Let the memory of Jamie be with us forever
  • 23 years old
  • Born on April 18, 1984 .
  • Passed away on April 5, 2008 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jamie Carter 23 years old , born on April 18, 1984 and passed away on April 5, 2008. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Kayla Holland on April 5, 2019
I love you sis. Can't believe it's been 11 years! I think about you all the time. I just want to see you and hug you. Everyday is a struggle because you're not here. But you will forever be in my .
Posted by Karen Prior on April 5, 2019
None of you know me but I have visiting here for some years. 
I was visiting my Mother and this just spring up.
I have been praying for all the family every since and will continue to do so ...
Posted by Zach Carter on December 26, 2018
Sorry sis I didn't tell you marry Christmas I miss you so much I think of every day I wish you could be here and see how much better I'm doing u would be proud of me aunt duwee took me in and I've changed my life Dad doing alot better please watch over all of I love So much u Michael save me a seat in heaven next to you guys please tell Grandma and Grandpa hi and I love them tell Jesus that forgive me for everything I've done ill see u guys again
Love you. Sis you brother and best friend
Posted by Ashlee Howell on April 19, 2018
I think about you all the time, not just on your birthday. Sometimes I have dreams where you just come and talk to me and they seem so real that when I wake up it’s almost hard to believe it didn’t really happen. I have so many memories of us growing up and going to each other’s house. We had so much fun.. and I miss you... all the time. Please keep coming to see me. :’)
Posted by Julia Carter on April 18, 2018
Happy Birthday Jamie in Heaven with Jesus, I love you Micheal is with you now your cousin but your best friend, enjoy the bond you two have never to be broken again, as Micheal would say meet me by the Father and I will hold you two so tight...missing you love aunt Dewey.
Posted by Sheryl Tompos on April 18, 2015
Happy Birthday Jamie! We all love you and miss you
Posted by Micheal Todd on April 18, 2015
I miss you Jamie more than words can describe when I think of you which is all the time it brings a smile to my face but sadness always follows you are the most amazing person I had ever know we always shared a special bond that nobody can replace but now there is piece of me missing and its you sweetheart when our family gave up on me you didn't and accepted me and my shortcomings you would be so proud of me now my life is so different and for the first time in my life I
am free and I wish I could share it with you. Thank you for sticking by me and even though I am free there is still a piece of me missing and its you Jamie Amanda carter rest easy my sweet cousin and best friend. I will see you in heaven ;)
Posted by Micheal Todd on April 18, 2015
Posted by Micheal Todd on December 10, 2014
Jamie, I have been thinking of you alot, At times I smile to myself and it brings joy to my heart, and at times it brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart ache. I miss you more than words could possibly describe tell grandma I said hello and I love her. Jamie I don't really know sometimes how to not only go on without my cousin but to go on without my best friend. We had so much fun and shared so much pain. Now there isn't anyone in my life left to share the things we did together.So I guess we will just have to pick up where we left off at the right hand of the father. I LOVE YOU JAMIE AMANDA CARTER. __Micheal
Posted by Julia Carter on December 10, 2014
Jamie, it's 2 weeks or so before
CHRISTMAS and been thinking of you ..
. Micheal n I was just talking of you and all the good times and we miss you so much..
Remembering the holidays round the tree at moms n dads when you all were little, such good times n how I seen u grow. into a beautiful woman n mother....left you a flower sweetheart wish I could hug n tell u that I love u .
Posted by Adam Troutman on November 14, 2012
Jamie I had a dream last night about u. We hung out all night n had so much fun. It was such a vivid dream n at the end of it u asked me why I left u n indy n didnt bring u with me to vegas. u then gave me a long hug n told me how much u missed me. First thing I did when I woke up was searched 4 u on facebook n the web 2 talk 2 u cause I miss u 2. Then I find u r no longer alive. Im sorry
Posted by Kayla Holland on September 28, 2012
Dear Sis,
I love you and miss you alottt. Im having it hard lately. Wish you was here, but I know your here in my heart. I feel like your every single day. I love you big sis. Your living in peace every single day. Muahhh
Posted by Julia Brock on April 18, 2012
Jamie,hey baby girl,it's your birthday.......onther one in Heaven,we miss you here to have a party with you but I know it can't compare to the one your having now!!! still time here seems so slow without you ,want to say I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! missing you........
Posted by Peggy Holland on April 6, 2012
I miss you my baby girl.we all miss you.this seams as it was yesterday,not 4 years ago.i love you ...
Posted by Julia Brock on April 5, 2012
It's been four years today since our family hasen't seen your beautiful face....except in photos,still remember your smile and that funny little laugh, seems like forever for me......time here goes on ,I know that you are safe now and with our Lord, miss how you called me aunt dewey even when you where grown,luv u be seeing u...
Posted by Micheal Todd on April 5, 2012
I love and miss you very much and I think of you always you hold a very special place in my heart that nobody else can fill I know you are in a special place with the father and I know you are free remember you are loved and thought about daily I miss what we had we were so close and I know I will see you again in paradise. Wait for me I will be there to hug and hold you tight.
Posted by Peggy Holland on December 29, 2011
the holidays get harder every year.we miss u so much,and love you so much,i walked into a store today and they had a whole display of happy face stuff,toasters,canisters,cupe timers.all setting there for you.i wanted to buy every one,because when i see one i instently think of you.i miss u sooooo much ...
Posted by Peggy Holland on September 29, 2011
I miss you everyday,every moment of everyday.you know how things are here,your wonderful sister and her wonderful baby,i know you are very proud of triniti,i wish her daddy would let me see her,i miss her as much as i miss you,i love n miss u..
Posted by Kayla Holland on June 4, 2011
Jamie is the best sister that anyone can ask for. You can talk to her when ever you wanted. She wasnt just my sister but my best friend. I cry still knowing that i dont have a best friend like her anymore. I still talk to her alot. I love you Jamie a
Posted by Peggy Holland on May 8, 2011
Happy Mothers day jamie we all miss you ,and we love you.you would be so proud of your sister,she is an excellent mother,and you would be so proud or your baby girl,she is so smart.but of course we know this.we love and miss you.mom 5/8/2011
Posted by Heather Stidham on February 6, 2011
~Jamie, I sure miss you so much. You were my best friend growing up, and always will be. The one I told all my secrets to and the one I always ran to for help. I always looked up to you, and wanted to be exactly like you when I grew up. I can't wait to be with you again some day, I have so much to tell you. You're still always with us. RIP Sis, I Love You!
Posted by Julia Brock on February 4, 2011
Jamie I often think of you, I knw you are with our Father in heaven...looking at all the beauty of your new home....I miss you & your beautiful smile Jamie..I"ll see you again when it's my time to be free.
Posted by Ashlee Howell on February 3, 2011
You were my very best friend growing up and somehow we grew apart. Before you passed, we connected again and it was like we were never apart. I think of you so often and remember all the fun we had and the memories we made. I miss you so much and am grateful that we were able to reconnect. I'll see you again someday! Love you and miss you so much!
Posted by Garrett Below on February 3, 2011
knew her from my good friend lascie. back when we were younger... another life.

may she rest in peace.
Posted by Joyce Shortridge on February 3, 2011
May she sleep for ever in Gods hands.
Posted by Peggy Holland on February 3, 2011
my beutiful baby girl,it is so hard fo me to say how much i miss you.your baby girl looks so much like you, and you would be verry proud of her.my heart breaks everytime i think about her not having you in her life,she misses you so bad,please rest my dear child,and be at peace,i love you so much...mommy
Posted by Lascie Thiesing on February 3, 2011
Jamie, I love you and I know you and grandma are in heaven taking care of each other and waiting for us. I'm here taking care of your daughter. She is so big now and smart. You would be proud of her. I will be with you again. Wait for me.
Posted by Stella Robinett on February 3, 2011
Jamie you are very missed - you and Aunt Karen are together in heaven watching over your loved ones. It's a blessing to know that if I have a guardian angle if would be one of you.
Posted by Karen Prior on January 31, 2011
May she rest in peace.

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