Shared by Rachel Holland on September 4, 2019
I haven’t said much becaus to be honest there’s not much for me to say because I’m so hurt and confused.  I’m gonna miss ya dude.  thank you for everything

The Future.

Shared by Hailey Ranson-Vogt on September 4, 2019
I’ve never been quite good with words but you were. We talked about school and family. talked about where we were going. You liked having me in your corner. thank you for all the pep talks and late night calls where youd spit your in progress raps. i hope you recorded some. i hope they make it out there. you had so much talent. with words and with art.I’ll miss you forever. i hope where ever you are, that i make you proud. I hope youre at peace.


Shared by Peter Flynn on September 3, 2019
I remember you guys at our picnic the year before Mike went in the Marine Corps, you guys all taking off to the bike park, and then playing football in the street it was a great time and we loved watching all you smiling and have a great time, if i can find the pictures i will post them 
Shared by Lisa Del Valle on September 2, 2019
My favorite memory of you my sweet boy, is when I surprised you last year in CT. I remember making the trip on a whim after you called me one day upset about the day. You told me that all you really want is a hug from your mom. After we hug up. I made the plans.
Nikki was in on it and she was picking you up from work that night. I hid low in the backseat of her car. You got, not paying any attention to the backseat and was genuinely surprised when I popped up. When we got back to her place you gave your Mama a "proper hug" and I can't remember you ever hugging me so tight.
I would give anything to be able to have another one. I would never let you go. But I will go on loving you and missing you and keeping you alive in every way I can. You were, are and always will be my handsome baby boy. I love you sweetheart... forever and a day
Shared by Elisia Lynn on September 2, 2019
You are my everything. I have so much to say and nothing at all ... we had a plan, you know? Fuck kid ... I love you. And you are perfect. I hear your smile, I smell your presence and I will spend every last one of my days breathing life into you. Always and all ways.

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