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Student Jim Bo

Shared by Dot George on January 18, 2016

Jim Bo,

During the two years I knew you as a student @ IBA in Maryland, you always had a balance to your step and smiling as you helped others.  The largest project I've ever under took was teaching almost 100 students how make leather Bible covers. Between classes you assisted me as I stored one class's Bible covers and we carried another leather covers to my next room.  When you could have been with your friends you volunteered to help when you saw a need!  

Jim, I loved your pleasant personality and the way you kept me laughing,

Dot George

Thank you Jim

Shared by Lindsay Shafer on January 9, 2016

We may have only had the pleasure of knowing you for a little while, but in that short amount of time you made a huge impact on our family's day to day life.

Not only did you spoil our kids with candy as big as their heads on Halloween, and show up at our doorstep dressed as Santa Claus only a few weeks ago, but the time you shared with them daily (just listening to their sometimes very loooong stories) was what impressed me the most. Not many people would do that!  You truly were the best neighbor our kids ever had (& may ever have). Thank you for showing them that there are kind people in this world, & that you can feel safe in your neighborhood.

We feel your loss every time we walk out of our house now. We will truly miss your happy greetings, & nice chats. We will try to honor your memory by spreading that same kindness around more. This world needs more people like you!

Thank you Jim

Shared by Jeff Miller on January 7, 2016

Coach Dellinger,

You were my wrestling coach for my entire youth wrestling career. You taught me so much about the sport that I love. But you're also a major reason that I love the sport of wrestling. As long as I can remember, you were coaching me and challenging me to be better. You would drive me to practices, dual meets, and tournaments when my parents couldn't and you never hesitated to help me. You inspired me to work harder and you were the first coach I ever had that believed that I could be a great wrestler if I worked hard. I can remember when I was around 10 and you told me that I could be a high school state champion. I never forgot that. That was the first thing I thought of when I made it to the state finals my senior year. You are a large part of the reason I am the wrestler and the man I am today. I will never forget you and the many things that you've taught and done for me.

Thank you for everything you've done for me,

Jeff Miller

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