Posted by Charlotte Wilkerson on April 24, 2021
I wanted to formally express my condolences to the families; Ms Emma, The Bonaby’s, The Rollie’s and the Jackson Family. My heart is truly broken today, I had to say goodbye to my friend JJ. We started out as co-workers inAug of 2005 and he became my friend in September of 2005 16 years ago until he left us in April 2021.
JJ embraced my entire family and became a part of it, he was the brother I never had. He was at our family gatherings or helping plan the menu. He was with me at my daughters wedding holiding my shoes when my feet started to hurt and making jokes.
He was with me in good and bad times. He helped me get thru losses of my immediate family always showing up with food encouragement and a smile when I needed him. I will miss mostly our smoke breaks, shopping trip, lunches dinners and of course our Casino trips. I’ll miss mostly the trips we planned to take in the future.
When we went to Az we got even closer . I have memories of his birthday in Nov of 2018 we celebrated an entire week. He told me that was the best birthday of his life.
He was a constant joy to be around and the life of any party.
I just really wanted to share my memories of my friend and thank you for sharing him with me.
I love JJ and your grief today is my grief too, I will cherish our friendship today and always
He will be forever missed
Posted by Yvette Fultz on April 24, 2021
I only met Stanley a few times, but I have heard a lot about him for the 20 years Doris and I have been friends. He loved his sister and mother. No matter where he was, he did check on them regularly. I look forward to being able to sit and talk with him after Jehovah resurrects him. (Acts 24:15) My heart hurts for the family. I cry as you cry. I am praying for you all.
Posted by Ray Davis on April 24, 2021
To the Jackson, Bonaby and Rolle family, and friends,
May you be comforted by the conviction that the words of Jesus will become a reality: "All those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out." (John 5:28) This promise certainly doesn't remove the pain of your loss, but it provides a solid basis for hope that James will come back to fill the void that his passing has created. Until then May Jehovah empower you to press forward. Be assured of our prayers and support.
Miami Gardens Congregation
Posted by Crystal Salaam on April 24, 2021
Ike I AM REALLY LOST right now! You was my brother from another mother. We talked all night until we had no more juice on the phone. My son has said why JJ he was a cool guy! I told him when God needs his angels its time for them to go! I love you my scorpio friend! Our bond was amazing and your smile melted me every time and our strong hugs! Here is a for you to hold close! My kiss to you on the cheek to hold on too! Your a blessed child of God and I will miss you dearly ! I still have a picture you left to Arizona and I will cherish it for LIFE! Love you forever! Anna Mae ! (Crystal Salaam)
Posted by Ronald Duvall on April 24, 2021
To the Jackson family. Our hearts and prayers and thoughts are with you during this time. We love you and may Jehovah, the God of all comfort give you comfort and strength during this time. May you find peace in the many memories you shared together. Many warm hugs and kisses.
Keith and Tresa Duvall
Posted by Twan Clay on April 23, 2021
This is a hard one for me, James Jackson. I am still in disbelief and words can’t express the way I feel. We have shared so many memories over the years . My condolences to the Jackson family. Fly high my brother until we meet again. The Dallas Crew
Posted by Chrystal Jackson on April 21, 2021
JJ, you will definitely be missed. I will miss the talks we had, your cooking, your smile and your personality. I could come to you and talk to you about anything and you always gave me good advice. I could ask you for recipes and you would give them to me. I am going to miss all of that. I will always love you. You are one of the best friends that I have ever had. My condolences goes out to the family. I will be praying for each and every one of you. I'm sending hugs and love from Texas to Miami.
Posted by Emma Jackson on April 19, 2021
Jehovah gave me a precious gem he is sleeping in God membery I am convinced I I will see and have my amazing son and best friend again l will always love my jj
Posted by Betty Troy on April 19, 2021
Mr. James Jackson. When I hear your name, I automatically smile.  I will remember all of the wonderful times and the laughs we have had in the past. When my family became associated with Jehovah Witnesses, you opened up your heart wide to us. So much so, that you became like a family member to us. I will cherish those memories. Hopefully, your sleep will be short and we will see you again. 

To Emma, Nita (Doris), and Tonya, No words can take away your sense of loss, but I hope that my caring and knowing how much the family means to me will help to give you strength. And remembering, ‘Jehovah is close to the brokenhearted’…Psalms 34:18a
Love Ann (Harris -Troy) 
Posted by Vernette Miller on April 19, 2021
Stand my dear cousin, I thought of you today but for so many of us that's nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and sense your passing days before that too. I think of you in silence with my sister I often speak your name, we all have so many memories and some people have your picture in the frame. Your memory is a keep sake from which I will never part, God has you in his arms but we all have you in our heart. LOVE YOUR COUSIN, VERNETTE
Posted by Doris Jackson-Bonaby on April 18, 2021
There are no words to express how I feel. My brother and I have never really been separated. I didn't consider living in different states as separation because we could talk, and visit virtually any time we wanted. Tonya and I were planning a trip to Texas, we made it there but JJ didn't get to see it. 

I want all to know that James was making life changes. He was responding to God's gentle prodding's and wanted to renew himself spiritually. He wanted to enroll in a reputable program to become a certified chef. He was a fabulous self-taught home chef. Cooking has been his passion since he was about 7 or 8 yrs old and he cooked everything from scratch. He wanted to purchase a home too among other things. I am so proud of him. I didn't think he was listening to the scriptures and bible information I sent him each week from (an awesome accurate spam free bible education website) but he recently told me that he read everything I sent him each week and frequently visited on his own. He was reflecting on his spiritual heritage and upbringing for some time now.

Hopefully we will only be separated for a short while. Jesus likened death to sleep. I take courage in remembering that God gave Jesus the power and authority to resurrect the dead. He awakened Lazarus after Lazarus had been dead 4 days! (Read John Chapter 11). So I know the hour is coming when the dead will hear the voice of Jesus and come out. (John 5:25-30) Now my brother is sleeping, like Lazarus, and waiting to hear Jesus say "James Stanley come on out"!

I look forward to us all being reunited in God's new world where we can thank Jehovah as a FAMILY for each NEW day. Our enemy death will finally be brought to nothing by our Savior Jesus. What a marvelous time that will be!
Resurrection Video:
Posted by Betty Moore on April 18, 2021
It’s hard when we lose our loved ones but we know they are in Jehovah’s memories so we just wait for the brand new day that he has promised. Re 21:3,4 ) Condolences to your Family
Posted by Sharon Moyd on April 18, 2021
Mrs. Bonaby May God continue to watch over your family as you celebrate the life of your brother James. Although he may have departed this earthly life we know his spirit will forever be in our hearts. ❤️
Posted by Tonya Jackson-Rolle on April 18, 2021
My big brother. I will love you always. I'm reminiscing our cooking challenges on WhatsApp. My heart is aching right now. But I know that you're not in anymore pain whether it was physical, emotional or mental. Jehovah will heal all of us. I have the hope to see you again in the resurrection. 

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