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Jim, you were not to be the first to leave this world. I will miss you and love you very much. We never said that enough, to each other. I'm sorry. You were always my way out , to get away from Dad. You would take me to the movies, out to Willington Pizza (the best). He knew that any time away and with each other helped to it another day. I know that now you are with MOM and very happy. You are loved and always will be. I love and miss you. Enjoy Heaven and keep an eye on the rest of the family. Love your little sis. Lori
This tribute was added by Kayla Deschenes on October 7, 2020

This is long overdue but I’m sure you can imagine how painful it is to have to write this. I still can’t believe you’re really gone. I wish this was a bad dream I could wake up from.

We had plans for this weekend, we had plans for next month, we had plans for next year. But God had other plans for you that were out of our hands. We’re all trying to hang in here, but you were the rock that held our family together. I will never forget the things you have taught me, also the advice and wisdom you shared with me throughout all these years. You were the best stepdad I could’ve asked for and you’ll have a special place in my heart forever.

Our world has been flipped upside down. Nothing is the same without you. I miss our routine we had at home here. Every single night you came home, Noah would run up to you and beg you to play with him, either on your tractor or with Teddy (our doggie). If you were too tired though you’d sit with Emma on your lap in your chair and play music or watch TV with her while dinner was being made. They loved you so much. You were the best grandpa they could’ve asked for. It hurts to not have you at the dinner table anymore, but your seat will always be saved. Nighttime is definitely the worst without you. That’s when we’d all gather in the living room and watch our shows together. I keep looking over at your chair waiting for you to make a funny comment about one of our shows (inside joke- you know which one I’m taking about Jim) but the harsh reality of it is that nothing will be the same ever again. I wish you could just come back.

God has gained another angel and I know you’re looking looking down, watching over us. It breaks my heart to know that you won’t get to see Noah and Emma grow up, but I will never let them forget you and our memories together will always be cherished ❤️ we love you and miss you so much, may you Rest In Peace ❤️
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Much love and condolences to the Klotzer family and to all those who knew Jim.
This tribute was added by Kristen Klotzer Daigle on October 6, 2020
Jim and I were cut from the same fabric. When I became an adult, I told him that I would always be the annoying “unfiltered, unpolished and undereducated ” female version of him. Jim would always laugh and flash his beautiful smile at me, responding that he was one of a kind. Your wrong dear brother and I think I’m getting the final word here. That being said, my love for my favorite brother (yes Jimmy, that is you!! sorry to hurt your feeling Bobby, Gary, Stu, Alan and Richard) is strong and pure! The control freak in me, has decided to write you an obituary .... a true testament to my love for you! Growing up you were there for me every step in my life from teaching me how to drive (of course it has to be a manual transmission because anyone can drive a manual but smart people can drive everything!), Teaching me to change tires, batteries and oil in my car, helping me chase down recycle trucks for my extra credit assignment in ecology class, helping me purchase my first home, giving me away at my wedding, picking me up after my divorce, my pregnancy, my anxiety and the first 12 years of my daughter life. At every turn, corner and anytime I needed you .... you were there! Now for the unfiltered part of me, that you said I need to tone down! This is the most boring page and tribute to life I’ve ever seen! And the photo, doesn’t do you any justice! It does not begin to show the genuine man that you truly were!! Jim, there Is no surprise here, not everyone can be like us. That being said here is my tribute, the obituary that I wrote for you out of my love for you. On October 2, 2020, this world was robbed by the death of a hard working, stubborn and brilliant minded man, James Michael Klotzer, born on October 20, 1964. Known as James, Jim or simply Jimmy to his loved ones. Jim was known for his hard work ethic, no nonsense attitude, stubborn but yet gentle, giving and kind personality. He had a lifetime of friends and acquaintances that knew him for his serious demeanor but mischievous smile and laughter. That laughter could light up a room when combined with his megawatt smile and handsome good looks. Jim learned the value of hard work at his first job at Reichle Farms in South Windsor, around the age of ten. The beginnings of a person who would become respected for that hard work, his “type A personality”, his honesty, his near genius iq and his common sense. He graduated from Windham Tech and quickly became a self made man thru his determinations. He worked for Reliable Refuse, Waste Management and USA Hauling. Earning his way from mechanic up to executive level foreman. Jim was an avid history buff, lovingly restoring various Willys jeeps from the World War II era with perfection. He enjoyed army movies, gardening, watching deer in his backyard and tinkering about his farm with its rolling meadows and the Fenton River, a place that was his little slice of happiness. He beamed with pride when he became a Godfather to his niece Emaleigh. He enjoyed going for rides around his farm and town in his jeeps. Often times, making a run to UConn just to get a black raspberry milkshake. Jim loved German Shepard dogs, owning several throughout his lifetime, settling on his deepest love of the solid black Shepards, his favorites being from the lineage of Conan and Otto. His dogs gave him unconditional love and he loved them unconditionally to. Jim had a brilliant mind that included common sense and when tied to his personality made him a artist and a perfectionist. He had an undying love for his mother, Marlene Newman Klotzer, who predeceased him during his youth. He was also predeceased by his Aunt Evelyn Wilson and nephews Andrew and Gary Jr. Growing up in a large family that includes 12 brothers and sisters, James took on the persona of the quiet one, earning him the nickname of “Mouse”. But not to worry, he was never one to hold his tongue when pushed or had a valid reason, making him a respected colleague and boss. Jim loved with a pure heart that was intense and true. He was a true gentleman, always willing to assist in whatever way possible. Jim would always show great poise and strength in difficult situations. In the wake of his untimely death, Jim leaves behind his five brothers and their spouses: Robert and his wife Carolyn, Stuart and his wife Sandy, Gary and wife Lori, Alan and Richard. Six sisters and their spouses: Sharon and her husband Tom, Lori and husband Ron, Allison, Kelly, Lynda and husband Danny, Kristen and husband CJ. Nieces and Nephews include: Evan, Nick, Jacob, Alexander, Thomas, Kyle, Robert, Dillon, Caleb, Lindsay, Chip, and Emaleigh. Great niece Trinity and great nephew Hendrix. He is also survived by his estranged wife Dawn Deschenes Klotzer and step children Amanda and Kayla and their children. It is with great sadness that due to the global pandemic, services and a celebration of life will announced at a future date.  To celebrate a life well lived, memorial donations in James’ name can be made to the Willington Fire Dept #1,Po Box 161, Willington, CT 06279.  Jim, I know that you’re probably wondering who let the control freak out of the box and suffering from one last moment of “my baby sister is so embarrassing” but I want the world to know just how much you meant to ME, how much I LOVE you and just how shattered my heart is! I will love you until the end of my time and when I get there, you’d better be waiting for me with open arms, that smile and that mischievous laugh, asking me why I always need to start trouble! Wait, I’ll answer that right now, because you are my favorite brother and you deserve the best and I didn’t think this page was good enough. I miss you, my heart is shattered in a billon pieces and I love you more today than yesterday and the day before that and that. Thank you for being the best brother to me and the best Godfather to Emme
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Dear Klotzer family,
I am deeply saddened on the loss of Jim. Back in the late 90's and early 2000's I worked with him(and Gary) at Reliable Refuse/USA Waste in South Windsor for 5 years. He was a truly gifted man that I often went to ask questions on truck repairs/diagnosis, exchange words of wisdom or expressions of friendship even as recently as a phone conversation we had within the last few months. He was a great co-worker and will be deeply missed. Glad I got to know and work with you Jimmy! Rest in peace, Bob Stodolski

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