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Shared by Nancy Campbell on June 9, 2021
I remember when Eric was just a baby he was asleep in his playpen and I had a bottle ready for him when he woke up. But then I heard him cry out and I went to check on him and his older sister Tonya had threw the glass bottle in the playpen and it had hit him in the head o he was fine so I asked Tonya why she did that now bare in mind there was only 17 months between them and she said he was hungry mommy. I was just great full that he was not hurt , kids will be kid

My memories of Eric

Shared by Nancy Campbell on June 9, 2021
one of my favorite memories with Eric was when him and some of his friends took  us  to Helen to river tube . I remember that I was so scared and Eric talked to me and  we had a great time tubng that was my first time  for going down the river 

My sons precious memories

Shared by Nancy Campbell on May 18, 2021

one of my favorite memories with him is when he and his wife surprised me on my birthday with a trip to Cherokee NC.
we got there and they were calling for snow so we decided to stay overnight . We had no clothes with us so we had to go to the shops and buy us all something to sleep in 

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