Deziray and Uncle Yimmy!

Shared by Beverly Thomas on September 9, 2011

When Deziray was little and she came over, my dad would be watching T.V. in his recliner, she would run over and climb into his lap pull his face around to hers and say "Whatch ya doing Uncle Yimmy?" He always smiled real big and chuckled(You know what I mean?) and would say "nothing". It was so funny because Deziray would sit there on his lap until he got up!


Shared by Beverly Thomas on September 8, 2011

All my life growing up, I remember spending almost every Summer weekend at the lake! lol My dad was always the boat driver, and although he never was much for swimming or fishing he never minded taking all us kids out on the water. He always new how to direct you on how to ski, tube,or bait your line just right!

Even after all us kids grew up he was still ready to go out to the lake anytime! I will never forget all our days at the lake dad! THANKYOU FOR THE GREAT TIMES!

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