Our beloved Jameya battled Pancreatic Cancer for 5 months, then got bored and decided to do something else.
 Jameya Jill Uhercik, 55,  braved 14 rounds of chemotherapy, then decided she had enough of the "weekly poisoning" and hung up her infusion catheter.  Exclaiming that funerals were too “obligatory” she spent the remainder of her time visiting/chatting/texting and laughing with friends and family.  She said she wanted to enjoy the “memorial gathering part of her death” while she was still alive.  (Jameya dictated parts of her own Obituary.  For those who knew her, this does not surprise you.)   When Jameya did finally start her journey Home, her loved ones were at her bedside, holding her hands.  In true Jameya fashion, 30 minutes before her final breath, she woke from sedation with a burst of energy and asked for a brandy.  After a few last loving words (and sips of brandy), she waived at her two nieces and said ‘Love you, bye, bye’.  A short time later, at 11:32 pm Sept 13th, Jameya Jill Uhercik’s dazzling life force gently drifted into the ether.  The fact it was Friday the 13th would have pleased her.

Like a sonic boom, Jameya Uhercik burst into the world August 5th, 1964 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She was born to the dynamic duo of Mary Lou Kelly, a Showgirl and John Michael Uhercik, a Casino GM. Jameya grew up living life by the seat of her pants, curious about everything good and bad, and willing to try everything once.  Her unrelenting desire to have fun ran her into a few brick walls, so as her 30’s arrived, Jameya slowed her roll and focused her considerable energy on having a more meaningful life.  It was right around that time she met Jolene, her partner of nearly 20 years.  Jameya and Jolene created some wonderful memories over their two decades together.  Christmas in Vegas with the family.  Summer trips to see the "Minnesota Family" and Broadway in New York with Brett.

Jameya wrote a Special ‘Thank you’ List for her Obituary:    To my Father, “Poppi-San” for his regular calls and sitting with me at Chemo. Thank you for teaching me to be a generous tipper and how to Bass Fish.  To my Sister Joniece for the countless sleepovers during this cancer thing, helping Jolene shave my head and bringing me all those Big Hunks candies.  To my Sister Theresa for “Hawaii” and flying all the way down from Alaska to have cheesecake with me. To my brother Donovan, for always getting my back and giving me those fun childhood memories. To Nieces Andrea and Ashley for all the times they just showed up to visit and make me laugh. To my Bro-in-law Brett…Dude, I could cry for all you did for me and your sister throughout this whole thing…thanks for being your sister’s shoulder and for all those dumb jokes you texted me.  To my girl Jolene, what can I say to you darling?  There is too much to thank you for.  I have one last request of you.  Please lift the weight of my illness off your shoulders now and breathe free.  I love you forever.

“When I think about my death I am not sad, I know I am going Home. I look forward to meeting the Mother I never knew and seeing my Nephew and Grandmothers again  .I promise to keep tabs on you all and wreak some havoc.  Peace out.  Love ya.”  - Jameya

Posted by Theresa MacLeod on October 15, 2019
Dear Sweet Jameya....I feel I am writing this to you and not the world, and as you are aware, it has taken me a bit to get here. I was in yoga on Sunday, the 13th no less, and decided to dedicate my practice to you, us, our love, and sisterhood, and an overwhelming and overpowering warmth enveloped my entire being as I lay there breathing and reminiscing. I noticed my heart rate drastically increased and I realized tears were streaming down my face. I was so very, very happy and fortunate to be blessed with you for a sister. You are one of the strongest women I have ever known and I miss you more than words can say. I have always loved you unconditionally and with all of my heart. I will keep talking to you as I have been....until we meet again, Sweet Baby Jameya, xo Thres
Posted by Kevin Hincker on October 4, 2019
Jameya listened. That is the strongest impression I have of her; I always felt heard. She was never somewhere else when she was with you. I don’t know if that skill, which is so simple and yet so rare, was something the arc of her life had taught her or something that she came into the world with, but it is a very special gift. Though I suspect she might have called the notion ridiculous, it is a legacy that should inspire everyone who knew her.
Posted by Maggie Lira on October 3, 2019
I saw Jameya as:
fun, funny, witty
a total bad ass
deeply compassionate
loyal and loving to Jolene
sweet to my mother and son
missed by many
Posted by Maggie Lira on October 3, 2019
From Inge:
I was very fond of Jameya. When we first met I felt an immediate kinship - we both never got to know our mothers. She used to call me “Kraut” and I knew it was her way of showing me she was fond of me too. What a funny and brave person she was! I will miss her.
Posted by Diane Bongiorno on September 30, 2019
   I feel blessed to have known and loved Jameya, as her adopted
"Minnesota Auntie" Her vibrant presence, her wonderful smile, the quirky sense of humor she had, her thoughtfulness, the compassion and caring she showed others...all of these things endeared her to me from the first time I met her decades ago. She was a force of energy that you wanted to be around. Her faith, family and especially Jolene, meant everything to her. She loved them deeply.
   Jameya's life will not be measured by the short years she lived but by the lives she touched. She touched my life in positive ways and will always be remembered fondly. I truly loved her. She will be missed.

Posted by Margo Gillett on September 28, 2019
So much to say and yet so hard to put into words. Jameya and I met 28 years ago and my life was changed forever. Probably 2 of the most unlikely souls became amazingly wonderful friends. Through the ups and downs of life, our friendship remained steadfast. We knew each other was always there if we needed. When Jameya met Jolene, the 2 became 3. We joked of the 3 of us ending up in the same nursing home. Jameya and I would be terrorizing the other residents while Jolene would try and control us. Jameya, you gave so much to this world and to the people who crossed your path. You knew how to make everyone laugh. Even though there will forever be an empty place in my heart, you will always be a constant in my life. You always took what this life threw at you and made it "ok". So many stories, so many memories my precious friend. I miss our talks and solving the world's problems and yes, like we said, life goes on. I know you are in a much better place and I look forward to seeing you again. Sleep with the Angels my sweet friend. I love you gobs and gobs.
Posted by Elizabeth Dailey on September 26, 2019
In August 2018 my husband Wes and I rented the cute little back house from Jameya and Jolene. This was a short-term rental as we prepped our own house for sale, in anticipation of moving to Oregon. Although we were only renting from them for a few months they warmly welcomed us and we became fast friends. We bonded over our love of kitties, and I often found myself sitting in their living room for a quick cozy chat. I was struck by Jameya’s curiosity, her fearless approach to life, her sense of humor and her generous nature.
She was a wonderful adventurous cook and she loved to test out her baked goods on us. She plied us with rich chocolate chip cookies, moist carrot cake, and scrumptious corn bread muffins. 
Wes and I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed. 
We send our deepest sympathy to Jolene and Jameya’s family.
Posted by Shalimar Arculli on September 26, 2019
I met Jameya at work. We had totally different personality but we shared the same birth date. She was so hard working, so dedicate, so focused & so well loved by everyone.

She was hilarious at times & forgetful sometimes.

She is the only one I know so far who can swear at her boss & drink at work - & doesn't get in trouble.

I have fond memories of working with Jameya. We also partied few times & I saw her "other craziness side"

May your soul rest in peace, Jameya.

I will always remember how kind, funny & caring you are. 
Posted by Jolene Rice on September 26, 2019
Sweetheart...what to say here. I find myself reading your your text and watching your silly videos over and over. Funny lady. The out pouring of love I've received from those who knew you is astounding. You were sooo very loved by many.  You are truly one of a kind. I found this past 6 month excruciatingly painful, knowing I was going to lose you no matter how many kale smoothies I made you. I also have tremendous gratitude that we got to say everything we wanted to say to each other. Shoot, I thought I could post this without the sobs...but here they are again.  Onward...back to how loved you are. Our home is bursting with flowers of every color and variety. Our fireplace is lined with cards filled with loving words about you. And heart felt message from those who knew you arrive daily. I think of you every minute of the day and talk to you on my morning walks (out loud like a crazy person). You are a big personality to have just vanish from my daily life.  I marvel at how brave you were during this whole thing. Amazing.  Like I promised you, I will make an effort not to go into hole over this. I'm working on it.  I love you
Posted by Donavan Delgado on September 24, 2019
For my Sister Jameya;
I was Blessed when our parents met and brought you into my life!
I was Blessed when you accepted me as your brother with no labels or judgement.
I was Blessed the day you met Jolene and brought her into our family.
I am Blessed in knowing that you were met by all of our family upon your arrival.
I am Happy knowing that you are at Peace!
Thank you for the unconditional Love, the Laughter, the Sorrow and a lifetime of memories!
I am a better MAN for knowing you!
Until we Meet again Sis! All my Love.
Posted by Jeanne Eggleston on September 24, 2019
In an attempt to honor Jameya, I search for words. Ferocious. Protective. Searching. Spiritual. Internally cautious. Externally reckless. Stubborn. Curious. Confrontational.

I am part of Jolene’s extended Midwest family. Jameya entered my world in spurts; when I would visit Jolene’s mother Vicki during her difficult last years; also, when J&J occasionally visited the Heartland (Minnesota) to get grounded. Jolene, a Minnesotan at heart. Jameya, a Las Vegas Lady through and through.

What I am left with is the memory of a very large personality. One had to work hard to win her trust. She constantly tested for your authenticity. If you were lucky enough to pass Jameya’s test, well, you were in and she would pretty much do anything for you. I was privileged to know Jameya. Her loss is felt. 
Posted by Brett Nelson on September 21, 2019
About twenty years ago, Jameya burst into my sister’s life like a meteor flaming through earth’s atmosphere. From that moment forward, I had not just one but two sisters. In fact, Jameya was fond of reminding me that she, not Jolene, was actually my “Number One Sista.”
So to my Number One Sista, I want to say thank you. Thank you for your love, the laughs we shared, and the countless capers we pulled off. Perhaps most importantly, thank you for being such an amazing and loving partner to my Number Two Sista, Jolene. We both love and miss you.
Posted by Joniece Robertson on September 19, 2019
To my beautiful sister Jameya of 55 years there are no words that can describe our life together. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I will truly miss you. I know that you are happy now to be home with God our Mother Blake and all of our grandparents who went before you I know they were waiting for you with open arms. Fly free sister you are in my heart always. I loved you through thick and thin up and down around the block up the hill and down. Forever my love.

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