In Memory of James J. Evanock
  • 49 years old
  • Born on July 30, 1968 in Jamestown, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on February 12, 2018 in Jamestown, New York, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of  James J. Evanock.  Let us remember him forever, and let the hurting be silenced no more.

Posted by Sharlenejosh Becker on February 13, 2019
Hey uncle jim its only been a year sense you have been gone but it seems like forever it seems like it was just yesterday i was at ur house visiting and talking threw some stuff with you... theres not a day that goes by i dont think of you we all miss you like crazy tell brandon i love him and i will see you guys soon anofe
Posted by Jacob Seekings on February 12, 2019
I miss u uncle jim there is not a day i dont think about u i miss all of the actives we had i wish u didnt have to go so soon :( i will see u soon
Posted by Sherry Porter on February 12, 2019
As the tears flow down my cheeks as Im trying too write it seems just like it was the day I got the word you were gone. I dont know where too begin we had a loving and passion for one another for 15 years plus. We have so many memory's together there just no room too write all I miss you like crazy I miss your laugh your smile us fishing and hunting together but most of all I miss your love. I know your in a better place now with no more pain. Im trying too do what you always told me too do go on with my life and dont be alone and baby Im trying too do that for you The pain with never go away from my heart for you my love will always be there. Give brandon kisses from me okay. We will see each other again love ya forever hunting partners forever.
Posted by Shian Rose on February 12, 2019
Hey Daddy its you baby girl! Its been a whole year since you left us. But you have never left our hearts. We miss you dearly. Memories flow through my mind daily. I remember the last day i saw you during thanksgiving. I will forever be grateful of that moment. I know that you are all better now. I have accomplished many great things in my life and still continuing to do just that for you. Its sad to say you wont be here to watch your little girl grow. I am engaged and on my way to start a beautiful family. I hope you are proud Dad, we love and miss you dearly
Love, your little girl
Posted by Shane Evanock on February 12, 2019
Hey dad its almost been a year since you left...Im 19 now dad I graduated school...I'm lookin like you everyday...and not a day goes by that I still think of ya but the positive things...I still got your bow and your knives....I wish you stayed alive and watched me graduate and become the man you seen today...Life is hard but with friends and my girlfriend helps me through the pain with you gone...I'm gonna make you proud ill carry on the evanock name....for you and me....I love ya dad stay strong flyin in heaven...when its time for me to fly to heaven i want you and mom to be waitin for me...
Love, Bucky Beaver...
Posted by Kaylee Schuppenhauer on February 12, 2019
We miss you ever so dearly uncle Jim. I wish I could seee you come through my moms apartment door one last time and call out "cookie monster!" We love you so much. Your forever in our hearts. Not a day goes by that I dont think about you. I miss you greatly.
-your cookie monster
Posted by Melissa Royal on February 11, 2019
I'm sorry i did not hear you; to understand, to help make the pain that you carried go away. I tried to get you to stop and just to listen when i saw you depressed, i wanted you to be strong the way i was, the way dad wanted us. I didn't want to see you like that bc seeing would be feeling and the pain you carried was so deep. You are in my thoughts always, and not a moment goes by I don't think about you. You have left a pain too great to describe, but perhaps one day all that will be replaced with beauty and grace. Until we meet again.. I love you big brother.
Forever and Always,
Your baby sis

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