolyn Jackson-McIntosh on 2nd September 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE! Your birthday was yesterday, September 1. I just found the courage to write this birthday greeting. Fran called on your birthday early in the morning. He mentioned a recent gathering, where everybody there expressed how much you are missed. No one could possibly miss you as much as I do. Carolyn
Posted by Anthony Freeman on 14th July 2014
Dear Mr. McIntosh, You were a great man, wonderful mentor, and loving friend. Having you in my life was an immense blessing. You always had a smile and several kind words to say to me and your guidance throughout the time I knew you really was a blessing. Thank you Mr. McIntosh, your positive, kind, and loving attitude will be forever missed.
Posted by Carolyn Jackson-McIntosh on 2nd July 2014
My Dearest Jim, It is unbelievable, for the first time, we have been apart for a whole year. I could not let the day go by without honoring you. I invited a few of our close friends to join me on the beach, one of your favorite places. We gathered at sunset, assembled a circle of beach chairs and nibbled on some picnic snacks I brought along. I decorated a beach chair with your tee shirt and a couple of blown up, old beach photos of you. We shared funny "Jim" stories and first impressions. As the sun went down, I illuminated the center of our circle with 100 tea lights. It was unintentional but, as I dropped the tea lights on the sand, Nancy noticed the lights resembled the shape of a heart. Nancy tweaked the lights and took photos. Curiosity, brought a tourist from a nearby hotel to our gathering. She (Rachel) viewed the lights from above and wanted to know what was the occasion. GOD held back the rain until it was time for us to pack up and leave. It was a memorable event and I felt your spirit there with us. BABE I WILL FOREVER LOVE YOU, Carolyn
Posted by Carolyn Jackson-McIntosh on 14th February 2014
My Dearest Jim, You were and will forever be the love of my life. I have tried so many times to leave a tribute to you but tears always ended my attempts. Today, on Valentine's Day, I finally found the courage to commemorate this day with a message. For the past twenty plus years, on Valentine's Day you gallantly exhibited your love with a dozen, sometimes two dozen red roses. As each rose blossomed, you deeply touched my heart. I love and miss you each and every day but most notably on Valentine's Day. Your Wife, Carolyn
Posted by Kenneth R. Webb on 19th October 2013
I was honored to have Jim as my friend. He was the footprints in my sand throughout many difficult times in my life. I will always remember his words of wisdom. " Keep God first in your life and without forgiveness there is no love." I will always cherish Jim. His last words to me were" Kenny I love you; I'm ok don't worry I'm in good hands." Carol you were blessed. Love Kenny
Posted by Lew Stowe on 26th September 2013
Hey Jim. I still write to you. They probably don't have email wherever you are. The way I see it though, you're so deeply entrenched inside my heart, you don't need to respond. You remain forever one of the greatest champions that I have ever known. I miss you. Our conversations, your wisdom. Good Lord, if I live a thousand lifetimes, I will not meet another such as you. See you soon. Lew.
Posted by Bill Fleisher on 28th August 2013
Jim and I worked together in the early 70's in the FBI's New York Office. We remained friends ever since. Jim was truly a decent human being who always looked up even in the face of tremendous adversity. He was a genuine hero as a special agent and a man. My life is better having known Jim. I will miss him. Rest in Peace my friend.
Posted by Joanne Squires on 28th August 2013
When I think of Jim the first word that comes to mind is "gentleman." Jim was always a delight to work with - ALWAYS with a huge smile on his face, always caring and considerate. I consider myself blessed to have known Jim and spent part of my career working alongside him. My deepest condolences to Jim's family.
Posted by Marian Murray on 28th August 2013
Jim was one of the nicest man I have ever worked with. He always had a kind or encouraging word. You could never be feeling down while Jim was in the area! He will be missed...
Posted by Nan Dav on 18th July 2013
The Director of the FBI presented Jim with the Metal of Valor in a ceremony at FBI headquarters, (he was assigned to the Philadelphia office). After receiving his medal, Jim asked his dad to join him with the Director. Jim then thanked his dad for all the scout meetings and sports games he had attended, & gave his medal to his dad. He was that kind of guy.
Posted by Nan Dav on 18th July 2013
Notice from the pictures I uploaded, Jim was always smiling or laughing or telling great stories. He remembered names of almost everyone in his stories, putting those of us who have trouble with names to shame. He was so tall, he always surprised me at his height, every time we got together. Jim reached out to help others and really enjoyed life. Nancy Davis

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