Best Friend Ever

Shared by Kayla Holland on June 4, 2011

Jamie was my best friend ever and she still is. The most memories I had of her is we would talk, talk about things we never told anyone else. I remember one night sitting in the living room scared cause of thunderstorms and lighting and me, jamie, my younger brother and sister screaming everytime in would thunder. I loved it, I remeber it as if it was yesterday. She was my big sister. I miss here each and everyday. If i caould I would take back mean things I said or did to her. Sometimes I feel like its my fault she died, but I cant blame it on me. It was Gods choice. Her daughter Triniti is the best thing that ever happen to her. Triniti miss's her to.  Triniti was three years old when she died I can just remember it as if it was yesterday. It goes through my head each and ever day. I just know she would want me to be happy and go on with my life. But its hard. I cant stop thinking about it. I love you Jamie with all my heart. I miss you every day. ILY <3

missing u

Shared by Peggy Holland on February 28, 2011

 Baby girl,missing you hurts all of our hearts,

it seams like today daddy and i brought you home to your best friend,your big sister.and she pushed you off the couch.and it seams a short memory of you dressing up and going to military ball,so beutiful,and then your mini me,triniti comes along,and in such a short time u were gone,three years is to long for anyone to do without one of thier children,i still hear your laughter,and i still hear you call mommy.and i know you are so proud of your daughter,she is so you.we love and miss you so much.and how cute ,sweet and loveable is your new neice.she will know you ,we will see to that,we love you baby,untill then


Night dreams

Shared by Julia Brock on February 2, 2011

I am proud to say that I;m Jamie's Aunt Julie I remember when she was little she would wake me up by pulling on my toes ^& say to me ( duie ..... that's what she always called me even till she left  this world......... she would say to me ( duie can i sleep with u I havin night dreams )........ I knw she meant nightmares but that is what she called them.......... she stood there so sweet & beautiful waiting for my answer & i say .......... Jamier thats what we called her I say u don't have to ask me  sweetheart  aunt duie loves u .....& i will protect u I won't let anything hurt u sure u can sleep with me & she get in beside me & put her little arm around me & we both felt safe......... I miss her.................. Aunt Duie loves u Jamie.....I will see u again someday....... until then

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