Let the memory of james be with us forever
  • 26 years old
  • Born on June 28, 1988 .
  • Passed away on January 28, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, james cunningham 26 years old , born on June 28, 1988 and passed away on January 28, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Annetta Hollingsworth on 28th January 2018
Hello Jimmy just wanted you to know that your family is growing they all miss you so much so we need you to continue to watch over them and let them know that you are always there rip Jimmy from annetta combs
Posted by Annetta Hollingsworth on 28th June 2017
Jimmy hope you have a wonderful birthday in heaven it's sad that you had to leave the beautiful woman you had and your fabulous babies and an amazing step son whom all miss you and love very much please continue to watch over your family
Posted by Amanda Hollingsworth on 13th June 2017
Hey just want to let you know the kids are doing good Carissa is going into the second grade and Caleb is going into Kindergarten Carleigh is in preschool and Camren is going into 9th can you believe that it still don't seem that long ago that you were here and i'm sure you are watching over your babies they still talk about you and miss you every day
Posted by Annetta Hollingsworth on 28th January 2017
Wow Jimmy 2 years unbelievable you left such a beautiful girl and wonderful kids and an impact you left with Camren as a father figure to him please watch over each of them and let them feel you and know you're in their presence AMEN
Posted by Rahnda Cunningham on 15th December 2016
Wow it's been almost 2 years since you have been gone,,, regrets still haunt me,, I love you little brother!!! Till we meet again!!
Posted by Amanda Hollingsworth on 7th May 2016
I love you and miss you more than words can say
Posted by David Cunningham on 29th January 2016
You mean so much to me uncle jimmy i hope you are doing good up there.
Posted by Jessica Younger on 28th January 2016
Wow buddy how time had went by...i wanted to pay my respect and l let you know your missed Jimmy alot. Please watch over your beautiful family and let Amanda know it's ok to hurt that lets her know it was real the love was real. Hold her and your children tight.rip Jimmy...
Posted by Ronald Cunningham on 28th January 2016
To my little brother that I miss so much I wish I can turn back time to bring you but I can't but I'm so greatful for all the memories of us growing up that no one can place you are the closes to me growing up we use to play laugh and did some bad shit my favorite was going camping and fishing all night long we use to sneake beers and smoke and though we was the shit I would do anything to do that we you again I know you are so proud of me for staying cleaning and I know you are behind me pushing me to keep on doing it if could give you my heart I would cause I'm your older brother and that would be the right thing to do but I can't but I promise you one thing there will always be a place on me heart for you can't wait until we meet again until that day keep watching over Amanda andv your kids they need you to they love and miss you so much and watch over me and my family love you so much Jimmy and I know you are gone but never forgotten love your brother pooh R.I.P
Posted by AshleyDavid Johnson on 28th January 2016
Your are truly missed by all those that you held dear. Do your best to show Amanda that you are still there with her and the kids when times get hard and let her know that you're watching over her to protect her from all that tries to cause them harm!! Rip!!!
Posted by Annetta Hollingsworth on 28th January 2016
Jimmy it's hard to believe it's already a year since you were chosen to be one of God's angels Amanda is so deeply lost and crushed without you and the kids don't understand their asking about you all the time and Camren misses you dearly also. So whenever you see them down just reach down wrap your arms around them with a comforting hug to let them know your near rip Jimmy
Posted by Amanda Hollingsworth on 28th January 2016
it's been one year since you've been gone and it don't seem like it I miss you so much i don't know why this happened but I do know i will love you untill i take my last breath you are my other half my soulmate my best friend and the father of my children they say time will heal and i don't believe it because i live it everyday and something is missing from my life and it's you the one that made my heart beat faster the one that made my face light up the gleam in my eyes the one that could calm me down in any situation i will love you forever and ever and always like we promised babe untill you take my hand and could never be separated untill i see you again
Posted by DeAnna Smith on 28th January 2016
Jimmy, I didn't know you at all, but by all the wonderful people you knew in ohio, I can tell you were an awesome man. I have had the pleasure of getting to know your beautiful wife , Amanda though our spiritual beliefs and I have tried to be there for her in that way, always reminding and assuring her you are still with her. I know she will never get over her first great love, I just pray one day the pain will not be so intense, and I will not ever expect her to just get over it. You are and always will be the biggest part of her life.. RIP Jimmy knowing we are here for Amanda and your babies and I will do what I can, spiritually for them. Wish I could of met you too. Your wives spiritual sister, DeAnna
Posted by Amanda Hollingsworth on 8th September 2015
I wanted to say thank you your friends became my friends and are helping me a lot during this difficult time without you I never would have such wonderful people kisses and hugs always be your babygirl
Posted by Amanda Hollingsworth on 8th September 2015
Hey babe it's hard to sleep without out these days. I miss you holding me and kissing me on my forehead and telling me everything will be alright that's what I really need right now or your a touch of your hand people on earth can't deal with my craziness the way could you knew me better than anyone and it's so hard to describe the pain I am going through without you I feel I got cheated we still had 100 years to go remember I don't understand why God needed you more than me and the kids! Come in my dreams tonight so I can see your face and tell me it will be ok I still will love you forever and ever and always even after death do us part
Posted by Jennie Thompson on 3rd July 2015
You fly high with the angels!!!!! I miss you so much you have always been a great friend never done me wrong!!! Taking shots for u bro!!! Wat,h over your family and show Amanda some kind of sign and help her get thru this my heart aches for her she had the ups most respect for you and always had your back no matter what that's love boo and you know it just watch over her and give her the strength to get on I'll be here for her til the day I get up there with u love ya man until we meet again xoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Amanda Hollingsworth on 2nd July 2015
Hey babe I threw a birthday celebration for you on your birthday a lot of people showed up to remember you we even sang Happy Birthday me and the kids miss you like crazy it hasn't been the same since you left I still don't know how I am waking up each day without you I think about you constantly I wish you were here your the only one that could get me through this love you forever and ever and always until we meet again babe
Posted by Annetta Hollingsworth on 21st April 2015
Sorry you had to go home so soon I guess god needed you more rip and always watch out for Amanda and kids
Posted by Annetta Hollingsworth on 21st April 2015
Sorry you had to go home so soon always watch over Amanda and kids
Posted by Amanda Hollingsworth on 21st April 2015
I love you forever and ever and always babe the kids miss you like crazy and i am falling apart without you watch over us and keep us safe
Posted by Cherie Marcus on 30th January 2015
RIP... you have been called back home to be with OUR HEAVENLY FATHER where you are at peace & one day reunited with your loved ones.
Posted by Eric N Angel Hensley on 30th January 2015
I remember when he was a baby and I work at Grote. I would take Jimmy on the Metro to Hyde Park to go shopping.
Posted by Rahnda Cunningham on 30th January 2015
My little brat brother!! I love you wish I could of known you better as an adult!!!
Posted by Amanda Hollingsworth on 29th January 2015
I love you babe"

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