Let the memory of James be with us forever
  • 74 years old
  • Born on September 14, 1941 .
  • Passed away on May 17, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, James Wiley 74 years old , born on September 14, 1941 and passed away on May 17, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Bill Hatch on September 15, 2019
Happy Birthday Jim Bo. We miss you.

Other services' Vietnam tours were 12 months. Marines served 13 months.
In HMM-262 the pilots had an agreement that if you survived 12 months, you didn't have to fly combat hops in your thirteenth month. In June of 1969 Jim & I were both in our last month & not flying combat hops. In mid June I was the Duty Officer. The Squadron had the "Sparrow Hawk" mission - a standby section of 2 H-46's ready to do emergency recon extracts or transport 2 squad of Marines to reinforce a team in trouble. Our sister squadron, HMM-161, had the MedEvac standby mission.

A recon team in the DMZ got in a fire fight & had a seriously wounded Marine. 161's Medevac section was directed to pull the team out. We also launched Capt Dave White & Lt. Fenton & their wingman as a back-up to 161's Medevac section.

On approach to the recon team, the medevac helo got shot down. The wingman was able to land & recue the crew. Dave & crew went in to rescue the recon team. On short final they we shot down & crashed on a hillside.

As Duty Officer I ordered another aircrew that was in the Ready Room to change their mission & launch to pick up the downed Sparrow Hawk crew & the recon team. The pilot, a 2nd tour pilot, refused to launch. He pulled his wings off & threw them on the floor saying he was through flying. This was the only case of cowardice that I witnessed while in Vietnam. Without hesitation Jim Bo Wiley, who didn't have to fly combat any more, said "Bill,
I've got it." Jim took a copilot & launched to save the crew & team. The LZ was a flak trap surrounded by 12 50 cal. machine guns. Two helos were already shot down; but, Jim Bo didn't hesitate.

Before Jim could get to the LZ, the Wing Commander order that the LZ was closed - not to risk any more aircraft or crews. The Marines left in the LZ were order to walk south. This was the start of another 4 day sea story that fortunately had a happy ending. But, Jim's unhesitating launch to save his fellow Marine said everything that you needed to know about Jim Wiley & his courage.
Posted by B. B. Cole on May 17, 2019
Bo, you’ve got a “CHATTERBOX” wingman now...Rich (Burger) HERBERG RTB in early April ‘19 and I know he’s joining on your wing. Keep ‘em flying til we all join up.
SF — B. B. 9
Posted by Beau Wiley on May 14, 2018
Its been almost 2 years since dad has passed, and sitting here on mothers day with my family, watching my girls scramble around to make breakfast for my wife and maker her cards I began to reflect on many things. The first being my family and how I am surrounded by so much love, and that is a source of pride and happiness, but there is also sadness, because while I have so much around, I also have lost so much, I suppose there's some jealousy because I lost my mom in 1989, and although I found my birth mother, and initially things were good, circumstances changed in what seemed like an instant, and those feelings of having a mom to share with my kids and family disappeared, I feel like I lost her just like I lost mom in 89, the same emotions all over again. And just as this was happening, dad passed, there I was, grieving over the loss of my birth mother and I got a. Call from my uncle telling me that dad was gone, I was so far away, I couldn't afford to go to the service, all I could do is call and offer Donna my condolences. In the years running up to dads passing we had begun to mend some fences, but I didn't get the opportunity to really talk to him, ask some of the things that I wanted to ask. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's had taken the answer to all of my questions, and I didn't get the chance to tell him that he was my Hero. It has been the past 2 years that I have gotten some answers to the questions that I've had, these have come from friends that dad and mom had from the Marine Corps as well as dads friends/squadron mates. And these men and women have only reinforced my image of dad, he was a hero, my hero. I always thought I had time to talk to him, I thought there was time for him to meet his granddaughters, for then to see what I saw, a hero, now all I have to share with them is a military service record, a couple of pictures, some great stories from the few men he served with and my memories. I have tried not to let my regrets impact sharing things with my girls, and I hope that dad and mom can look down and be proud of me and my family, but most importantly, I hope that my hero, my dad, can forgive me. I miss you dad, I wish you could see how alike your granddaughters are to you, they both draw, are athletic, and are both quiet but are leaders, both of them are carbon copies of you, and the stories your squadron mates have told me just reinforces that, I can see you in them every time I talk to one of them and they tell me their memories of you. I miss you and love you dad.
Posted by Beau Wiley on September 17, 2017
You know growing up I knew my parents birthdays were a day and a couple of years apart but never really paid much attention to any birthday but my own, selfish child I suppose, but since dad passed I know exactly what day, I am reminded almost daily about them both, but mostly dad because I have so many regrets with him, I wanted to ask so much and never did, now I'm left with memories, a military file, and almost no family save for a wonderful step mom, Donna, I miss you dad, I wish you were here, I could really use some advice right now at this time of my life.
Posted by Richard Evans on September 14, 2017
Still remembering Jim from our Marine Corp helicopter days while serving in HMM 262 in Quang Tri Provence, South Vietnam. That was long ago but still have fond memories of Jim. 

Semper Fidelis Jim
Rich Evans
Posted by B. B. Cole on May 17, 2017
It brings a smile to my face every time I see your name...gone, but never forgotten. Set up the tequila shooters for Moon, you and me!
Posted by Bill Hatch on September 14, 2016
The 'Flying Tigers" of HMM-262 will share a toast or 2 to Jim Bo next week in Albuquerque. What I'd give to see that smile of Jim's again.
Posted by Ray Grundy on September 14, 2016
I I had the privilege of serving with Jim and sharing a hootch with him while in HMM-262 at Quang Tri, RVN during 1968-1969. I looked in my log book and saw the name Wiley on more than a dozen occasions. My last flight with Jim was when he was the HAC in a Huey Cobra back at New River, NC in 1970 ... who knew that one could pilot a helicopter in air conditioned comfort. I hadn't seen Jim since that day, but thought of him often as the years went by. 
I am saddened to hear of his passing ... see you on the other side brother. Semper Fi, Ray
Posted by Michael Mullen on September 14, 2016
Bo, you are one of my best and enduring memories of an indescribable year in Vietnam in 1968. I will always love you my brother. Save some tequila shooters for all of us.
I can't believe you are gone so soon, Bo; please put in a good word for the rest of us.
Posted by Beau Wiley on June 11, 2016
I Just saw the tributes from the Marines that served with dad, I would very much like to speak with all of them, please call me, I am Jims son, looking to hear stories of his time in Vietnam. My number is 9187043399.
Posted by Richard Evans on June 11, 2016
I just learned of Jim's passing. I served with Jim in HMM 262 at Quang Tri, Viet Nam in in 1968 and 1969. Although I haven't seen him in 47 years, I have thought of him regularly when reviewing my memories of that experience. We flew together several times during our tours and he visited our hooch frequently.  He was the type of person that you were always glad to see. My condolences to his family and friends. He was a wonderful person and a great Marine. Semper Fi Jim.
Posted by Bob Quinter on June 11, 2016
Old Marine Corps friends are more like brothers than just acquaintances. Haven't seen Bo for many years, but his loss is as deep as if we had parted yesterday. Rest in Peace my friend.
Posted by Bill Hatch on June 10, 2016
I had the privilege of serving with Jim in HMM-262 at QuangTri VN during 1968-1969. Jim & I arrived at the squadron at about the time & were also hootch mates. Our bunks were beside each other & I remember after one bad combat experience, Jim had some bad nightmares for a while. We had good times & bad, exciting times & boredom. We also we on a short trip to Hong Kong together. Lots of memories.

Ironically I found this obituary while trying to locate Jim to see if he'd join us for our Squadron reunion this September. Jim will be missed by all who served with him & flew with him.

Semper Fi Jim,

Bill Hatch
Posted by B. B. Cole on June 10, 2016
"Bo" and I served together in HMM-262 at Quang Tri, RVN, during 1968. He joined about half way through my tour...it was an honor and privilege to serve with him. My heart is broken. Fair winds and following seas, brother. Semper Fi -- B. B. Cole, Col USMC (Ret)
Posted by Beau Wiley on May 28, 2016
WileySep 13, 1941 - May 17, 2016

James Anderson Wiley, of Norman, Oklahoma, joined his Heavenly Father on May 17, 2016 at the age of 74. James was born September 13, 1941 in Walters, Oklahoma to Lloyd W. and Elva (Trantham) Wiley. 

He entered the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve in July 1966. James proudly served and retired as Naval Aviator with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He won his wings of gold in February 1968 and over time accumulated over 3500 flying hours as a pilot. He was awarded 68 Air Medals, Navy Unit Commendation, Meritorious Unit Commendation, Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, Vietnam Service Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal. After retiring from USMC, James worked for the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and the Department of Human Services. 

James enjoyed long distance running, exercising, and staying fit. He loved animals, going on ski trips, listening to all types of music; especially classical and opera. James was very artistic and excelled at drawing. 

In 1990, James met and married his wife Donna Sue (Morrow) Wiley. Together they enjoyed a beautiful and blessed life and were the love of each other’s lives. James was a wonderful husband, father, brother and friend and will be greatly missed by those who knew him. 

He was preceded in death by his parents; brother, Bill Wiley; and sister, LaDean Bridges. Survivors include his wife of 25 years, Donna Sue Wiley; sons, Beau and Bret Wiley; daughter, Kristi D. Smith; and countless other family members and friends. 

Visitation will be 8:00am-8:00pm Friday, May 20, 2016 at Havenbrook Funeral Home, with family receiving friends from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Graveside services to celebrate his life will be 11:00am Saturday, May 21, 2016 at Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery in Norman, Oklahoma. 

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