My life with my Daddy

Shared by Cathy Vance on October 21, 2011

Daddy and mommer and Jack and Pat and myself live in Phenix City Alabama we had so many memories. Daddy worked in the cottonmill in columbus georgia he was a weaver he loved his job he always had kind words to say to people because thats what kind of man he was he is the best daddy in the world. I miss him so much he is dearly missed by many family and friends but i know he is in heaven with his lord and one day we will be together again what a great reuion that will be.The last place that we lived my dad decided that it was time to move back down home because he knew there was no better for him and he wanted to be down home where he was born and he knew thats where we needed to be when the good lord to come and take him home we lived there two weeks and my mom pat and me had went to the grocery store with my grandparents to get groceries and when we returned my brother jack told my mommer that something had to be done for my dad because he was growing cold inside we got him ready to take him to the doctor he walked to the car by hisself open the door for us to get in went a short piece down the road and he fell over in my brothers arms thats when jesus came to take him home to be with the lord.My grandfather tried his best to get my dad to the hospital and we got there and we got him in there he was doa. That was the worst day of my life because i was not ready for my daddy to go but i come to realize he was in a better place because he had no more pain and he was in heaven with jesus. R.I.P Daddy I Love you always forever.

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