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One Amazing Man!

Shared by Kristine Hanson on June 11, 2021
My Grandpa was an amazing man! Although we lived several hours away, he always made sure to stay involved with us girls. He and Grandma would visit often to watch us play softball games or show livestock at the county fair. Grandpa would spend hours with us girls in the driveway, helping us improve our softball skills. I will never forget memories like that.

I remember my sister and me spending a few weeks during summers with Grandpa and Grandma in Corrales. All eight grandkids would end up, together, at their house for a sleepover which was usually on their living room floor. Grandpa would make popcorn and chocolate malts while we all watched a movie. He and grandma would cuddle on the couch and laugh with (or at) us kids. The next morning he would always make us a breakfast of bacon and eggs with toast.

I never remember Grandpa getting mad and always remember him with a smile on his face. He was patient, kind, and a great role model. I was one of eight grandchildren and he always made me feel special. He influenced my life in so many ways and I will be forever grateful.
Shared by Kelly Shetter on June 6, 2021
Bob, Thank you for the story. We Loved it. You  and Becky were  good Friends of Dad's.
Love Kelly
Shared by Bob Reed on June 6, 2021
My wife, Becky, and I worked with Jim at BLM.we fought fires together. One was in Montana that I enjoyed because we had to cross the Missouri River by pulling on a cable. Jim was my fire boss and I had a Native American crew.  Jim knew a lot about firefighting. There were other crews from Oregon who thought they knew all about firefighting, but it was up to Jim to make decisions that counterbalanced what those foresters from Oregon were telling us to do. They wanted my crew to go into a place with vertical rock walls on both sides. I told Him that I would not take my crew there and he agreed and backed me up. Jim was a very nice man to work for and with. Becky and I both liked and respected Jim so much!   An outstanding gentleman, worker, and friend!                         
  I also knew Joan from when we both attended Stronghurst.

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