Let the memory of Jim be with us forever on this forever website. If he comes to you in a memory. you're welcome to share it here.
  • 62 years old
  • Born on November 7, 1949 .
  • Passed away on July 12, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, James Marnati 62 years old , born on November 7, 1949 and passed away on July 12, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Margaret Buffone on 7th November 2018
Jim, Happy Birthday. Your family really misses you but as you know there are more and more family members joining you. I sure wish I had had more time to spend with you as adults, I'm sure we would have had a lot of laughs. You are the one that made me an aunt for the first time and to think I was only 6. I'm pretty sure I was the only one in my first grade that was an aunt. We all miss you Jim, especially your Mom, your family and siblings. If you get a chance, look up the rest of the family that's up there and have a heavenly reunion. Love always, Aunt Margaret
Posted by F Faith on 7th November 2018
Hello brother. Sure wish you were here with us so we could at least call you and say Happy Birthday. This is my way of doing exactly that. I went to Chelsey's graduation party back in June and the biggest reason I did it was because you couldn't. You would be so proud of her. Susan and I ran into Caleb at the 4th of July parade and he had no idea who we were but we made sure he knew we were his grandfathers sisters but it didn't seem to impress him. Trenton's wife is our best source of staying in touch with your family. See if you can get them to come north to the next family reunion in August. I miss you Jim, I know your mother is missing you also. If you see my Jennifer would you give her a kiss from me. Happy birthday Jim. I love you.
Posted by Barbara Presto on 14th July 2018
It's been six years since you left us and went to your beautiful place in heaven. I sure do miss you bro. Now that I'm going to be 65 soon I realize how very young you were when you passed. You were cheated of so much life but I pray that you are in a better place now. I often play your song (as I call it) (Go rest high upon that mountain) and reflect on the last time I saw you. We had such a great time when you made that trip home to see us all. And now all we have is a hole where you once were. I'll never forget you Jim. Oh, and BTW....... If it's possible could you ask God to help our mother and brother Joe with their struggles. There are days I do nothing but cry for them. I will always love you Jim. Sister Barb
Posted by F Faith on 7th November 2017
Miss you brother. Your grandaughter Chelsie graduates this year and she sure is a beauty. We don't get to see the rest of your family very often but we do stay in contact through facebook. If you know anyone that could help your mother with her pain would you please ask them for help. I am so very afraid that she may be joining you soon. She is ready but I am not so sure we can handle her loss. Love you and happy birthday.
Posted by Barbara Presto on 12th July 2017
It's been 5 long years since you left, and boy, I sure miss hearing your voice and that contagious laugh of yours. The pain of losing you weighs heavy in our failing mother's heart, as well as all of us. I can only imagine the happiness you must have all around you and hope endlessly that we can be together in that happiness again some day. Btw....I still notice the signs you send that you're watching out for all of us. Keep it up Kiddo. With love always, Sister Barb
Posted by Barbara Presto on 11th November 2016
Just returned from our Arizona vacation where we celebrated Jeff's wedding. Just wanted you to know that we all (Jeff, Susan, Fran, Gale and myself) felt your presence as you push that wave into us at the ocean. Still the practical joker......are you? You made us laugh....and that's what you liked to do best. Hope you're doing the same but I so wish you were still here with us. Love and miss you everyday.
Posted by F Faith on 15th July 2016
Still think of you quite often. Every once in awhile I talk to the wind hoping that you are passing by about then. Love you and miss you. Love seeing your family so send them around more often.
Posted by Barbara Presto on 12th July 2015
Another year has passed since you left us. Things are crazier than ever here and can only hope that things aren't that crazy where you are. I miss you and will love you til I no longer exist. Your sister, Barb
Posted by Barbara Presto on 13th July 2014
Yesterday I felt your presence in the warm wind as it brushed across my face and I knew you were trying to tell me that you are ok. It helped with the heartache I feel when I realize I will never see your wonderful face, or hear that infectious laugh, or experience your kind nature ever again. I miss you so much, Barb
Posted by Barbara Presto on 12th July 2014
It's been 2 years but we think of you often and miss your wonderful laugh. Forever in our thoughts. Sis Barb, Sharon and aunt Marg
Posted by F Faith on 16th July 2013
I saw a picture of your final resting place and I agree that you would have loved it there. We still miss you and think of you often. Mother talks of you often and every once in a while she has a bad day and says she was thinking of you. Rest in peace now Jim.
Posted by Virginia Reich on 8th November 2012
I think of you often.
Posted by Barbara Presto on 7th November 2012
Today would have been your 63rd birthday here on this earth and I will always remember this day as the day God gave us the gift of Jim. I pray that you are in a better place with happiness and sunshine all around you and that we will meet again someday. Still missing you, Love Barbara
Posted by F Faith on 7th November 2012
Today would have been your birthday so I just wanted to say Happy Birthday big brother and that I miss you. If you had anything to do with mother getting better then thank you. You are never far from my thoughts, tell my hubby and daughter that I love them and think of them very often also.
Posted by Jack Crawford on 5th August 2012
Rest in peace God Father Jim.
Posted by David Winterstein on 1st August 2012
Trudy, Wow, I'm so sorry to hear of Jim's passing. We had so many good times together back when we all lived in Denver working for Saunders. It always seemed just when I had Jim figured out...He would say or do something completely out of the ordinary. Jim will tryly be missed. We'll keep you in our prayers. Dave & Mary Winterstein
Posted by Sally Crawford on 21st July 2012
Jim was my first living dollbaby.We young aunts probably drove his Mom nuts always being around. Jim was one of the first to make my husband feel welcome into the family,was part of our wedding and our oldest sons Godfather. Yea we loved Jimmy. Trudy you surly will miss him - have never seen a more devoted couple then you and Jim were.
Posted by Barb Henretty on 18th July 2012
Trudy & Family, So sorry to hear of your loss.Mom & I often talk about when you guys used to come into the restaurant.(when Jim wasn't working on the old equipment).We sure missed the gab sessions after we left there.Jim was a great guy.Take care of yourself and the family. Barb & Nancy
Posted by Emma Mancuso on 16th July 2012
I remember Jim well when we went to visit them in Colorado many years s ago.H e took us for a ride up the PASS scared the S--- out of us.Knowing about his eye sight didn't help. We had a good time,after the scare..Remember them for being kind,gentle,loving couple.He will be missed greatly.Trudy, you will be in my prayers.
Posted by Susan Williams on 16th July 2012
To my big brother, Jim.. I will miss you so much.. We are missing another link in our family now, which makes my heart ache. Give dad a hug for me! Thanks for all the laughs and until we meet again.. Take care Kiddo!
Posted by Mike Welsh on 16th July 2012
So sorry to hear about Jim's passing. I remember him as a great friend at Brockway High School. He was a quiet, gentle man, who always made you feel appreciated. Jim you will be missed in this world. On to the next. God Bless!
Posted by Tammy Inzana on 16th July 2012
Trudy and family, I was so saddened by the news that Jim had passed. I will remember lots of laughs that we shared and a few tears. He will be missed by many and and can hear him saying "See you later kiddo". You are in my prayers.
Posted by Jennifer Jamison on 15th July 2012
This is a message from Luke Williams from Brockway...was wondering if i could get a phone number for Frank or Marlana...please...my number is 814-715-3554 if u could please get ahold of me
Posted by Virginia Reich on 15th July 2012
We remember Jimmy with many fond memories Love Aunt Gin and Uncle Russ I also have many fun memories of my Godfather. Ginny Guenther
Posted by Debra Bedeaux on 15th July 2012
To our neighbor who helped fix our furnace.The garage Jim and Deb tackled to get him to his new home.Most importantly one of the nicest guys Deb grew up with. Jim, you will be sadly missed.You will always be remembered in our hearts.Jan and Deb Bedeaux and Family
Posted by Deanna Starr on 15th July 2012
Trudy and family really don't know what to say..we really loved Jim and will miss him. Lots of memories of babysitting him when I was a teenager and he would not listen to me and would run when I would tell him to do something. Special spot in my heart for the first born nephew. I know you are in heaven now with your Dad, GMa & Gpa.
Posted by Donna Lutz on 15th July 2012
Not really sure what to say. Our family is hurting for losing someone so young. I did not know Jim as well as other cousins, but knowing a mother, wife, children and brothers and sisters are mourning of a lost of immediate family member... Jim will be in heaven above, no more pain, and not alone. Love to my family and prays to ease the pain
Posted by Peggy Hammond on 15th July 2012
I have a lot of fond memories of Jimmy when Janet and I would spend summers at grandpa and grandmas. We had so much fun back in the good old days. So sorry we did not spend as much time together as we grew older. He will be missed by many. God also bless his wife, children and grandchildren, they will need the strength to move on without him.
Posted by Janet Rathbun on 15th July 2012
Many fond memories of Jimmy when Peggy and I visited during the summer months. I remember how Jimmy would always scare us with snakes, and other creepy things. Jimmy, Sharon and I would do daredevil things together. I always looked up to Jimmy and admired him so much. The wonderful childhood memories will always be in my mine when thinking of Jimmy. Love to all he touched.
Posted by Lurae Crawford Benzio on 14th July 2012
Gentle, funny, loving, kind, generous, noble, strong, caring...these are some words I would use to descibe my oldest cousin. someone who I did not know well growing up - but grew to know and appreciate and love just the same! We all will gather in August and hug and remember and tell stories and shed some tears. And we will defiantely laugh and celebrate you - JIM! Rest in God's Hands!
Posted by Margaret Buffone on 14th July 2012
It only seems like yesterday I came running home from first grade to see the child that made me an aunt at six years old. I was so proud and happy and he was a beautiful baby that grew to be a beautiful man in every sense of the word. Jim will be missed by many. Until we meet again at the big reunion above, I love you
Posted by Gary Bovaird on 14th July 2012
Jim you were always my big brother, I always thought you were way cool. We had a lot of good times for sure, I still remember taking a load of Robbie's shrubs in his pickup to be planted, you and Carl were in the front driving, and we were in the back yelling stuff to the girls on main street Brockway. You guys laughed so hard! Thanks for the old Honda 90, man I miss you!
Posted by Barbara Presto on 13th July 2012
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed being around this man. He was always such an upper......and so much fun. He really loved his family and we all loved him. I'm really gonna miss you "kiddo".
Posted by F Faith on 13th July 2012
He was a part of my life for 61 years, how could I not miss him. He left us way too young. He never let his sight problems stop him from anything he really wanted, what an example he was for us. I know he can see clearly now. It was easy to see the love he shared with his wife, kids and grandkids. Goodbye brother.

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