Let the memory of James be with us forever
  • 28 years old
  • Born on March 10, 1985 .
  • Passed away on May 17, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, James Fitzsimmons 28 years old , born on March 10, 1985 and passed away on May 17, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Suzanne Fitzsimmons on 10th March 2017
Love you forever. As long as I'm living your mommy I will be
Posted by Suzanne Fitzsimmons on 10th March 2017
Happy Birthday in Heaven My Child ~Author:Unknown~ Please help those all around me, to see and understand That even though my child’s in heaven The memories of our time together, are always here to stay You see today is special, after all it’s my child’s birthday I hope my friends will understand and see how much I care And better yet can lend an ear, and smile as I share. I pray they never lose a child or ever know this pain. I just want them to know, my child’s memories remain Oh yes today is special, another birthday it should be… And yes I wish my child was here, but it wasn’t meant to be I hope the angels sing aloud; I hope my child can see As we celebrate their life and all their memories… Love for our child begins so early and never goes away And I’m grateful for their time on earth, but sad they couldn’t stay Of course it wasn’t long enough, but how wonderful it was Their laugh, their smile, but most of all, the gifts they left behind So I hope that those around, can see beyond my smile And my Words that, "I'm okay." And know that yes today is special, And join along with me As we celebrate – today – my child’s birthday Happy Birthday in Heaven My Child…
Posted by Michelle Miles on 17th May 2016
I look at pictures of you and Tristen every day since I have been at your house. Then I see Tristen now at 6 and am amazed at what a great boy he is. He is sensitive, smart, and funny. You are so lucky to have such a great boy. You must be so proud. Keep a watch over him. He has many great things to share with you.
Posted by Bernie Miles on 17th May 2016
I remember the time Jimmy spent about a hour casting in combination pond for a big bass sitting on its bed. I kept saying lets go and he would say one more cast Uncle Bernie and after an hour he caught that big bass. Also remember when he called me to say he caught a big brown trout in moon brook. The kid could fish....
Posted by Martin Miles on 10th March 2016
Remembering Jimmy on his Birthday... So many memories and good times as I reflect. He touched many lives and left an ever lasting impression on all those who knew him. So glad to have had him as my nephew and friend. Having a cold one for you, looking back and reminiscing over your time with us. Happy Birthday Nephew!
Posted by Suzanne Fitzsimmons on 10th March 2016
You would be 31 years old. Another birthday without you. I made a cake and we celebrated without you. We sent balloons to you. Wish I could give you your birthday time kiss like all the others years. We are trying to move on but it is hard. I hope you are happy in Heaven. We miss you more than words can say. Help us learn to live without you. We love you and you are always on our minds and forever in our hearts.
Posted by Suzanne Fitzsimmons on 17th May 2015
It has been two years today that you left us and I have yet to come to terms with it. I can’t seem to except the fact that you are gone and I will not see you again. I put up a good front to everyone but inside I am broken and unfixable.. It is impossible to be the person I was life will never be the same. They say time will make it better but time seems to just make it worse. The outside world continues to go on but I just can’t. I wish I could be happy again . I miss you so much. I miss your caring heart, the talks we would have, that contagious smile, the way your eyes twinkle when you smile, the love that we shared. I pray every day that you are at peace and happy. I relive the final days we had and I treasure how you always told me you love me. Life without you will never be the same. We are so lucky to have a piece of you in Tristan. He talks about you all the time. He remembers going fishing with you and coloring Easter eggs, his last birthday with you. He is an amazing child you would be so proud. He misses you so. Sometime he will be lost in his thoughts and I will ask him what he is thinking about and he will say My Dad. He will say he misses you but knows you are in his heart and watching over him. I’m sorry that I didn’t save you. Help me find a way to live life and be happy without you. Rest in peace my dear son. I love you so very much
Posted by Suzanne Fitzsimmons on 10th March 2015
You are not here to celebrate your 30th birthday with me. I can't tell you how much I miss you. I spent the day remembering your birth and all the special birthdays we shared. You and I had a special relationship which I will never have with anyone. You love me like no one else could. I will never get over losing you and I wish I could of helped you more. Please know that I would of saved you if I knew. Rest in peace my dear son until we meet again watch over us and keep us safe. Love you more than words can say. Life will never be the same Celebrate with the rest of the family in heaven and be happy. Love your Mom
Posted by Martin Miles on 10th March 2015
My dear nephew On this day the tears we cannot hide Pain left from your life's too short of a ride We would be celebrating your 30th birthday Missing you more than words can say So until the day when we celebrate again together Please know your family forgets you never Happy Birthday Jimmy!
Posted by Bernie Miles on 5th June 2014
One of my best memories of Jimmy was when we used to play card when he was about 10. I would stack the deck and always deal him 4 of a kind. His face would lite up and he would try not to break out in a grin when he looked at his cards. He never knew it was a set up. I can still picture the look on his face. Miss ya Jimmy
Posted by Kathy Donahue on 18th May 2014
Jimmy, You were such a fun and mischievous little boy. I so enjoyed babysitting for you and watching you grow up! You are thought of often. Rest in peace Jim.
Posted by Martin Miles on 17th May 2014
I miss your face, your laugh and your smile, It seems like a lifetime, though its just been a while Its been a year since I heard the news that oh so terrible day. I never thought id lose you. It hurts... the whole month of May. What I would give to hear you talk up some sass or go fishing with you and catch some monster bass. But your gone... there's no getting you back. At Least I have my memories..of which I know for sure there is no lack. I miss you so much, there's still a void in my heart. I just wish we could have lived our lives not ever having to be apart. I know your gone I just wish I'd known. So that the last time I spoke with you I could have kept you on the phone. I'd have told you how much I loved you, how special you were to me And how you touched my life. In ways you couldn't see. Although your gone and out of sight your definitely not out of mind. You've flown away and not through choice you left us all behind. I hope you know we still think of you and how much you meant to us. And how you made me feel the way that no-one else does. It's been a year and it's safe to say, I still think about you everyday, I might not hope or even pray I just love and miss you in my own special way. The tears must stop and we will carry on as you would want us to, but my heart will always be touched by my very special nephew. I was lucky enough to be Jimmy's Uncle and live down the street from him which allowed me to watch him grow up. I was 12 when he was born and shared so many memories with him. I remember the day he was born and how proud my sister was of her baby boy. I got to babysit him now and then and he was always so much fun. Jimmy had a mind of his own at a young age. I remember once when he was about 3 or 4 and our family had a Sunday gathering. Suddenly Jimmy was nowhere to be found. We started calling out his name and soon he responded "I'm up here". He had climbed to the top of a 50 foot oil tank and was rescued by my brother. That kid had no fear! I so enjoyed all the times we went fishing in Moon Brook. He was born to fish. He was a great grandson to my mother after my father passed. So respectable and loving to her. Jimmy would often ride his bike down and visit us. He loved his family. As Jimmy grew up fast, he became more than a nephew to me. He was a friend. He would call me out of the blue for advice or just to say Hi. He had a ton of Miles in him for sure! It is so sad to think that he is not with us anymore. I sometimes feel like he is around me. My heart breaks for my sister, Brian, Matt & Tristian. Jimmy will live on in our hearts and memories forever, I am so proud to have been his uncle.
Posted by Kati Mcphee on 12th May 2014
Its been almost a year since you've been gone! Life hasn't been the same knowing I can't just pick up the phone and call u when I wanna hear your voice or just needed my best friend to talk too! I miss you so much and not a day goes by that many thoughts of you don't cross my mind! I know you are up there looking down on me and all your family! And now u can truly be Kyans God Father, please protect and watch over him! I love you so much and miss you so much more!!
Posted by Jessica Downing on 28th January 2014
i love and miss you so much I wish we could have you back I am so lucky to have had you in my life for 10 wonderful years and so many great memories I miss you every day and think abt you all the time I hope you are watching over all of us till we meet again I have all the great time we had thank you for that rest easy I love you and miss you so much

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