Posted by Jan Pritchard on June 3, 2016
James Arness was a REAL GEM! As I've said before, he may not be here on earth, but he'll always live in my heart.
Posted by Robin Kelley on May 26, 2015
Happy Birthday Jim!
Posted by Robin Kelley on June 3, 2012
In December 2006, I sent Jim a little gift for Christmas. I never thought much about it after that. In May 2007, I received a letter from him apologizing because he had never sent me a thank you note.....WHO does that??? I was SO taken back that he took the time to write me...I am sorry I never got to meet him but I still feel he was a part of my life and will forever be!
Posted by Kathy Mings on May 26, 2012
I've been thinking about our hero, on and off, all day. Even my mom talked lovingly about him today with me. A great man who will always endure in my heart.
Posted by Jan Pritchard on September 27, 2011
Jim was a beautiful man. I was blessed to have known him. He was kind, gentle, soft spoken, and so funny. He'll always be in my thoughts and heart.

He will be missed to all that love this Wonderful man.
Posted by Robin Kelley on September 24, 2011
What a gentle giant we have lost! A humble, kind, compassionate man, the like Hollywood and the world will NEVER see again!!!

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