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September 3, 2021
It was an honor to care for Jim at the VACP. Even though I didn't know him long he was often up nights roaming the halls. We talked about our faith frequently. The residents enjoyed it when he held church services when he was feeling up to it. Rest in Heaven Jim. God Bless his family and friends. 
August 19, 2021
I haven't seen any comments on here yet. Jim was an older brother of mine and obviously when we were kids he always won all arguments unless Dad intervened. Is that any different than any other sibling situation? But when we became adults we learned to discuss and debate our difference in civil manner and were both better informed. We grew up in a family that wasn't afraid to stand our ground. In later years my wife likes to talk about how amazed the next generation was at how loud and boisterous we were in our discussions. But, to my knowledge, we never parted with ill feelings with one another. Now it's only me and brother Bernard and I'm sure we have different opinions and ideas about a lot of things. But, rest assured we value our relationship not only with our generation but all the host of generations that follow us. I grieve the loss of my brother Jim, but rejoice in the hope by faith that he is in a better place today. And I pray that each and everyone of you have committed your trust in Christ, our savior, to have reserved your place to join with him. We look forward to the family reunion that takes place in heaven. There won't be any boisterous discussions or arguments, only praising God and enjoying the fellowship of believers.

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