Jim Hazard, 1986
James L Hazard
  • 75 years old
  • Date of birth: May 19, 1937
  • Place of birth:
    "Banks" of Flint River, Michigan, United States
  • Date of passing: Jan 4, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Flint (By his beloved wife's side), Michigan, United States
Let the memory of Jim be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, James Hazard, 75, born on May 19, 1937 and passed away on January 4, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 4th January 2018

"Happy New Year 2018!  This morning as I put the bags of garbage to the curb (a job you used to do without hesitation) I thought about years gone by and how much a part of my life you were and how much I really miss you.  Most of all, I thought about the New Year that is beginning and how much I really have to live for and be grateful for.  You always lived life forward and were ever so grateful and you constantly reminded me of that.  Five years doesn't seem very long, but it is an eternity for me because I know you are never coming back.  I move forward everyday knowing you are in my heart and a part of me.  Seems so foolish that I write to you on this website, but you know that I am a visual person and people are my God with skin on, so it is only fitting that I have a way to communicate with you from time to time. Please know that I will never forget you and our many beautiful years together.  No one will ever be able to fill that void.  I love you! Life keeps moving forward!"

This tribute was added by Barbara Evans on 4th January 2018

"Well,Jim, another year has come and gone. I am sure you already know that Dianne and I have become GREAT friends in the past few years. We can count on each other for anything and everything.
Dianne is doing good but I know she has a hole in her heart that only you can fill. Thanks for watching over us every day. We all miss you and will see you on the other side someday
Your friend in the fellowship,
Barb Evans"

This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 22nd December 2017

"Here we are again approaching another holiday season.  Christmas is just a few days away and you come to mind more than ever.  We lost an amazing Grandson this year, but I'm pretty sure you already know that.  Now, you can get to know him even better. I have been able to rekindle a relationship with your son, Brian.  Certainly must have been a "God thing" as you would say.  Our Brenda was sent to prison for a very bad choice and mistake in her life, but I'm sure you are watching over her and you are always in her heart.  I'm so happy that you were not here on earth to have to experience the grief of this past year.  My heart has been broken for a very long time and the grief process has been enormous, but I am starting to get through it and know that I am still here on this earth for a purpose.  Jenny and I stay in close contact with one another.  She is pretty fragile and she really misses her Dad and her Mom.  No matter what, Jim, I carry on because that is exactly what you would want me to do.  I keep living life as if you were right here with me or as if I am carrying you with me.  You will always be in my heart forever and I miss you more than words can say.  Merry Christmas my love."

This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 19th July 2017

"Happy 36th Anniversary to us my love. I realized I have never been able to leave a tribute on our Wedding Anniversary, July 18, 1981.  Just forever so painful.  Just maybe, I am finally letting go even though you were gone too soon. No time would have been a good time my love. I looked through our wedding album and tried to close my eyes and visualize that day in July that we became one.  I try to remember through my selfishness that you were really sick and struggling along, but it is so not fun without you. I push and shove myself forward each and everyday.  I pull strength and courage from my friends in the program and my family. Not a day or a year has gone by since you departed your earthly home that I don't wish I could have it all back and just start all over again. The memories you left behind sustain me for the moment, but I will always be looking forward to day that I might see you again.  Take my love and soar! Rest in peace my love"

This tribute was added by Barbara Evans on 19th May 2017

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY in heaven Jimbo. We all miss you bunches.
I was so blessed to have you and Dianne in my life and she is still a major part of my life and I treasure our friendship.
P. S. She is doing good but she sure misses you.
With love from your friend Barb!!!!!"

This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 19th May 2017

"Happy 80th Birthday my love.  I was watching one of our favorite TV programs last night. thinking of you every minute as you know I always thought you looked like one of the key players. Hmmmm, very sexy! Oh well, I could close my eyes and almost feel your arms around me. I have some beautiful flowers that I will place at your grave site this afternoon, just a very small, small token of my enormous love for you and everything that you brought into my life.  I shall never forget you, ever.  You were the best!  Looking forward to meeting you again someday.  Gone too soon, my love!"

This tribute was added by Wendy Carr on 4th January 2017

"Hello Jim, I want to let you know that your Dianne is okay, she is taking care of herself very well. She misses you a lot, but she's doing okay. She's looking forward to being with you again someday.
Love you Jim xo"

This tribute was added by Barbara Evans on 4th January 2017

"We sure do miss you Jimbo!!!!  Just so you know, I am so blessed to have your wife in my life. She is a very wise woman and has been a huge blessing for me especially in the past couple months.
It is hard to believe 4 yrs. has gone by already.
It was a blessing to spend a part of my life with you and Dianne.
Thank you my friend and I pray you will continue to rest in peace."

This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 4th January 2017

"Hello again my love, its the fourth anniversary of your leaving me way too soon.  These past few weeks have been weeks of reflection and my thoughts have been drawn to you over and over again. There are so many things I want to talk to you about and know that you would give me the reassurance I need that I am going to be alright. I have to trust that you being in my heart forever is enough. I have been directed more and more to a God of my understanding and I have learned to lean on that and trust that I am never alone and that God has always got my back.  I listen to that wee small voice that you used to tell me about and you know what, it is really there and it gives me good orderly direction everyday of my life.  So, today, I will get up, suit up and show up and carry on even though I have lost my one and only true love and partner in life. Welcome January 4, 2017."

This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 18th December 2016

"Well, here it is, one week before Christmas and lately all of my thoughts have been of you my love.  I yearn for your touch and that little smile that you would give me every morning at the breakfast table.The kids are all busy getting ready for Christmas and this year everyone is doing their own thing and settling in with making their own traditions. No more hustle and bustle trying to go to and fro to please everyone else. I spent a week of deep reflection and have come to the conclusion that you are in my heart to stay and I am always going to miss you deeply and it's okay and the hurt in my heart will lessen as time goes by.  I'm looking forward to the New Year and living it to the fullest one day at a time. Knowing that you are at peace gives me a great deal of comfort and the ability to carry on in spite of you being gone way too soon. I love you!"

This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 24th June 2016

"A note to all those who visit this memorial site from time to time. Thank you for your thoughts and thank you for letting me know that Jim is never forgotten.  I miss Jim so much, you would think that by now this would pass, but that has not been the case for me. Not one single day goes by that I  don't have a thought or memory  of the man I loved so much. I actually yearn for the day that we might meet again. Lately, I've actually gone to bed at night hoping that when I wake up in the morning, you will be there. It just never happens. I'm really trying to Let Go and Let God, but you know that everything I let go of has claw marks on it, so why would this be anything different. You are my one true love. C U  someday on the other side my love."

This tribute was added by Jim L on 24th June 2016

"Still miss you, brother."

This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 19th May 2016

"Happy 79th Birthday my one and only love.  I miss you so much as words will never be able to express.  May is a emotional time for me as so many of your important dates happened in May.  You were brought to mind on your 25 years of recovery date.  I remember even though you don't have to remember that anymore. I know that it was an important date to you. Every time the flowers in the flower bed bloom in  the Spring, I'm reminded of the fall day in 2012 that you replanted my beautiful flower bed but never got to see it bloom in the Spring. Time goes on without you, my love, but you remain in my heart forever. As the years pass, my heart heals and the memories grow stronger.  You have a very special place in my heart that no one will ever take the place of. I love you and miss everything about you, but mostly just your unconditional love and companionship. Be at peace my love!"

This tribute was added by Barbara Evans on 19th May 2016

"We all miss you so very much. We all move on with our lives but there is a little hole in our hearts where you reside.
Hugs to you Jimbo!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 4th January 2016

"Three years have come and gone without you in my life.  I always said I couldn't imagine life without you, but somehow I have managed to do it one day at a time.  Some days are worst than others, but through it all I have survived.  You are always in my thoughts and things that I do bring you to mind on most occasions.  The intense grief is subsiding but the warmth in my heart is always there.  I seem to be able to move through life's challenges much easier as I figure out my own routines and do things my way.  I couldn't make it without the valuable lessons that you so patiently taught me over the 35 years that we had together.  You are gone too soon, but with life comes death and I accept that now. My spirit is returning as my wall that I built is disappearing.  I'm so sorry, but I was so angry, and the only way I could heal was doing it my way.  I'm getting closer to my higher power again as he actually never failed me, but I just shut him out because my acceptance of his will for you was not what I wanted.  I was selfish my love, I just wanted you to stay with me.  I know you are in a better place and that someday we will meet again just as he promised and you promised.  I love You."

This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 19th May 2015

"Hi Honey,  my life goes on without you. Happy78th Birthday! There is never a day that goes by that you do not come to my mind either in something you have said or something you did. Somehow I just know you are near me and I can feel your presence and it gives me great comfort.  Thank You so much for all that you have given me in spirit as you keep me strong and the lessons in life that you helped teach me are still with me everyday.  I draw on the things that you showed me through life's challenges. You were gone too soon from me and my heart aches that one day we shall meet again somewhere in time my love.  Some of the struggles I have had to face without you have been challenging, but some how I feel your hand grabbing mine and you seem to be able to pull me through the darkest times and I come out on the other side a much stronger person.  Sometimes "your way" is the only way.  Wherever you are my love, I hope what you promised me is true and that we will find our way back to each other. I love You!"

This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 8th January 2015

"Here I am my love, two years have passed and my heart still aches for you. Time has helped to heal me, but the emptiness will never go away. I have the kids and grandkids but it will never replace you in the flesh. The memories can never be taken away and I will love you forever. In December of this year I had a hyacinth bloom in the flower bed that you planted in the fall just before you passed away and I knew it was sent to me from you my love because only you could have pulled that off "your way". I bent down to take a picture and crawling next to the flower was a wooly caterpillar another one of your ways to let me know that you are always near. Stay with me dear, I will always love you. I surely hope that someday we will be together again."

This tribute was added by Jen Steiner on 21st May 2014

"Hugs and Kisses for your birthday Dad.. Miss you lots, I think of you everyday. Not a day goes by with out me thinking of you and how I take after you in so many ways, Jen of all trades I'm told, just like my dad....Thank you for the lessons you have taught me, to believe in my Faith and God will get us though, I Love you Daddy miss you bunches.. See you at the gates some day Ill be looking for you...."

This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 19th May 2014

"My one and only love of my life. I woke up this morning with a very hard ache in my heart not realizing it was your birthday and I looked on the calendar and I knew immediately what that ache was. Just a reminder, but don't ever think for one minute that I have forgotten you. I miss you next to me in bed at night, I miss you at the breakfast table in the morning, I miss your smile and warm touch and most of all I miss being able to share my thoughts with you any time of night or day. Talk to myself a lot these days. I miss our rides in the car out to the lake on those nice sunny, warm days. I miss dinners together. Some days are harder than others, but I am moving forward the best I can and sometimes it's pretty scary. Happy 77th Birthday, my love. Jenny, Tammy and Mike miss you and thought of you today and they called me to extend a warm, loving thought. They take pretty good care of me and I love them. So much to tell you and just not enough time or space. I am so very lonely without you. Happy Birthday, honey! Gone way too soon!"

This tribute was added by Barbara Evans on 19th May 2014

"We all miss you terribly, "Jimbo". Dianne is having a rough time but we are all trying to help her get thru the rough and sad times. You are missed, you are loved and we will see you on the other side someday.
P.S. Make sure the golf courses are in good shape because I am bringing my clubs with me. Hugs and more hugs....... Mrs. Harpo"

This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 25th February 2014

"Hi My darling husband, Not a day goes by that I don't think about you.  I miss you so much and coming to grips with your passing has been a moumentous task for me. I have been so mad at God for not answering my prayers the way I wanted them answered only to realize that God does it his way, just as you always did. Now that I know that God is not my adversary, maybe my heart will begin to heal. I will love you forever my love."

This tribute was added by dianne hazard on 5th December 2013

"My heart is broken and the pain is almost unbearable, but your spirit and energy remains close to me and pushes me forward every day. There are no words for the love I have for you and you will remain in my heart forever. You are the only one that can put my heart back together and in time the crack will close,but the scar will remain. I will never forget you & the beautiful life that we had and lived to the fullest in spite of the trials and tribulations along the way. I must say you "did it your way" gently and always with me in mind. You loved me uncondionally in spite of my rough edges. I love you & miss you."

This tribute was added by Jen Steiner on 4th December 2013

"oh how I miss u no words can say enough.,To only have one more day to tell u how much u meant to me.. and how much I love u Daddy. I know u are waiting for me in our heavenly home. I miss u everyday. .Can;t wait to hear your voice again and hug u and never let u go.. I know u r in the big top with all your buddys .  I love u and miss u lots...From your daughter Jennifer Hazard"

This tribute was added by tammy roberts on 4th December 2013

"I miss u alot jim what  i miss the most is how u always helped me when ever u could and i know god olny takes the best cuz he took u and Kevin to much better place where u guys could do whatever u wanted and fish and hunt with no licences no more and where u could b with friends and family again this song is very fitting for u cuz u ALWAYS did stuff ur way i love u"

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