Shared by Diana Boatner Marsh on October 14, 2011

When Jamie was about 12 years old, my mother, Jamie, Lisa and I were driving back from Las Vegas to Pheonix Az...Jamie - the fart that he was - kept letting silent stinkers...OMG were they toxic!!!  We began rolling down all the windows to release the green toxic fumes inside the car.... of course he thought the whole thing was hysterical!!!  When we could finally take no more,  I lovingly scolded, "Jamie if you do that again please give us a warning so that we can save ourselves"!  By this time he was rolling with laughter in the back fact he was in tears, actually we were all in tears...if you get my drift (or rather his drift); ANYWAY, when he could finally catch his breath long enough to articulate a word he said "Okay."  The rest of the trip back Jamie kept his word...everytime he let one OFF, he bellowed out "WARNING!!!"  Jamie we love you and we miss you!!! Especially your laughter!

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