Posted by Stacey McVey on June 2, 2019
A tribute page made especially for memories for you created by your amazing mother who always keeps your spirit alive! One in a million I must say! Completely guilty for not doing so or keeping close over various reasons as you would know! I believe you would feel and do the same as not much for public affection as we both are but I know you know! ❤️ As no longer can I just pick up the phone this is a way I feel I can be close. Memories was made from the moment you was born, from alt estate where you was first born can’t remember much from them days but always remember us as a family being close. We was always together on weekends picnics in the valley and then to roundthorn where we use to scare the shit out of each other with ghost stories with a girl called from Venessa from next door and stay up and watch Freddy Croger till all hours which you loved! Every horror movie you loved. Crazy kid you was still shit me up to this day! Always loved your films throughout life to fun days out at Alexander park and your mums hilarious antics!  then to failsworth where the train drove by and you use to stroke my feet going to sleep which I make Renee do to this day! trinity street where the dog we all loved Jess who loved us all alittle to much as she attacked everybody who came in contact with us! (I laugh typing this now!) if your mum reads this she probably laugh reeding this as the knocks on the door and even my dad she attacked! to Kirk stone close where your mum had a obsession with everything black and white we roamed them alleys and steps from street to street play great imaginative games for hours I actually went there three days ago still exactly the same, then to hollins road where hide and seek in the dark was always one of our all time favourite games throughout probably all our childhood was the best game ever!!! I told you then I was going to drive at 16 and pick you from school in a yellow car which was my dream then to second ave where you discovered computer games we stay up for hours playing a snow skiing game and grand trismo to and tho my dream from hollins road even tho it was not a yellow car I still came and got you in my little red banger I stuck to my word which you was always proud of we had some fun being a crazy head in that which we laughed about later on in life then to elm road where the cancer then came I remember the first day that call like it was yesterday to the final days could explain practically everything that happened from catching the bus that first day to driving to your house them final day as i was absolutely gutted for you! I do not want to go into the in and outs of our mostly emotionally drunken hours of conversation we had I use to come home from work at times and open a bottle of wine and was still on the phone when it was gone  You was hilarious and a bloody tart SORRY we was emotional wrecks but I know you wanted most of it to be between you and me and as promised I will keep that between us and always will, I appreciate that you could open up about your feelings to me I will always be forever great full that we had that, you was like my little brother love you like crazy!! Always will! Which I know you know where ever your sole is and god I hope we meet again one day! Love you jay! ❤️
Posted by Ellie Henderson on May 2, 2019
Love you jay❤️Xxx
Posted by Ann James Olivia Street on May 1, 2019
night god bless my beautiful angel i love you so so much son forever 27 xxx your heartbroken mam xxxx
Posted by Ellie Henderson on April 29, 2019
GoodNight jayxxx
Posted by Ann Street on April 29, 2019
night god bless my beautiful angel i love you son always mam xxx
Posted by Ellie Henderson on April 29, 2019
Morning beautiful❤️Xxx
Posted by Julie Williamson on April 28, 2019
Absolute legend...beautiful chap..very dearly loved and missed. xxx
Posted by Ann James Olivia Street on April 28, 2019
NIght God bless my beautiful angel I love you to the moon and skies above xxx 
Posted by Jamie Lee Costello on April 28, 2019
Still Hard To Believe Buddy You're No Longer With Us...Missed & Loved By So Many People XxX Forever In R Hearts xXx
Posted by Alison Whalley on April 28, 2019
Always in my heart and thoughts xx
Posted by Geri B Boyle on April 28, 2019
Sending love and hugs to Jamie xxx
Posted by Chlo Saunders on April 28, 2019
Love and miss you Jamie, rest in paradise angel ❤️
Posted by Ellie Henderson on April 28, 2019
Love and miss you alwaysour angel The most beautiful person took away to soonhope your parting as hard up there as you would down here,,love you Always Ellie xxx
Posted by Gill Ford on April 28, 2019
Lighting a candle for you Jamie xx
Posted by Debra Crompton on April 28, 2019
Love and miss you millions Jamie forever in our hearts shine bright brightest star in the sky xxx❤❤❤ with love uncle rod auntie deb xxxx
Posted by Ann James Olivia Street on April 28, 2019
I love you son xxx

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