Drunk in the Spirit

Shared by Sharon Smith on October 7, 2012

We had attended a revival held by the Promise keepers in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. Jim was on fire for the Lord. He laughed and cried, The crying was not sad it was the joy that he discovered from Jesus. He danced for hours in the Spirit. He had such a glow about him you just knew he had been touched of God. When all was said and done we were walking back to the car and people thought Jim was drunk, even a Myrtle Creek Police Officer stopped and said" hey fella are you drunk?" Jim told him yes he was, but not from booze. He told the officer if he wanted he would share that high with him and his name was Jesus. Later Jim did have the opprotunity to share Jesus with that very officer. And yes, Mike was there with us. He is right, Jim  always said Micheal was apert of our family and treated him that way. That night I saw a happiness in Jim I had never seen before, I pray that he found that Joy and happiness again when he finally met his Creator, and Savior Jesus. 

Home Away From Home

Shared by Sharon Smith on October 7, 2012

This trailer was something Jim prized. To those who look at it it may seem old and tired. Howver, that was not the way Jim saw it. He made and reapired parts for this on a daily basis. It took us across the US of A as Jim would call it many times. We lived in it for several years. JIm liked to travel and that wwas probably when he was the happiest. 

When we met

Shared by Sharon Smith on August 6, 2012

When I was fifteen I met Jimmy in front of my house as he and a friend were passing by. Then on my wedding night to another man I met Jim again. He stopped and asked for directions. I never saw him again untill my children and I moved to California with my parents. I left my first husband and went to stay with my sister's sister-in-law. There I met Jim again. We started living together 3 or 4 months later. We married 4 yrs later in Oregon. He taught me so much. We had good times and I loved him. He's in heaven now and I know that one day I will see him. Keep smiling Jimmy

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