Chip Moore
James "Chip" Escar Moore
  • 53 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 22, 1959
  • Place of birth:
    Longview, Texas, United States
  • Date of passing: Apr 8, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Oakland, California, United States
A Great Soul Serves Everyone All The time. A Great Soul Never Dies. It Brings Us Together Again And Again.

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved James "Chip" Escar Moore. We will remember him forever. 

2017 April. 4 years sounds long, then again, it really isn’t. This past year, as I continue my grief journey, it feels as though Chip’s presence is much more evident. His spirit keeps me calm. Sadly, I’m no longer in the “blessed bubble.” There is harshness and rawness to this reality, as I struggle to create a routine and survive. My health has been affected. It’s as if the body is reacting to the months and months of stress by manifesting in the physical. I’ve now taken a step back to refocus my attentions on taking care of myself and being calm and prayerful.

Music is once again becoming part of my life and healing space. It was such a big part of our lives before. I’m finally able to listen to music, something I couldn’t do for 3 1/2 years. “Miraculously,” I was able to get my hands on a free piano. I’m gradually starting to play again, building on 15 years of lessons. I value the time with my nieces, nephews and god children. They always make me smile. I’m grateful for friends and family who continue to show their love and support. The trips I’ve taken this past year to Sedona and Alaska were spiritually significant, as I’ve been able to find tranquility in nature.

The present journey holds great significance as Chip’s spirit continues to be with me. It opens up my connection to spirituality and the path ahead. The journey continues, just in a different way.


2016 April. Another year, still can’t believe that Chip has transitioned. Honestly, I cannot say which of the past 3 years has been the worst, because each year has been pretty difficult. The first year, actually almost 2 years, it felt as though I was in a bubble, and don’t really recall much of anything. This past year, it felt as though that protective bubble started to dissipate and whoa…what a smack of reality! The way that grief is processed is so individual and there isn’t a formula to follow.  I’m constantly reminded by my counselor, support group and friends, to take care of me. Slow down, reflect and lean into the pain. At times I felt as though the distraction of work, meager attempts at socializing, gave me a bit of a reprieve, but grief doesn’t really give you a reprieve, at least not in my case. The waves of grief continue and whack me up-side, affecting me at the most inopportune times. Then, I’m reminded to give myself the space and take time to just be. Take the time to just sit and be. I think about Chip and the love that continues, just in a different way. That moves me into a calmer head and heart space. My anxiety, something I never had before, is a constant reminder to release any and all control, control of anything and everything. Releasing seems to quiet the anxiety, sometimes giving me some calm. It’s almost as though Chip’s way of living in the moment is manifesting in my life now, as I work to calm the anxiety. And that’s no accident. It is part of the journey learning to live in the moment. I’ve become much more aware of energies - mine and others - which is also connected to the anxiety. This awareness has forced me to look at people with more compassion, and to look at life through the lens of love, a lens of no judgment, the way that Chip did. He continues to be present in spirit.  So, the journey continues, step forward, step backward, step sideways and every which way. Got no idea what’s coming next, but it doesn’t really matter, as long as I live in the moment, live with love. #foreverlove #forvevermissed. Charissa

2013 December. It has been an extremely difficult time after the unexpected passing of my husband, Chip in 2013. He was my rock, my heart, my soul, my life, my love.  He had a wonderful, gentle spirit, an extremely smart wit and a dry sense of humor. He loved life and he was love. Though I am not sure of the future, I know in my heart that he continues to be with me and continues to carry me. It was divine that we were put on this earth to be together, even though short. Some who read this will know the story of how we were brought together over 20 years ago, and understand what I mean when I say it was divine.   

In December 2013, Chip received an award posthumously by his employer, ENGEO, called the ENGEO-ness Award. ENGEO-ness is defined as “the willingness and commitment to ensure the success of others.” The award is the highest honor ENGEO gives, and in the case of Chip, it is a tough thing to imagine that anyone would ever epitomize these sterling qualities the way Chip did. His character of excellence in professionalism, commitment to quality in all aspects of work and service, plus that special something - it will be a rare person indeed who can ever hold a candle to Chip’s ENGEOness. These characteristics were evident in Chip’s career and every personal relationship as well. Additionally, for future recipients, the award was named in Chip’s honor “the Chip Moore ENGEO-ness Award.” 

I am continually grateful for the support and understanding of many, as I continue to navitgate this road. I hope you will take the opportunity to remember Chip, and when it moves you, to post a thought, phrase, story or picture. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Vit and Mira Troyan on 22nd April 2017

"Dear Charissa,  I think of you often.  Thank you for your eloquent update on your journey through darkness --- toward life.  Vit and I pray for your continued strength.  You have much to give."

This tribute was added by Rebecca Ramirez on 22nd April 2017

"I met chip in the early to mid 90's at Kleinfelder.  I saw the blossoming of their relationship after meeting Charissa, was priviledged to see their joining in marriage, and so I know the beginning of their love story.  It truly is a love story.  He was a gentleman, kind, witty and intelligent. Yes.  A true gentleman."

This tribute was added by Mark Gilbert on 11th April 2017

"Chip --- every time I go to Reno I think of you. Can't help but laugh when we were golfing in Carson City with Landmark and all the shenanigans that took place. You did everything and never got angry about anything. Amazing. Love you, Chip, and hope to see you again."

This tribute was added by Zac Crawford on 10th April 2017

Thinking of you always brings a smile to my face.  Knowing you was such a blessing."

This tribute was added by Catherine Lewis on 10th April 2017

"Dearest Charissa, you and Chip have been in my thoughts so much these past few days, as I reflect on all that Chip meant as a friend and colleague, and all he meant to you and to everyone who was lucky enough to know him. His absence is felt acutely every day, and I will never stop missing him. He loved you so deeply and the joy you shared will, I hope, sustain you in your grief. I love you very much."

This tribute was added by Uri Eliahu on 9th April 2017


All of us are really missing you, especially this time of year.  Your spirit will forever be with us and will forever propel us.


This tribute was added by Marcus Dayhoff on 9th April 2017

"Missing Chip today ...and praying for continued strength for you Charissa"

This tribute was added by Janet Kan on 8th April 2017

"ENGEO has undergone a lot of growth in the past 4 years. Chip's ENGEOnees spirit continue to spread within our organization. I still miss Chip. I hope he can see our success from afar."

This tribute was added by Glen Middleton on 8th April 2017

"I first met Chip when we were both young boys in Houston - we are cousins - might have been around 1967... certainly was the Christmas season.  We got along famously as I recall.  Years and years later I moved to California and so did Chip and Charissa.  Chip was as big and bold and lively as Texas itself. When Chip and Charissa moved to the East Bay I had intended to spend more time with him.  He was so engaging and welcoming and fun and it was great knowing I had a relative just a bridge away. Chip was wonderful. You could not help to want to be around the guy.  Alas, my plans did not transpire the way I had planned and I spent less time with both of them than I had hoped.  When a bright light leaves the world that lack of light and warmth is felt.  Even not knowing Chip as well as I wanted to, his absence was impactful.  Chip was a good person in the truest sense of the word and loved by so many - What a nice way to have journeyed through life!  May we all be so lucky to be remembered that way."

This tribute was added by Mike & Caroline Rodman on 8th April 2017

"Dear Charissa,
Four years since Chip's transition and I'm sure that time feels like a blink of an eye...perhaps because you feel his love and presence everyday.  I admire your focus to be present and in the moment.  Just two days ago, I turned on my old digital camera that I haven't looked at in a year and scrolled through the photos and there was Chip and you at a TYLIN gathering.  A warm smile (albeit resigned) came over my face...I said his name out-loud.  Continue your journey - step forward, step back, step sideways, step whatever way  Take your time.  Just be.  Love and be loved.  

Sending my love...Michael"

This tribute was added by Marcus Dayhoff on 27th April 2016

"Dear Charissa
You are in our continued thoughts and prayers as we never will forget Chip and all the fond memories that he gave to us....
Love & prayers
Marcus & Leticia"

This tribute was added by Mike & Caroline Rodman on 12th April 2016

"Dear Charissa,
Thank you for sharing your journey of grief and how you are coping and incorporating Chips transition into your daily existence.  I was aware of the anniversary the other night and reflected on that evening we spent watching Beach Blanket Babylon in North Beach and drinks/dinner afterwards.  The four of us...
I recall the laughter.  I still can feel the ease of that night due in no small part to Chips wonderful personality and wit.  I remember him shopping for cigars and sharing one with Caroline.  I remember Chip choosing Johnny Walker Black as a drink and deciding to try it for the first time myself, and thinking that it fit Chip well.  Smooth, enjoyable, warm.  I also remember he and I finishing that bottle with a smidge of disappointment there wasn't any left:)  Walking the streets afterwards, relaxed and happy with our spouses and enjoying each others company.  They still "walk" with us Charissa.  They will always "walk" with us.

This tribute was added by Uri Eliahu on 28th February 2016


Your amazing spirit lives in our hearts every day and your mark on ENGEO will be indelible forever."

This tribute was added by Judi Sayler on 8th August 2015

"Charissa, even though I haven't seen you since Chip's memorial service, I think of you often. I have kept the mementos you have sent of Chip and find them unexpectedly and re-read them and they make me smile to remember how wonderful you two were together."

This tribute was added by Olga Rodriguez on 22nd April 2015

"Thinking of you Chip, on this day, your birthday, and how you made your mother and father so happy and how you were such an outstanding person from a child onward.  And, how you came to pick Charissa as your partner.  Together you made such a great couple, big hearts, happy and cheerful and great friends.  We miss you and we love you very much!"

This tribute was added by Myrna Wagner on 22nd April 2015

"Dearest Charissa

I can't imagine the depth of your loss and how you must miss him. Chip was a wonderful man, friend and colleague.  I think of you and him often;  know that I am here to help in any way I can.  I will continue to uphold you and your family in prayers."

This tribute was added by Fred Kelley on 22nd April 2015

"Charissa, I'm sure Chip would be happy to know that in his honor, I'll be having a "girlie" drink later on tonite. I'll make sure they add a little bourbon.It must be comforting to know that he's missed by so many. That's truly remarkable. But then, so was he........"

This tribute was added by Maritza Acosta on 22nd April 2015

"I like to think that the angels could not wait forty plus more years to have his kindness spread in heaven, and who can blame them? Chip, you’ll be forever loved and missed. Happy heavenly birthday.

Charissa, dear friend, we love you!"

This tribute was added by Jennifer Moore on 13th April 2015

"I miss you, Chip.  You were like a big brother to me.  I so enjoyed your sense of humor; you could always make me laugh.  Thank you for all the great adventures....Niagara Falls, Churchill Downs, driving all night to Salt Lake City!  You and Charissa were more like family to me and were the mentors that I needed in my early 20's.  Thank you for all the wise words and the great memories.  You are missed....."

This tribute was added by Greg Bero on 9th April 2015

""Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy." - Eskimo Legend

Chip must certainly be one of the bright ones."

This tribute was added by Marcus Dayhoff on 9th April 2015

"Charissa, you are in our continued thoughts and prayers as today we remember the special person that Chip was and will always be to us. His memories always make me smile...
May Gods Blessings be with you always..."

This tribute was added by Olga Rodriguez on 8th April 2015

"I have been thinking of him since April began.  I still recall how he was so good at giving advice and so wise with his words.  And, so much fun and so silly.  And, we could talk about music forever.  2 years ago we planted a fig tree for him, and it is doing wonderful.  i will try to post it.  Love you Chip and Charissa!"

This tribute was added by Suresh Venukanthan on 8th April 2015

"Dear Charissa,
Chip's memories will be with our family forever.

Suresh and Bhavani"

This tribute was added by Brenda Flores on 8th April 2015

"Thinking of you today and always. Love and miss you Chippie. B"

This tribute was added by Javier Rodriguez on 8th April 2015

"Chip, in our busy lives we often drown ourselves in our work, our chores and we leave very little time to spend on ourselves. But often I sit near the fig tree that I planted in April 2013, in your memory, and I reflect on the great times Olga and I had with you and Charissa. I remember the great times at Murphys during the wine tasting festivals, the hiking trip for Olga's birthday and the new year's eve party at your home.These memories I hold very dear because I can't forget how special you treated us, with so much love. It was as though we were your only friends and you poured every bit of love into our relationship.  I remember the strong loving hugs and your cheerful smile when you greeted us at the door during our visits to your Oakland house. Chip,  I miss you dearly and I will keep watering and nurturing your fig tree in your memory. Love you and miss you dearly."

This tribute was added by Sarah Gray on 8th April 2015

"Time has a way of playing tricks on the mind. Has it really been two whole years since he left?  In some ways, it seems like yesterday because I still can remember his voice, and hear him laugh. In other ways, it seems  like forever.  The stars shine a little dimmer on this night.  But if you look closely, you will see one that is brighter than all the others.  That one is my brother,Chip."

This tribute was added by Cathy Merrill on 29th November 2014

"Leaving a tribute to such a wonderful friend is hard to do. I miss Chip, his jokes, teasing, laughter, and all of the fun we had with Bob, and later, when the three of us would gather after Bob passed. I picture them together in the heavens of after-life telling a joke, playing poker, shooting the breeze and happily discussing the comings and goings of us folks here on planet earth. This flower is in honor of them both for the beautiful memories that return like the blooms of my fuchsias and orchids. I miss them both."

This tribute was added by Kerry Morgan on 5th June 2014

"Thank you Charissa for sharing this wonderful website with me.  As you know, I only knew Chip for a brief time, but it didn't take long to figure out what a gem Chip was!  He always had that spark that was so welcoming and positive.  He will be sorely missed!  In memories, we find time we find peace!  I'm so sorry for your loss!"

This tribute was added by Allison Martin on 26th April 2014

"I'm sad I didn't get to know Chip more. These tributes tell me what an amazing person he was and how many loved him. My heart is with you Charissa and I'll see you again soon."

This tribute was added by Courtney Bryant on 22nd April 2014

"Hi Charissa,
I wish Chip was still here with you (and with all of us).  Don't let his absence stop you from celebrating his life that was well lived.  That is probably what he would have wanted you to do!  Love, Courtney"

This tribute was added by Kimberly Brasket on 22nd April 2014

"The past week has been a rainy nasty mess, but today, the sun was out and everything looked beautiful. I think it was uncle chip making sure we had a wonderful day for his birthday. I only got to know him for two years, but that was long enough for me to never forget him. Casey looks up to him still as one of the greatest men in his life. And our son will hear all the wonderful stories of the man he is named after.  Happy birthday uncle chip. We love and miss you."

This tribute was added by Vida Martsolf on 22nd April 2014

"when i think of you, i smile.  while i remember you on your birthday, i am reminded more of how special you want others to feel on theirs, and how much you celebrate other people......the last card you ever gave john was one mentioning him being a QUEEN....i missed that this year....."

This tribute was added by Fred Frank on 22nd April 2014

"Every time I thnk of Chip I trace back to some impactful time we spent together their are so many, We will always hold him dear to us bdays, holidays, opening day of football etc, I know he is their with us in our hearts, mind and spirit.
Love you brother and I will be there for you SIs."

This tribute was added by Frank Sana on 22nd April 2014

"Hi Charissa, Getting this email felt like I am getting an email from Chip! like I use to once in a while.."Hey Frank, I saw this lead and thought you and Jesus may be interested, let me know if I can help". I miss my friend who was always there to help! A selfless, always positive and always welcoming friend.

I am sure he would find a way to guide you to your next venture in life.."

This tribute was added by Olga Rodriguez on 22nd April 2014

"I first met Charissa and became great friends.  She is fun, cheerful, professional and just a good hearted person.  And her professional skills are to look up too. Then I met Chip and we, along with Javier, became great friends.  While knowing Chip, i learned little bits of quality charecteristics that he practiced, yet he was always so humble and never was dominating.  He was a server/leader!  I immediately knew i had tapped into a great friend.  I miss him and will always think of him as my fun, smart, humble, leader, advisor and more!  Charissa, thank you and we are always here for you!  Happy Birthday Chip!"

This tribute was added by John Martsolf on 22nd April 2014

"Happy 55th, Big Guy! I know you're with us now celebrating this gorgeous day. Your presence will always shine. Best, John"

This tribute was added by Vit and Mira Troyan on 22nd April 2014

"Hi Charissa,  I only met Chip once but I remember clearly how you called him after a S&S Conf and even through he was in the middle of a meeting he came and "saved" you.  I thought that was pretty special.  Knowing you and your skills in bringing people together I always felt that your husband was a big influence and support in your life.  Reading all these tributes I can definitely see this was the case.  You two were partners in family, work and play.  As the Orthodox prayer reads "Memory Eternal"."

This tribute was added by Tim Garrett on 22nd April 2014

"Remembering you on your 'Earth-Day" birthday. besides the fact that we were exactly 1 month apart in our birthdays, it made it easy for me to remember. It may not be a birthday celebration, but I know you are at a celebration every moment now. Miss you... miss the camping and the all night gin and cribbage games... I just miss it all. Love you Chip"

This tribute was added by Sarah Gray on 9th April 2014

"I thought all day about a message to you, Chip.  I know that you are in a far superior place but my selfish self wants you back in this old, imperfect world. I know that heaven rings with laughter and song now....the three Moore men,our grandfather, Payson Americus, our dad James Escar, and you all have such a wonderful sense of humor and all are gifted with a beautiful voice and music ability. I  am sure that you are looking down over Charissa. Somehow, ease her pain of losing you.  Help her to begin to smile and remember more good times.  Know that I love you. One day we will all be together again. Til then, help us all to think of you and not have a lump in our throats, show us how to remember without tears in our eyes, and give us peace when we speak of you."

This tribute was added by Nimone Li-Hardisty on 9th April 2014

It is difficult to put my feelings into words, as I read your letter yesterday and those of others.  Chip meant so much to us and he was a true friend, as you are to us.  I know that it has been very hard for you, especially during this time.  Know that your friends love you and will support you in every way that we can.  If you ever need me, I am here."

This tribute was added by Valerie Davis on 9th April 2014

"I feel Chip's presence, his warm smile, joyful laughter and pleasant demeanor.  He is truly missed but carry his spirit with us always, a true guiding and loving light.  Charissa, our love and comfort to you and your family.  Sincerely and warmly. Valerie"

This tribute was added by John Martsolf on 9th April 2014

"Remembering Chip on this day. While he may be gone from our presence, he'll never be forgotten - he'll be forever in our hearts. This last weekend at Mountain View was so gorgeous as I think all felt Chip with us throughout the day, especially his loving bride Charissa.

Loving Chip will always protect us. -Alex Martsolf"

This tribute was added by lisa peiler on 9th April 2014

"dear charissa - thinking of you.  thank you so much for the card filled with great pictures ... great memories  :)  miss you hunnay  xoxo  hugs  love lisa"

This tribute was added by Serah Engles on 8th April 2014


This tribute was added by Felicia Bell-Gatling on 8th April 2014

"Both you and Chip touched our lives with your friendship and your love and zest for life and adventure.  We miss our Tequila buddy and hope that you know our thoughts are with you today."

This tribute was added by Courtney Bryant on 8th April 2014

"Charissa, I still remember the first time I met Chip in San Francisco years ago.  We all went on a tour all over San Francisco.  You hadn't even started dating yet, but very soon after that trip, or because of that trip, lol, love blossomed.   I could truly see the love and happiness between you two, especially the last time I saw the two of you together in Nov 2010, and also in your 2012 Christmas card; you were both beaming like newlyweds.  I kid you not, the very night he passed, I was thinking about you two, and could not believe it when I got a text from your brother a few hours later.  I'm sure that this is the hardest thing you've ever had to deal with, but I'm glad that you have so many happy memories that you can treasure forever.  You are always in my prayers.  Love and hugs,  Courtney"

This tribute was added by Deborah Dagang on 8th April 2014

"Charissa - I've been thinking about you today, and was so pleased to see that you have set up this memorial website for Chip. I hope knowing how much you are both loved helps in some small way on this difficult day. Thank you for the invite to this site."

This tribute was added by Fred Kelley on 8th April 2014

"Charissa, somehow it occurred to me that it was this time last year that Chip passed. What a great romance it was and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing something so fabulous first hand. I didn't know Chip as long as most, but what an amazing positive person. It's obvious, he is missed by many. I miss his friendship in the brief time we knew each other. But as they say, it's not how much time you spend in someone's life, it's the quality of the time that they're there that counts."

This tribute was added by Marcus Dayhoff on 8th April 2014

"Our hearts are heavy as today we remember our dearest friend Chip. He will always be remembered as the gentle spirited and fun person that he was. He will always be missed...Charissa you are in our continued thoughts and prayers."

This tribute was added by Catherine Lewis on 8th April 2014

"Oh, Charissa. I will never forget the shock and disbelief when I received the call a year ago today. I will never forget that it felt like a knife had gone through my heart and yours, and the hearts of the entire ENGEO family. I miss Chip every single day. You both have been such good friends to me over the many years, and I wish for you strength and courage as you continue to navigate the road ahead. I am here for you, always."

This tribute was added by mike parker on 8th April 2014

"Chip was a colleague, and Poker  buddy.  One year ago I lost a great friend.  The Poker Table has never been the same without Chip "Leno" Moore.  His jokes and one liners live on.  Thinking about you today Charissa."

This tribute was added by Mike & Caroline Rodman on 8th April 2014

"Dear Charrisa,
Although today marks the 1-year anniversary of Chips’ passing, know that both of you have often been in our thoughts this past year.  I’m sure many, like ourselves upon meeting you both for the first time, privately rejoiced in the recognition that your union constituted one of those “wonderfully suited-for-each-other couples” that comes from two unique individuals whose differences and shared attributes were an even greater recipe together.  It was immediately clear what made Chip so easy to like, so quickly.  He was so genuinely comfortable being himself that it made others comfortable being in his presence even during a mini crisis like when he locked us all out of your home during a dinner.  One couldn’t help but chuckle as he assessed his options.  Climb onto a two story narrow ledge and break a 60 year old window like some super-hero?  He mulled that option over hard while he did some deep bends and high knee raises. Nah, they don’t make replacement window panes that size anymore.  Best to go to the neighbors for a spare key which then resulted in a display of Chip’s other marvelous attribute – his wit.  “Hey guys, got the key but just don’t ask me why the neighbor felt comfortable answering the door naked, ok?” The list of possibilities rattled off over the next 15 minutes leaving us in stitches and forgetting the initial dilemma.  I guess what really separated Chip from so many other fine people is that he truly savored life and warmly included others to savor it with him.  Whether it resulted in a chagrined bartender informing the four of us that we finished the bottle of Johnny Walker Black over so much laughter in North Beach or quietly sitting on your front porch under a starry night murmuring how sweet his cigars tasted, you didn’t want the moment to end when you were with Chip…"

This tribute was added by Jenny Ludwig on 8th April 2014

"Dear Charissa, I still miss Chip like crazy. The void in the office is still felt every day when I walk past his old office and at all our events.  I am grateful to have got to spend at least 8 wonderful years as co-workers with him and am thankful for my memories, all of which warm heart and make me smile. Thank you for the wonderful bookmark commemorating him. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts today and am sending you extra love."

This tribute was added by Lisa Petersen on 8th April 2014

"Hi Charissa,  I loved your year commemoration card for Chip.  This has truly been a soul searching year for you and I'm sure that Chip has been with you the entire time helping you through those very difficult moments.  Please know that you are always on my mind.  Lots of love to you.  Lisa"

This tribute was added by Dan Haynosch on 8th April 2014

"Charissa - I just want you to know how much I thought of Chip. He was truly a wonderful person. Chip and I periodically had lunch at Carl's Junior's in San Ramon (our favorite  burger location local to the San Ramon office) and, in anticipation of today, I stopped there for a burger last week. During the entire time there last week, in my mind I reminisced about our lunches where we talked about things not necessarily related to work. He was a great listener, had a terrific sense of humor, and, again, just a wonderful man. I have tried to carry the ENGEO flag as well as he did on the SF PSB project but I feel that I am well short of his performance. His expectations for the project's success keep me trying my hardest.  I was honored to write his name on the last beam put in place on the structure last year. He has a great view of the AT&T ball park and the Bay Bridge and downtown San Francisco. And, please know that I, too, miss him very much."

This tribute was added by Jocelyn Seltenrich on 8th April 2014

"A while back when we were all neighbors in Oakland, Charissa and Chip invited Nate and me over for brunch on Saturday morning at their amazing home. When we got there, I learned it was the morning after the ENGEO holiday party, where Chip had won a Kinect (I think that's what it was called), which is a game console that can sense your movement. He said "I never win anything!" and he was absolutely thrilled and giddy about his new toy. He showed us how it worked before we sat down to eat - he could hardly contain his excitement (I think I remember a funny look on Charissa's face :-). We had a great time chatting and brunching, and we listened to records in the front room. It was a lovely, leisurely morning with such a loving couple. This is how I remember Chip today and always - happy, relaxed and laughing.

Thinking of Charissa and his family on this day, Jocelyn"

This tribute was added by Susan Decanio on 8th April 2014

"Hi Charissa, Thank you for inviting me to this page. I'm sorry that I didn't get to know Chip better, but what I remember is that he was a very nice and caring person and I know that he made you very happy. I am so sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Susie

P.S. I would love to get together sometime when you are in Riverside."

This tribute was added by Gail Pedrick on 8th April 2014

"Charissa, I had a dream last night and it was so vivid.  I saw Chip at a table in a restaurant, with a drink of course.  All I remember him saying to me was how happy he is with that great smile of his.  I woke up feeling good and thinking about you.  Hope you are flooded with great memories today.  Love you!"

This tribute was added by Kevin Lecce on 8th April 2014

"This day one year ago I receive a call, as many of us I was numb.  I didn't know what to think or say or do.... When I heard this song sometime later.... this said it all

When I got the news today
I didn’t know what to say

So, I just hung up the phone

I took a walk to clear my head
This is where the walking led
Can’t believe you’re really gone
Don’t feel like going home

So, I’m gonna sit right here
On the edge of this pier
And watch the sunset disappear
And drink a beer('a Rum & Diet Coke')

Funny how the good ones go

Too soon, but the good Lord knows
The reasons why, I guess

Sometimes a greater plan

Is kinda hard to understand

Right now it don’t make sense

I can’t make it all make sense

Repeat Chorus

So long, my friend

Until we meet again

I’ll remember you

And all the times that we used to

Sit right here

On the edge of this pier
And watch the sunset disappear
And drink a beer('a Rum & Diet Coke')

Drink a beer('a Rum & Diet Coke')

Drink a beer('a Rum & Diet Coke')

This tribute was added by Tim Garrett on 26th March 2014

"Charissa I am very sorry for your loss. I had been going through some old drawings Chip had dome and some letters we wrote back in college, so I wanted to see if I could get back in touch... then I find out he has been gone for almost a year. We came to know one another through a mutual friend at college and soon became room mates. We were room mates after college for a while as well. Chip was just a hoot. He brought life with him to every situation. He was a good friend, even when I wasn't. There will be remembrances of him from camping, and from volleyball, and from all things College Station had to offer us . I am better off for knowing him. Love ya Chip"

This tribute was added by Emily Rios on 26th March 2014

"My dearest friend Charissa,
I have known you for most of my life.  We met when we were both 10 years old.  We have been through so much together, both good and bad.  When you introduced me to Chip over 20 years ago I knew he was the ONE for you!  (Even though at the beginning you insisted that he was just your roommate!)  You could not have found a better match.  He was your soul mate in so many ways!

I met my husband, Javier because you and Chip brought me out that weekend I visited you!  We transitioned from single life into married life together.....from apartment dwellers into first time homeowners together.  We helped each other with moves, house clean ups and house fix ups.  We saw each other all the time.  Our lives back then were so intertwined with each other.  We spent weekends, birthdays, holidays and countless double dates together.  You were both there to witness the birth of my first child, even though it was 4:30 a.m.!!!

Chip was and will ALWAYS be so dear to us.  We have so much love in our hearts for him.  There are so many happy and joyful memories of him.  When I think of Chip, I think of happiness, selflessness and warmth.  Chip spread happiness where ever he was, to everyone around him.  

Just little things make me think of him often:  The "Chip Step" (the one that he built for us 18 years ago), the "Chip Cup" (the one that he left at our house).  When I see the steps in my house, I think of him.  When I drink from his big purple cup every night, I think of him.

It is close to the one year anniversary of his death and Chip is missed more than ever!!!!!  He will always be in our hearts and his spirit continues to stay with us.  I am blessed to have known him.
I love you my friend!  Emily"

This tribute was added by Suresh Venukanthan on 24th February 2014

"Chip's memories will be with our family forever.  He was a great, humble, and sweet person to have chat anytime. He was really a special friend and will be missed forever."

This tribute was added by Marcus Dayhoff on 21st January 2014

"I will always have pleasant thoughts when I remember Chip... He was a calm and peaceful force. I will never forget the great time we all had years ago on the Disney Cruise and him being a good sport with us guys playing "The Village People" at the variety show. He wore that cowboy hat well...Great sport.
He will be forever missed and Charissa our continued prayers and thoughts are with you."

This tribute was added by Judi Sayler on 31st December 2013

"Dear Charissa,
What always struck me about Chip was his devotion to and love for you.  To me, you were always the perfect couple meant for each other. I looked forward each and every year to your Christmas cards and I have many years of portraits of you both. When I look at them all it is easy to see that you made each other happy.  I hope to see you soon. Thank you for sharing this memorial site with me. Judi"

This tribute was added by Donny Bryant on 24th December 2013

"Chip will always hold a place in our hearts. There are so many good memories to remember him by. We decided to present a memorial wall here at the San Ramon Lab for him. Thank you Charissa for giving us a place to go to get our Chipper fix. If you need anything just let us know. You will always be family!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Uri Eliahu on 20th December 2013

"As soon as we met Chip in 2001, we immediately knew we wanted him at ENGEO.
He epitomized all our core values with his impeccable character and integrity, tireless commitment to the service of others, always-positive attitude, and ever-present smile.
Once aboard, he quickly took on many responsibilities and soon became a Principal, overseeing all special inspections, materials testing laboratories and structural engineering company wide.
Chip immediately earned the love and respect of everyone.  The more we learned about him, the more we loved him.  
We already knew he had the best hair at ENGEO, but we also learned that:
He was an accomplished poker player and routinely won our Texas hold’em tournaments
He was quite an artist - see program; he drew that when he was 10
He could sing
He was a rabid fan of his Alma Mater, Texas A&M
He always had the BEST Halloween costumes (drag queen, rabbit, etc.)
He had a phenomenal sense of humor – (tell eat-my-shorts story)
Most of all, he had the warmest, most kind nature.
Never bragged about his accomplishments
Never complained
Never spoke badly about another
He always searched for opportunities to help others, and never waited to be asked.
He wasn’t merely a coworker or colleague; he was a brother, a mentor and, for many, a father figure.
He always seemed to bring a warm light to his surroundings that elevated all of us every day.
Have you ever met a person that no one had anything negative to say about?  That was Chip. And that is what we should all strive to be.
Chip, you have had a profound and ever-lasting influence on all of us and we are truly proud and honored to have worked with you.  
The greatest wish we can give someone is Peace, and we know you have found yours. We love you and miss you very much."

This tribute was added by Shawn Munger on 17th December 2013


As a fellow Principal of ENGEO I did have the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with Chip professionally……but never really had the opportunity  to know Chip well personally.  Still, one always felt  very  close to Chip, he was just that kind of guy.  He had the most amazing demeanor….. forever  calm and level  headed .  Chip always reminded me of something my Mother always told me “Remain calm on the surface…and paddle like hell underneath” 
I miss his smile…
I miss his insights..
I miss talking football  

Thoughts forever….Shawn"

This tribute was added by Tim Cook on 16th December 2013

"Charissa, I was saddened to learn of Chip's death.  He was a wonderful guy who loved people.  I always felt comfortable around him and loved joking with him.  I had such a wonderful time vacationing with both of you in Cancun.  You and him helped me get through many difficult employment difficulties (no need to mention, you know). My hope is that you come through this with your usual resiliency.  I am here for you and would love to chat with you anytime you need a friend.  Love you!"

This tribute was added by Craig Wright on 16th December 2013

"Charissa, Your wonderful husband made a permanent mark in my life, though I only knew him for 8 short years.  We worked together, played together, and he was my group leader (a mentoring role) at ENGEO for a couple of years.  Chip was the kind of guy that you wanted to be around you, and therefor was part of every activity we had at work.  He was fun when there was fun to be had, comfort when you needed help, knowledge when you had a question, and always witty…  When we had our softball jerseys made up, Chip chose the number π, yes π, and his name for the back was “Mama’s Apple”.  I miss him dearly every time I wonder past his old office or think of any one of a thousand moments in time that we shared.  He will always be with us in memory, so thank you for creating this website and allowing his memories to be shared by all."

This tribute was added by Allison Martin on 14th December 2013

"Charissa my friend. Although I didn't get to know Chip well I know he must have been an exceptional person as you are the same. I do know he was taken from this world too soon and that I missed my chance to experience his wit for more than one night. I feel for you my friend, the one that is left on this Earth and know that you are always in my heart and thoughts. Love, Alli"

This tribute was added by Dolly D'Arcangelo on 12th December 2013

"My Dear Sister. It just does not seem like words are enough to express how I feel about Chipper. I have sooo many good memories with both you and Chip. He was my brother and friend. Always there to lend a helping hand or hear what I had to say. He made me laugh and gave me the best hugs when I cried. You both were there for Danielle and myself through our deepest darkest times and helped support and pull us through. I want you to know we are also here for you to love, help, pray and support you through this difficult time. There are hundreds of stories in my mind and going through my day I reflect on them. Danielle is constantly hearing songs that remind her of her sweet Uncle. She remembers going on hikes with you both and sitting down while Chipper took out all the foxtails in her socks. Some of my fondest memories were dancing with Chippie in Puerto Vallarta and on the cruises to Alaska and the Caribbean. Our songs were "Rock Lobster" and "Love Shack". I am sad my 2 month old daughter Sophia will not have the chance to experience Chips love and laughs. I will share the stories and memories I have of him with her. He was always so loving, giving and selfless. I miss and love him dearly. Love you too Sis."

This tribute was added by lisa peiler on 12th December 2013

"dear charissa-thank you so much for sharing this site & for the invite to peruse.  the pictures teared my eyes & brought a smile to my face.  so grateful for the times spent time with you & chip.  i look forward to our meet up...miss you  :) xoxo  
love lisa"

This tribute was added by Veronica Shelly on 11th December 2013

"Thank you, Charissa for sharing this site. Chip was my boss when I worked at ENGEO, even after I was no longer at ENGEO Chip and I still kept in contact and meet for lunch. We'd exchange emails just to see how each other was doing. Chip became a very good friend and I miss him dearly. We had some fun times! He was a great listener and easy to talk too. He gave great advice and was always there. Every time him and Charissa would go on vacation they would bring me back a shot glass. One of my favorite memories is when we dressed up as Pimps and Hoes for Halloween one year. Chip had no problem dressing up like a Hoe (Me and Mike H. didn't even have to twist his arm.) I know Chip is watching over everyone, especially Charissa. When I'm not having a good day or just stressing, Chip I know is right there. His card I got from Charissa will fall, and I know Chip is saying YO! Chip: you are missed very much, loved a lot and will never be forgotten. Charissa: you and Chip will forever be in my heart......"

This tribute was added by Tonshar Lants on 11th December 2013

"My dearest Charissa. Words always seem to fail me when it comes to describing how much you and Chip mean to me and how to make you feel better. You are always in my thoughts. I too will always remember that phone call with you asking me.. Hey what do you think about me and Chip... And how happy I was to hear those words.. Always a team from day 1. Love you so dearly. Keep strong and know I am always here for you.. Thank you for the invite to this site."

This tribute was added by Michelle Chavez on 10th December 2013

"Thank you so much for inviting me to share this wonderful memorial.  As you know, Chip and I knew each other from the old Dames & Moore days.  Even though we had minimal interaction during that time, when we reconnected at the Central Subway subconsultant reception, it was like we worked closely together for years.  Chip was such a wonderful and warm person who will be missed by many.  If you ever need anything or just want to chat about nothing, I'm here!"

This tribute was added by Laurie Bercasio on 10th December 2013

"Dear Charissa,
We are honored to be able to share our memories of your beloved husband Chip. We will always remember how he greeted us with such great big smile, when he would come in for his dental visits. We will never forget his kindness, his hard work ethic and most especially his love for you. May God continue to comfort you and keep you safe in palm of His hands. We will continue to pray for you.
Much love and blessings,
Laurie and Rolando Bercasio"

This tribute was added by jennifer filante on 10th December 2013

"Charissa, I was so sorry to hear about the passing of Chip.
David & I always looked forward to seeing you guys at business functions because Chip was always so fun to be around. (And you too!)
He made us laugh and always feel welcome. We used to talk about how we wished you guys lived closer, so we could spend more time with you. I often thought of you these past few years and wondered how you were doing..... People like you and Chip were a rare find in today's world and your loss is shared by many.
What can I say? "It WILL get better"! The hurt and loneliness will
always be there........ But it will get better, over time. You see, I know  .... I lost David to cancer just over 3 years ago. Just know that Chip's spirit has not died..... Just his body. He is with you today just as he always was. I have found this to be true of David. Look for the signs that he and his Lord are sending to comfort you, and allow yourself that comfort. I love you girl........ Jennifer"

This tribute was added by Salina Buckey on 10th December 2013

"Chip was a dear friend.  He had a great sense of humor and knew how to have a great time no matter where we were.  I remember playing board games such as scrabble and Rummy with Chip and Charissa and my husband, David.  I used to find some of those games challenging but Chip was always encouraging and gave me some good tips.  He was easy to talk to and made people feel comfortable.  I still remember his great grilled steak, home made 'garlic' bread and yummy almond bark that he made during Christmas. One thing I will always remember Chip for is the way he maintained that beautiful aquarium and took care of his fish.  I was going to ask his help with our fish tank.  But unfortunately, I waited too long.  Chip will 'truly' be missed in person but will live in our hearts forever."

This tribute was added by Chris Kennedy on 9th December 2013

"Hi Charissa, thank you for inviting me to this page.  Is it really 20 years ago?  I remember that early blossoming romance back at Kleinfelder's Milpitas office. Those were fun days.  So much has happened for all of us since then but Chip was a great guy to work with then as I know he was until the end.  He was truly special and is missed.  Hang in there girl! When you are ready to have lunch let me know.  I will be there!"

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