Posted by Mary Beth Munz on October 10, 2021
I’ve been reflecting on what Jim has meant to me over the 40 plus years he has played a big part of my life. And I thought about all the useful things he taught me to do. Like how to drive a car (poor man), how to master outdoor grilling which I never got close to his masterful level on the grill and he even taught me how to get my first job. But more than what Jim taught me to do, I learned from him who to be. This was easy by watching him and how he lived his life. By seeing how hard Jim worked throughout his life and even into his 80s, I learned work ethic. By watching Jim’s laid back nature, I learned not to sweat the small stuff. ( I’m still working on that). By hearing Jim’s laughter and how he enjoyed the little things in life, I learned to live fully and be present. Above all else by watching Jim’s welcoming nature, friendly presence and interactions with others, i learned kindness. I hope I can honor you Jim by simply being kind every day Okey dokey Jim. Love you!
Posted by Rob Munz on October 10, 2021
On Jim’s passing it serves us all to think about him as not gone but rather present in what he has left for and hopefully in each of us by having had him in our lives. Over the last weeks I’ve thought not about Jim as he was in his later state but through all the 35 years or so he and I shared before. I thought what characteristic was consistent in Jim that if I adopted would make me and actually the world a better place.

I discovered it wasn't that Jim possessed something that is totally missing in me but that rather he displayed something that I had that I should grow and nourish.

It wasn’t his consumption of ice cream. I already was pretty good at matching him on that.....though I think he had me by a scoop.

I sure couldn’t match the volume of his laugh… those of us who were in a noisy gym watching one of Zach or Connors teammates accidentally bounce the ball off of someones head heard Jims laughter over the crowd.

It was kindness with a capital K.

In politics, sports and media we hear haters. In Jims house we heard kindness. Jim was the anti-hater.

Weren’t we all lucky that when we walked into a room Jim was in we would immediately be greeted and know he was happy to see us? It was authentic.

I’m going to cultivate kindness, live in it and spell it with a capital K in honor of Jim.

Thanks Jim
Posted by Debra Hart on September 29, 2021
What a wonderful and loving soul Jim was! I had the pleasure of knowing him only for a short time but he made a significant spark on my heart. I know he had the smoothest of admissions through the pearly gates! Much love and peace to his lucky family!
Posted by Connie Munz on September 28, 2021
Forever remembered with a smile….
Jim was a good man, a kind man who always quietly greeted everyone with a smile. A perfect partner with  Becky, they made their home a place to look forward to visiting. We were blessed to be a part of his family.
Bob and Connie Sue Munz
Posted by Beth McGee Sutton on September 27, 2021
Dad I was your little girl growing up. You taught me so much. I hold those memories in my heart.♥️ Wonderful memories of you giving me away on my wedding day to Peter. Than just short time later you holding me and comforting me when he passed. I love you and will miss you. Rest In Peace.

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