My dear Nephew

Shared by Jennifer Staffa on May 21, 2011

I sit and think all the time about all the times you came over and hung out with me and steph at my house. I remember the time you and steph got in an argument "which was often"LOL and you left and steph took off with no shoes after you in the middle of summer with the ground burning her feet and you guys made up and came back like you always did... The love the two of you had was really unique and very hard to find and you guys were so lucky to experience that and The kind of love you guys had will be the kind that carrys on even in the afterlife. I know you loved steph so much and she loves you so much and misses you soo bad as we all do James you didnt deserve what happend to you god you were such a great person. You know theres so many people who say they would die for you and when it comes down to it they would not but you and your great heart you are one that meant that and showed that to all of us that day. God picked a great son to call on because he knew you would be loyal and always have his I love you James your in my heart always and I will never forget you. Love Aunt Jenny

Shared by Gretchen Peralta on May 13, 2011

From the moment you could walk and talk, you've always been a protector. You had the biggest heart I've ever seen, even with everything that you've been through in your short time here. You had sooo much love in you, I don't think you realize the impact you had on soo many people. Youv'e touched so many peoples lives, and not many 18 year olds could say that. Life will never be the same knowing that each day you arent here to kiss and hug, and make me smile.You are my air and I can't breathe without you! You had so many plans and so much ahead of you, theres so much I wanted to do with you, and say to you..all I could do is hope and pray that you know how much I love you and always will..that will never change or go away..a major part of me is missing without you! Love for forever, like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be!!! Loving you and missing you, Love mommy xoxo

Baby bro

Shared by Savannah Palazzola on May 8, 2011

Hey baby bro i know ur up in heaven watching over me and probably clowning on me lol. i miss that so much when u would just walk up and slap me lol ... ill never forget all of our memories and u will never leave my heart ...even though ur gone ur still here with me and u know i still talk to you everynight and i know u listen to me hopefully lol. you were an amazing person and the best lil bro i ever had and the only one lol ... i miss u so much its so hard without u but i know ur in a better place and living peaceful... i hope u never forget me and well meet again soon were days closer to being together again. dont owrry about stephanie im watching over here because i know thats what u wouldve wanted shes safe with me and were both missin you like crazy..... well baby bro time to say see you later because goodbyes are for suckas lol (remember our inside joke) i love you baby boy. R.I.P. DIAMOND BOY YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED AND LOVED. YOUR MY ANGEL!!!


Shared by Stephanie Reed on May 8, 2011

i love you baby with all my heart u were an amazing person and an awsome boyfriend/fiance ur everything i could ask for babe i want u to kno how much u mean to me but im sure u aalready kno baby we been through so much u have my heart and always will baby<3 JAMES ALEXANDER GONZALEZ<3 I LOVE YOU MY BABY<3 MUAH BABE<3

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