Let the memory of James be with us forever
  • 63 years old
  • Born on November 3, 1945 .
  • Passed away on July 9, 2009 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, James Brooks 63 years old , born on November 3, 1945 and passed away on July 9, 2009. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Pat Brooks on 13th December 2015
It's almost your favorite time of year my heart still misses you,The holidays aren't the same now.one day becomes another,till now6and1/2 later,since you've wished me Merry Christmas,Happy birthday,Happy Anniversary,you know the void is almost unbearable. Hoping you are well Merry Christmas Babe I Love You
Posted by Pat Brooks on 16th May 2015
getting ready for graduation and the party to meet my new sister Christy what a shock huh mom was great at keeping this secret.Miss you everyday babe.You have my Love forever and forever never ends
Posted by Pat Brooks on 2nd January 2015
the new years here 2015 missing you as always,hope your doing well in your heavenly home.My days and nights are empty without you here.The kids are keeping me grounded though.Trisha's getting the baby bump on her now and looks so cute.Bradlee is due in Feb.Love You always Pat
Posted by Pat Brooks on 25th December 2014
Merry Christmas Babe hoping your day is blessed with our heavenly family.Our 6th apart miss you every day wish we could be together today and everyday♥
Posted by Jenna Brooks on 25th December 2014
We love u grandpa...Merry Christmas!!
Posted by Pat Brooks on 10th November 2013
It's been a week since your birthday we were all out to see you babe,I miss you everyday my life goes on some days easier than others but never a day I don't wish you were here with me again.Still no dates Never doubt if I do you are my first love,I will never love another I can never go through the pain of death again I only hope our kids knew the love we had.Love You Always Babe
Posted by Pat Brooks on 9th July 2013
4 Years have gone by my heart still missed you every day.i pray you can feel my love where you are. your leaving left a void for all of us. You are still my rock. We laugh we cry but we all remember you with love.Dance with the angels till we meet again. Forever I'll Love You♥ Love Is Forever and Forever never Ends
Posted by Pat Brooks on 23rd May 2013
tomorrow is Robbie.s 17th birthday he still talks about the fishing trips you took him on while being out of school sick!!! he wants a tattoo with your name in it (just like the girls did) we all miss you so much babe,my nights are filled by working the days endless without you! I hope and pray you knew how much I loved you then and now
Posted by Pat Brooks on 11th May 2013
New Computer Babe still miss you it's almost our anniversary 46 years it would have been,my heart still hurts my arms ache Forever I'll Love You
Posted by Pat Brooks on 21st January 2013
Thanks for being in my dreams last night, we were at Red's wedding Nancy wasn't the bride either!!!! It made me feel like we were together again♥ You know not a day goes by that I don't miss you and wished you were here again babe! Forever I'll Love You
Posted by Pat Brooks on 12th January 2013
Good Morning Babe, Just sitting here looking at us in a picture missing you as always,I finally got 3 days off again and hope I keep them.This last year of working 5 days a week has been hard but helped fill the void. I Love You 4-Ever PAt
Posted by Pat Brooks on 24th December 2012
Merry Christmas Babe we will be going to feed the needy tonite instead of exchanging gifts.You are missed as much now as the day you left us.I'm sending you all my love Dance with tthe angels,I'll see you tomorrow♥
Posted by Pat Brooks on 22nd November 2012
Missing You today Donna Mike and I are spending the holidays with Jerry and Mary in Alabama.the great-grandbabies are spending the night with me.All my love as always Happy Thanksgiving Babe
Posted by Pat Brooks on 12th October 2012
Today was a hard one but Cleo is with you all now saying good-bye was diffucult to say the least but we know she's with you all now free from pain. My heart misses you more and more Babe.All My Love Always dance with the angels give everyone a hug♥you still have my heart and my love Take care Babe
Posted by Pat Brooks on 7th October 2012
I know you have greeted her already, I miss you all give everyone a hug from me.Mom and Dad are together again,as will you and I.My heart still hurts my body aches to hold you again. Forever I'll Love You Babe
Posted by Pat Brooks on 2nd August 2012
There's a bad call,I always know he's somewhere watching me play and complaining about the call.I can truely say he was the best Grandpa EVERI will never forget him,and I will play every baseball game for him Forever in my ♥ grandpa
Posted by Pat Brooks on 2nd August 2012
Robbie Waddellposted toPat Brooks Tuesday . Today I seen the picture in my room of grandpa , and I sat there and looked at it . I remember all the times I was "sick" and him and I went fishing . That man wouldn't miss one of our games if his life depended on it. Today I know how proud he would be of the things I have accomplished and how far I have came. Every game I play when
Posted by Pat Brooks on 9th July 2012
I am sad that I can't hold you and make you better these last 3 years have been so hard. I know your at peace but that dosen't stop my pain.My world stopped 7 9 09 your memory is with us all,I want you know that forever in my ♥ you'll be.Loving you was easy,missing you is the worst ! Love is forever and forever never ends!♥
Posted by Pat Brooks on 17th June 2012
Happy Fathers Day♥ even though your not here with us you will always be remenbered♥ your void has been without a doubt the hardest thing we've been though. You are still loved and missed every second of our lives. God I miss you so much♥♥♥
Posted by Pat Brooks on 2nd May 2012
I can't say what's wrong but this is true I have been missing you like crazy ♥ I really wish it would be better but the fact remains I haven't dated there is no one that appeals to me you really spoiled me babe, Our Love was special!!! Thank You for 42 years of perfect Love!!!
Posted by Pat Brooks on 26th March 2012
Today is opening day for the boys baseball,Kole is 15 today and him and Robbie will be on the same team. Be there in spirit babe.I miss you so much but you already know this,every day you are the first thing I think of and my last prayer at night. I pray you are finally at peace, my body hasn't rested since you left,Love Is Forever And Forever Never Ends! That was our saying I Love You Pat
Posted by Pat Brooks on 9th March 2012
32 months and it's not getting any better for me! I miss you so much Babe I hope you know how much I loved you , not a single day goes by that you are not in my thoughts I pray that your happy now that you can rest and are free from pain,Till we meet again dance with the angels my love!!! Forever I'll Love You Pat
Posted by Pat Brooks on 14th February 2012
Happy Valentines Day Babe.I wish you were here to say this to me but my heart knows you would if you could!!! In my thoughts always I wish I knew what it's like for you in your new home. I miss you so much and that's what bothers me the most I need to know if your keeping up with all of us we miss you every day, Dance with the angels I Love You
Posted by Pat Brooks on 9th February 2012
31 months have gone by but it seems like forever to me our home is empty without you here I hope you are at rest in your new home. Know that you are missed by all but I feel the emptiness the most. I am forever greatful for our time together. Dance with the angels til we meet again. I love you
Posted by Pat Brooks on 12th January 2012
910 days 130 weeks since you left our 1st snow is hitting tonite this is when I really miss you driving me to work our talks on the way. My world has changed so much as I'm sure yours has too. Never wonder now how much I loved you you were my knight in shining armor my rock,always in my heart babe,Dance with the angels you deserve to be happy I Love You 4*Ever
Posted by Pat Brooks on 31st December 2011
I ended the year hoping I made you smile we all met last night and remembered you. Your family was together again and it was nice. My days are still filled with a void only you can fill. It's never going to be the same but knowing you are at peace and free from all the pain ,I didn't want you to go but you told me it was time be happy I Love You
Posted by Pat Brooks on 25th December 2011
my snowglobe is beautiful, the kids gave it to me tonite. I hope your night was as good as mine! I miss you so much I can't begin to know how your doing without us but you are in our hearts forever. The holidays are hard on us but we know that you;d want us to have a good time. I love you forever Pat
Posted by Pat Brooks on 23rd December 2011
Merry Christmas honey Even if you aren't here in body your spirit will be,this is your favorite time and I hate not having you with me,I am sending you the biggest kiss and hug I will need one back even if it's my dreams Sleep night my love I miss you. Dance with the angels Forever I'll Love You
Posted by Pat Brooks on 16th December 2011
Abilgail Ann will be joining us in May I wish you could be here for this Tabitha just gave me the news I am so happy for her and Adam I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Babe. They are just days to me without you here to enjoy them. I Love You Bunches
Posted by Pat Brooks on 10th December 2011
Briitany Trisha and Robbie spent the nite first time for awhile I had all 3 felt like old times the only thing missing was you you are always in our hearts,but we miss you so much the holidays can't get over fast enough for me this is the hardest time for me,Iknow this was your favorite time getting everyone something special,Dance with the angels my love forever I'll Love You Pat
Posted by Pat Brooks on 5th December 2011
Love is forever and forever never ends I still have the plaque you made with this saying, we had the ultimate love that's why it's so hard not having you with me anymore.I wish you a Merry Christmas and I'll see you New Years Eve I love You Babe!!!!
Posted by Pat Brooks on 4th December 2011
my 3rd Christmas without you, you are always in my heart on my mind the void you left is unbearable babe.Thank you for making me your wife I will cherish every memory of you till we meet again.May you dance with the angels ,you were loved more than you knew I Love You
Posted by Pat Brooks on 5th October 2011
Jim was the best husband father granddad his passing has left a void in all of us who loved him. I still wait to hear his voice,he was my rock,Death only parted us here on earth,in my heart he'll always be,Forever I love you Babe

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