He loved to laugh!
  • 75 years old
  • Born on October 23, 1938 in Merritt Island, Florida, United States.
  • Passed away on October 7, 2014 in Manassas, Virginia, United States.

James Gerhard Ludicke, 75, of Lewisville, Texas, passed away on October 7th, 2014, at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia. He was surrounded by all six of his children, extended family, friends and his loving wife of 37 years, Dawn.

Jim is preceded in death by his parents, Ernest Joseph Ludicke and Edith Isabelle Hoddinott Ludicke, his sister Peggy Scarborough and his brother Charlie Ludicke, his mother and father-in-law, Joyce and Charles Kirby.

He is survived by his loving family: wife Dawn Ludicke; his sons, Michael Ludicke (wife Traci), William Ludicke (Kymm Pantaleo); his daughters Jennifer Ludicke, Rachel Ludicke, Kim Dockery (husband Joe) and Deborah Legg (husband Kevin); brother-in-law Dana Gardner; his nine grandchildren, one great-grandchild, eight nieces and nephews, several members of the Ludicke’s extended family and his beloved pups, Dub and Pip.

Jim possessed the unique ability to make friends everywhere he went. A salesman in the electrical industry for much of his life, he traveled often and made lifelong friends across the country. He started his career with Westinghouse Electric Supply in 1960 as a construction salesman in Miami, FL. From positions as senior salesman, business owner, district sales manager, to regional sales manager, he distinguished himself as an industry leader, twice being assigned to failing districts and leading these districts back to profitability and record sales. One of his greatest joys was hiring and mentoring a young salesman who not only succeeded, but excelled in the electrical business. Jim retired from Eaton/Cutler-Hammer in 2000 with a long, and still standing record of having one of the leading sales teams. Retirement didn’t last long and he began working with the IEC Dallas Chapter later that year. He recently retired as the Membership Director for IEC Dallas where he spent the last 14 years, giving back to the industry he loved and enjoyed seeing so many new electricians succeed in the electrical industry.

Jim provided a loving home full of laughter and cheesy SciFi movies. There was even a cat named for the Star Trek episode, “The Trouble with Tribbles”. His red Christmas pants were legendary both at home and at office parties. “Dad Answers” were Gospel and not to be questioned, even if they made you laugh. His alter ego, “Jimmy”, loved to go out for a good burger, but was never responsible for the mustard stained shirts. He could fix anything and was always the first call when an electrical outlet stopped working or when a ceiling fan was too squeaky. Jim had a crazy and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor and loved to laugh, even at his own jokes.

His larger-than-life frame fit his personality. So the next time you enjoy a good burger, watch a terrible SciFi movie, or remember something that Jim taught you – smile, have a good laugh, and never forget what he meant to you.

In his honor, please consider making a charitable donation to the Denton State Supported Living Center. www.VSCDenton.org.

Posted by Jennifer Ludicke on 23rd October 2018
Happy birthday to the sweetest, funniest man! I miss you so much, Daddy! You’d be so proud of me. (I hope!) I keep “taking the trip” like you said and I’ve seen amazing places, all with you at my back urging me on! I miss you every day.
Posted by Mike Ludicke on 23rd October 2018
Happy 80th birthday, dad! I so miss you and your encouragement you always gave me. You are so loved!!❤️
Posted by Jennifer Ludicke on 7th October 2018
I miss you, Dad! Every damn day.
Posted by Traci Ludicke on 7th October 2017
Continuing to mis you, Dad....your hugs and laughter that filled a room and made me feel so loved!
Posted by Kelsi Ludicke on 7th October 2016
Grandpa, I wish you were here to meet Tyler, my fiancé! You would love him like everyone else does! I'm getting married in May! Stay close like I know you do and keep everyone safe. Missing you everyday. I love you, grandpa.
Posted by Mike Ludicke on 15th September 2016
Dad, I miss you so much! So much has happened since October 2014. You would be proud of the girls and the events in their lives. You would really like the men they chose for their husbands. They are great guys. Our family is doing great, but we all miss you extremely. I know you are watching over us, so continue to guide us and ask the Lord for a special hand of protection. I love you, dad!
Posted by Curt Fortner on 14th November 2015
Always smiling or laughing.... We miss you Jim!
Posted by Linda Pedersen on 9th October 2015
A year already.......still hard to believe.....miss your laugh, our fun together! Gosh would I love to talk politics with you right now. You always made me laugh no matter what kind of bad day I was having. Thank you for that and your friendship. Miss you so much and think of you often, Linda
Posted by Susan Weaver on 7th October 2015
We miss Jim every day and still have many good chuckles when reminiscing about him! Praying for your family!
Posted by Bill Ludicke on 21st September 2015
I love you Dad!
Posted by JOHN HENRY on 19th January 2015
I met Jim Ludicke in 1984 he was my boss for 16 years but most of all he was my best friend and we were good about seperating the two. I live in Oklahoham City Ok and Jim came up on Thursdays and we would make calls on my customers. Jim taught me so much about being a salesman and how to treat people. He use to tell me treat everybody the same. every year we would go to Jim and Dawns for a christmas party and Jim would show up every year in his red pants and green sweater and what a great time we would have. Jim use to smoke thin cigars called Mores. one evening we agreed to meet in the hotel restaurant for breakfast the next morning. I waited and waited and no Jim I got up and walked into the other part of the restaurant and there Jim was in the smoking section and he chewed on me wanting to know where I had been and I was sitting on the other side of the wall. My customers loved Jim and the out pouring of people that called me because of my relation ship with Jim was awesome. Jimmy I will miss you and I will meet you on the other side. John Henry
Posted by Jennifer Ludicke on 15th January 2015
I miss you so much, Dad. Every day.
Posted by Darrell Hefley on 14th January 2015
Jim is very much missed. As I was at the IEC office today, it did not seem the same without Jim being there. I need an email with a joke attached right now. Jim was a great friend, boss, and mentor.
Posted by Dale Holveck on 2nd December 2014
Jim, Thank you for the endearing friendship that you gave to me. I can't imagine what my life would have been like if it were not for you believing in me. You not only gave me a job but also a career in the electrical industry. You made sure that I was successful. Your wisdom, guidance and advise helped me through my entire life. I also learned by example to be a husband and a father. You truly are the definition of a father to me. I love you and will miss you Jim. Until we meet again....
Posted by Kristi Bowsher on 28th November 2014
I so enjoyed seeing your smiling face and being greeted with a hug every time I came for a visit. Hearing you laugh at the tv with your tv ears on was hysterical! I will miss you and seeing Anaconda on the scifi channel. You are loved and truly missed.
Posted by Susan Weaver on 25th November 2014
I have missed my friend so much! Jim always kept us entertained for sure! His endless stories of his family, including pets, were a daily occurrence and very much enjoyed by all who were around. I was blessed to know him and won't ever forget that very infectious laugh!
Posted by Katrina Mason on 25th November 2014
I didn't know Jim for a long period of time, but he had a way of making you feel like you had been old friends forever! He would get us all to laughing and having a fun time at lunch. I sure do miss him, but am so blessed to have known him! It also didn't take long to know how much he loved his wife, all the family and the dogs! He told great stories and I always felt like I knew them all.
Posted by Gene Fisher on 22nd November 2014
Jim was an easy person to like I worked with Jim as a District Manager during the time we were known as Challenger Elec. He was liked and respected by all who knew him We kept in contact by E Mail over the years. He will be missed Needless to say I was shocked to hear of his accident My deepest sorrow to his Family
Posted by Mary Ellen Natonski on 15th November 2014
Mr. Ludicke, thank you so much for allowing our family to share in your son, Michael,'s early life. He has been a joy to know and am sure he reflected all he learned from you, so you must have been a wonderful man. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Lisa Cooper on 14th November 2014
Jim, I have cleaned your teeth for about 25 years???? Maybe longer! I always enjoyed our "visits" ! Will never forget that you blamed me for pulling off that last crown you needed to have replaced!! HA! Love you and miss you! Lisa Cooper
Posted by Kevin Legg on 14th November 2014
Jim , So glad you were part of my life. We all miss you terribly but I know you will always be with each of us in spirit. .
Posted by Traci Ludicke on 13th November 2014
You were not my father-in-law, you were my dad!! I was so blessed to be a part of your life for 27 years, but that was still not enough time!! I miss you, Dad!
Posted by William Ludicke on 13th November 2014
No day will ever pass that I won't be missing you Dad. I miss your laugh. I miss our jokes. Most of all I hope you are peacefully aware of us all and will watch over Mom.
Posted by Kelsi Ludicke on 13th November 2014
I miss you so much, grandpa! Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I love you!
Posted by Sarah Smith on 13th November 2014
Missing you every day and cherishing every memory I have of the time we were able to spend together. I'm so grateful to call you my grandpa. You were and continue to be a source of inspiration and joy to countless people. For that, I am thankful! I love you!

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