from Lynnie Spiller
Jamie Paul
  • 66 years old
  • Date of birth: Jan 14, 1946
  • Date of passing: Apr 26, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Seattle, Washington, United States
The greatest guy in the world.

This memorial website was created in the memory of Jamie Paul, the best husband, brother, son, grandson, brother in law, uncle, cousin, Godfather and friend that any human being could ever have, or hope to have. He made everyone sparkle in his presence.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by David Bell on 16th January 2018

"Remembering you on the mountain.

Davey, Stevens Pass"

This tribute was added by Everett Johnson on 15th January 2018

"Miss you a lot Jamie. All the fun times on Lake Sammamiah, Kelsey Point and riding stand up jet skies through the Arren Narrows after finishing off a bottle of Tequila. That was more fun than "Roof Riding" on the Jag, flying up to Glenn's to buy Prawns.
I will always miss the meany fun time we spent together
Everett Johnson"

This tribute was added by Ed Holthaus on 14th January 2018

"Happy Birthday Jamie. You are almost as old as me!!! We talked bout you at the reunion last fall. You would have loved it.
Say hi to all on Angel Drive for us."

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 14th January 2018

"Happy Birthday Jamie!  Today is your birthday in a place quite regal, My love I send on the wings of an eagle, I know you you are watching over all that you love, From your place in heaven above...
All my love ( and I will celebrate you today with a round of golf!)   You are forever missed  ooxx Sallie"

This tribute was added by Tonja Hill on 14th January 2018


This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 30th September 2017

"How great to be able to celebrate meeting you 27 years ago today. I'm with many of your dear friends from Western State. You are well-loved and missed by so many people.  And the stories...
. Watch over all of us from your special place. Love always,  Sallie"

This tribute was added by Aubin Barthold on 26th April 2017

"Search and play...
YouTube  Sonny Chillingworth Mai Poina 'oe la'u
Love and God Bless,

This tribute was added by Lynn Spiller on 26th April 2017

I still can hear your laughter and think of you every day.  I miss you dear friend. You sure brightened my life as with so many others
You will never be forgotten but we will all cherish the good memories each of us have.

This tribute was added by David Bell on 26th April 2017

"Lots of snow this year in the mountains.  Can still see you running the gates.  Still in my memory old friend"

This tribute was added by tommy conger on 26th April 2017

"Oh, boy - is it that time again?  My very recent hard losses have brought home to me how much a person can be missed - all those zany, bright, and meaningful things we'll never do together again.  
Mai poina,

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 26th April 2017

"Woke up this morning  to a HUGE thunder and lightning storm.  Danny, Marlo and I knew it was you reminding us to seize the day.  I will be playing golf today and will think of you often.  Thank you for being one of my guardian angels.  Love you forever…Sallie"

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 30th March 2017

"Today would have been our 5 year anniversary...what 5 years it could have been.  As I look at all the photos I am reminded of how hopeful and optimistic we were for the future.  I will never lose that hope for a positive future.  I just recently I heard a "quote".
"Laughter is tangible evidence that hope exists".We did laugh a lot. I am so thankful that we made our vows in front of so many friends and supporters and in the eyes of God.  Thank you Jamie for that and for watching over me.   You will always be in my heart. Love Sallie"

This tribute was added by John Kane on 19th January 2017

"I will never forget how kind he was to me."

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 14th January 2017

"So many memories have been flooding in.  Great big smiles  and lots of chuckles thinking of some of the fun filled, crazy birthdays....who needs cake when one can throw dinner rolls?  So many people reached out to me and were thinking of you today.  Miss always...Me"

This tribute was added by tommy conger on 14th January 2017

"Jamie was a blithe spirit, a rare breed, perhaps one of a kind.  Nobody had to tell Jamie to go have a good time . . .  why he made it so easy for the rest of us to have one. Mai Poina, bruddah!"

This tribute was added by David Bell on 14th January 2017

"Been cold here this winter Jamie.  Hope you got some powder snow in Heaven."

This tribute was added by Gina B on 6th January 2017

"I can no longer think of chicken wings the same because of you. I'm guessing others have experienced that joke as well.  Forever laughing because of you. Thanks!!"

This tribute was added by David Bell on 18th June 2016

"Jamie and I skied together as kids at Stevens Pass.  Back then whoever knew he would succeed to such greatness as a competitor.  I can still see his brother yelling at him on how to run slalom gates as a youngster on the #2 ropetow at Stevens.  Happy he had a great life, but so sorry to learn of his passing."

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 26th April 2016

"A long four years, full of tears and fears, but I always feel you near.  Moving forward, I know you are proud.  XXOO  Sallie"

This tribute was added by Ed Holthaus on 26th April 2016

Four years. Seems impossible. You are missed every day. The reunions are not the same. We have great memories of you. What fun we had. Please say Hi to all living at 7 Angel Drive!!! We will see Silly in August. Yipppeee.
Ed & Patti"

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 30th March 2016

"Thinking about us today, our SPECIAL day.  It's gorgeous and I have already had an eagle sighting.  I think daffodils and tulips are in order!  Thank you for the signs and watching over me.  Love always, your wife"

This tribute was added by Ed Holthaus on 15th January 2016

"Jamie - Happy Birthday.Where you are you are ageless so you are still 39!!! We think about, and talk about you, all the time. We had some great times together. Wish you were still here.
Say Hi to the Luftseben gang at 7 Angel Drive. LU

Patti and Ed"

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 15th January 2016

"James Cameron,Took a few Runs for You at Timberline Yesterday and a Picture of the Horizon with You Looking Back ,Keeping an Eye on Everyone.Happy Birthday !!!"

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 14th January 2016

"Happy Birthday!  I am sure where you are every day is a birthday!  We sure had some special ones.  Thoughts of you yesterday while I "punched the midget" through the thick snow at Crystal.  You would have been proud.  Thanks for being my Guardian Angel.  You are so missed, today and everyday."

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 25th December 2015

".  Missing you at Christmas time.   Forever missed forever loved. Watching movies of Christmas (and other holidays) past with the Planetz.  You are missed and well loved.  Thank you for being my guardian angel...I have all my "sparkles" on today"

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 30th September 2015

"Thinking a lot about Jamie and our fantastic adventures together.  Who knew that when I met him 25 years ago today all the experiences we would share.  I am grateful and I am smiling at some memories.    (PS  Watch out for Jerry F, he's up there looking for you :-)"

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 7th June 2015

"It's been a long day (3 years) without you my friend
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
We've come a long way from where we began
Oh I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again
You are the best guardian angel one could ever ask for.
Love to you Jamie, today and all days"

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 27th April 2015

"James Cameron You are Indelible to Everyone You Graciously Touched
For That We Dearly Thank You !!! As You Know "A Great Day of Weather Today." McGraw seems to be Doing Well with His Family.You
are a New Great Uncle and for that Congratulations.Sallie is Hanging in There and Life Goes On with You in Our Thoughts & Memories !!!"

This tribute was added by katie paul on 27th April 2015

"Uncle Jamie- I light this candle in honor of you bringing so much light to my life each and everyday. On this anniversary, I am proud to say I was able to bring a little brighter light back. Last night Marc and I welcomed a baby boy to our family. Hartley Henryk Misiewicz, born April 25, 2015.  This little boy will get to know my uncle Jamie very well, I know he will embody a piece of the Jamie spirit. Love to you each and every day."

This tribute was added by Lynn Spiller on 26th April 2015

"Think about you all the time and miss you. You are gone but great memories of times spent with you will be remembered by all of us who so loved having you as a friend. It was a big birthday for me yesterday so will always remember the day you left and always miss the birthday calls, as many of us will.  You truly were the best person ever and i cherish the times we had"

This tribute was added by Ed Holthaus on 26th April 2015

Gat back here. We had way more fun when you were here!!!
Think about the good times we had, all the time. Thanks for the great memories.
We'll see you sooner than later.
Say Hi to all at 7 Angel Drive.
Patti & Ed"

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 26th April 2015

"It is so hard to believe that 3 years have passed since your body left the confines of earth.  I know where you are now is a place of unbelievable goodness and light.  Your spirit continues in my heart, thank you for the "reminders".  Love you always....your friend, lover, partner and wife."

This tribute was added by Everett Johnson on 26th April 2015

"Happy Birthday my friend,
Just watching the photos brings back so many fun and great times we spent together at Big Bay and Lake Sammamish. Your always in our thoughts

Everett Johnson"

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 3rd April 2015

"Happy Belated Anniversary JCP & Sallie.It will always be Your
Special Day whether Your in this Arena or the One Your in Now
& Keeping those Eyes on Sallie."Carpe Diem""

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 30th March 2015

"Today would have been  the 3rd anniversary of having our union blessed by God…as you said many times “we should have done it long ago”.  I am so grateful for the 21 years,  6 months  and 26 days we had together.  The marriage is icing on the cake.  Love you forever.  Sallie"

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 26th January 2015

"It is hard for me to believe that 3 years have gone by since our trip to the hospital.  I will never forget the fear I had as we entered the hospital and the hope that evolved for us.  Every visit I have made back to the UWMC people remind me of the impact we made.  The 26th of January and April are always going to hold special meaning...but not as much as the 30th of March and September.  Miss you."

This tribute was added by Aubin Barthold on 16th January 2015

"Posted on Facebook  15 January
James Cameron
        You showed up to me on your birthday as your bald eagle self.THANKS SO MUCH!I had JUST been thinking about you,and how much fun it would have been to be with you when you finally achieved a 69 :-) Love and God Bless,Aubie"

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 16th January 2015

"JCP as You Know I was Getting My Zipper Kicked in Small Claims
Court on Your Birthday & then another Day to Rebound,But I am Back
as You have Never Left.Good Job on Keeping an Eye on Sallie and
the Season is Here for a Few Turns.So as Last Year I will be Taking
some for You this Year."

This tribute was added by gina radke on 16th January 2015

"jamie you will always be missed"

This tribute was added by Donna Auer on 14th January 2015

"thank you for this reminder every year on Jamie's birthday.  it makes me pause and take a little time to acknowledge and remember."

This tribute was added by katie paul on 14th January 2015

"Happy birthday, Uncle Jamie. Can you believe it - Another blue bird day on your birthday? I know you're flying high above. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I love you and miss you. Much love, Katie"

This tribute was added by The Paul Family on 14th January 2015

"Happy Birthday, Uncle Jamie! You always called everyone else on their birthday, here's your call. I miss you every day. I'm trying to make you proud every day, Thanks for the fly-bys. Love you and miss you always, Kellsey"

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 14th January 2015

"Happy birthday my dear sweet husband!  Although your birthday didn't mean a whole lot to you, you were incredibly thoughtful and generous when it came to my birthday.   I am wearing the ''50th" necklace with special  pride.!   I went to UWMC and spoke with med students about our "adventure(s)" w/i the healthcare system.  I ran into so many people that shared their love of us.  Keep your eyes open for Ed.  Show him the way.  Miss you a lot today, love you forever."

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 24th December 2014

"This season and this day reminds me of so many special times together.  21+ years of holidays together...remember taking Tom to those gatherings...spinning around on Lake Sammamish Parkway, ties, ties and more ties.  Shopping forever!  I am wearing your last Christmas gifts with smiles ... thank you E...Remember "every kiss begins with  :-)""

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 30th September 2014

"Dear Jamie- Thinking about you a lot today ...24 years ago we met!!!  You were honored this past week with the spreading of some of your ashes around Gunnison.  I know those few years in Colorado were some of the happiest in your life.  You were missed by many, especially me.  Thank you so much for sharing the "7's" and the TKD's with me.  The stories and laughs were the BEST.   Thank you for the sunbeam and the eagle at just the right time. Please give strength to Knick and Nancy .   Love always, Sallie"

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 31st July 2014

"James Cameron as you know it is Sea Fair week and in the Days of Old
you could be seen at Green Lake Banging away at the Buoys in your quest for another record, for Good Enough was Never Good Enough
in your relentless pursuit of Perfection.Always thinking about you and
still cranking a few turns at Timberline in Memory of You.Keep that eye
on Sallie and our friend McGraw.Thanks for everything.G.P.B."

This tribute was added by The Paul Family on 27th April 2014

"Missing you today and every day. Trying to make you proud. Thanks for the fly-bys and all the signs that you are still watching over us. Love you forever, your adoring Goddaughter Kellsey"

This tribute was added by Everett Johnson on 26th April 2014

"Sure miss the roof riding days, Staurt island, and just hanging out on Lake Sammamish. Tonight I am in Puerto Vallarta  toasting Jamie with only the Tequila I only miss not having a Oyster shooter.  Everett Johnson"

This tribute was added by Lynn Spiller on 26th April 2014

  Forever missed. So true.  I tossed petals into the bay today in your honor.  I can still hear your laugh, see the sparkle in your eyes.  You will always be in my thoughts and memories are precious. I am so lucky to have had you as a dear friend and to have been your friend."

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 26th April 2014

"I am so sad today.  Two years have flown by and have drug on.  I can remember so clearly the optimism and hope we had.  I am so glad that you don’t have to feel the sadness that I feel.  Sometimes I am envious that you get to look down on all this, smirk and just shake your head.  You called it!  The universe is a crazy place and we are just little specks in a much bigger plan.  I am so thankful for my family and friends that have supported me and remind me to remember all that is good!  And I am so grateful that we spent most of our adult lives together.  Many people don’t get to love through thick and thin and can’t  love through “ better and worse”.   Thank you for watching over me!  Miss you daily but especially today.  XXOO  Your Wife"

This tribute was added by katie paul on 26th April 2014

"My dear Uncle Jamie, I'm missing you. It's hard to believe two years have passed since I last held your hand.  Thinking back, it feels like yesterday, but at the same time it has been a long two years without you.  I love you everyday and know you are soaring high above us today and always."

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 26th April 2014

"James Cameron I am with Ed on this one.Two years is a speck in time where you are.As you know I have been cranking a few turns for you and McGraw at Timberline and it is sort of fun to get back on them again. Sallie had a bit of a tough week end on Easter but with your Help she was able to work her way through and she is off and running with your Guidance.Have a Good One and Keep your eyes on us all.Thanks."

This tribute was added by Ed Holthaus on 26th April 2014

Wow two years. How the time flies. Just yesterday I was telling a STL friend about you and the fun we had. He owns a home in the big park just west of Seattle, across the bay. He wants to tear it down and build new. I was helping design it. Told him about your cabin. Bragged about your fishing skills and the night at Steep Point when friends showed up at the last minute and we needed to catch 2 more fish. I thought you were joking but 25 minutes later we had 2 Ling cod in the boat. I thought you had a connection with Yahweh!!! Until Hartley told me you knew were a fishing guide. Now your hanging with Yahweh. Go figure. We will miss you at the Luftseben/TKD reunion this Fall. We will be reminiscing. Sure hope Sallie comes.
How bout you light the W on fire as a sign that you are with us????
Say hi to the gang at 7 Angel Drive. Love you all.
Patti and Ed"

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 30th March 2014

"I was so happy when I awoke 2 years ago today. Jamie and I were getting married!   The actual act of the blessing of the union and the “legal recognition” was only 28 days (4 short weeks) but we had been a stable committed union since July 1991 when he asked me to move in with him.  Oh what fun we had in that little cabin!  But, when the refrigerator fell into the crawl space, it was time to create a new home.   It takes communication and compromise to build a home together and we did both.
We supported each other through the loss of Jamie’s father Tom (Billy McHales here we come!),  the illnesses and loss of Jamie’s sister Jennifer and my mom Billie.   And through the sudden loss of my Dad, (aka Ralph o matic).  I am so glad Dad and Mom and Jamie had the opportunity to spend time together.  Jamie always made time to have a dance with Mom. (Thanksgiving 1995)  Jamie’s love of history and military history gave my father and he many hours of conversation.  We loved and supported each other through my diagnosis of breast cancer and the surgeries and treatments that required.  He could have been a nurse with his patient and loving care.
Today is a day filled with loving memories.  In every marriage there is sickness and health, richer and poorer, better or worse.  I am happy to remember that most of our 21+ years were filled with the positive aspects of a marriage.
Jamie, thank you for the signs..I am doing it.  I am keeping my eyes and heart open and things are happening.  Thank you for being such an important part of my life and helping to make me the woman I am today!  Love today and always.   Your wife. xxoo"

This tribute was added by Michael Nicholls on 14th February 2014

"Seahawks finally won the big game.  I know you were watching.  Hasselbeck was finally out--- Wilson is in.  Go #12. Currently watching men's downhill skiing at Sochi 2014.  Thinking of you.


This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 26th January 2014

"I awoke very early this morning feeling a little “off”.  I realized it was 2 years ago today that Jamie entered the UWMC in a life threatening condition.   Despite the outcome, I am having so much gratitude for the professional, tender, loving and compassionate care that we received during our time at UWMC.  Dear Jamie, in your new, Special Home, I know you have a direct line for all of those “God Bless You’s” we would pray every night.  Please give a special lift to all of our support system within the UWMC, and, as always, our friends and family.  Xxoo  Love you forever,  Sallie"

This tribute was added by Ed Holthaus on 17th January 2014

"Dear Jamie

Happy belated bday. I got a new hip last week so I have been remiss in keeping up. At least I am finally hip!!!!!
I hope you are celebrating this entire month with all our Luftseben friends in Heaven.
Patti and I talk regularly about the fun we had at Steep Point, boat trip in Sanibel/Captiva, Colorado reunions, Door County, Wisconsin, etc.

Do you know how lucky you were to have Silly???? Holy Moly.  She is a peach.
We love you Jamie. Please give us a sign at the reunion next fall in Gunnison.
Patti and Ed"

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 14th January 2014

"A day in honor of Jamie!  Smooth, tasty scrambled eggs with dill.  Ruby red grapefruit.  A walk with eagle spotting.  Conversations with friends  all the goodness remembered.  I know he is with people he loves and watches over all of us.  For that I am grateful.  Happy Birthday Jamie!  Xxoo  Forever, your wife."

This tribute was added by cam mandel on 14th January 2014

"Remembering the greatest guy in the world today.
I was recalling Jamie's 60th birthday celebration that started at Roach's Place watching the Seahawk's and the Bears. Like most all parties with Jamie the fun was just beginning. I remember waking the next day at the house looking at a bunch of snow angles on the lawn. Must of been why I was so cold that night. Fun, libations and as always conversation.  Carla and I will raise a toast tonight."

This tribute was added by katie paul on 14th January 2014

"Happy Birthday Uncle Jamie. A birthday wish for you - I hope the skies are blue, the snow is deep, and you are grinning from ear to ear.  I love you and miss you each and every day.   Much love, Katie"

This tribute was added by Thomas Conger on 14th January 2014

"Jamie, dude:
Altho 'tis alleged that we met for the first time at Steep Point, Woggie was sage enough ro recognize that we were actually twins separated at birth - those salmon never stood a chance.  Nor did the vodka/fruit juice - nor the Johnnie Walker Red . . .
Question: were you & I the only ones in the Pickle Barrel who didn't snore...?
Aloha nui, bruddah,

This tribute was added by The Paul Family on 14th January 2014

"Happy Birthday Uncle Jamie! I think of you and miss you every day. Thanks for all the fly-bys, they make me smile. You are on top of my mountain watching over me as I ski and work. Your presence gives me strength and some snappy skis. There was no one better than you at remembering birthdays, I know everyone who loves you is especially filled with Jamie love today. Soar on, I love you. - Kellsey"

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 14th January 2014

"JCP Happy Birthday.And by the way A Belated Happy NewYear!!!.
Where you are none of this Chronological Stuff Matters,but down here its all part of the deal.I was thinking about you as I was putting my skis in the ski rack today. I am taking a few runs for the both of us at Stevens tomorrow.You know the place.Keep an Eye on me and I'll wave to Sweet Pea as I go by Sky.I know you had a Good One as They are All Good where You are and Keep That Eye on Sallie"

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 25th December 2013

"Merry Christmas James Cameron!!!.Nothing can say it more appropriately than Sallie;s poem left on stories.Keep up the Great Work by Watching Over and Indirectly Influencing..You Know the Drill.

This tribute was added by Kyra Planetz on 25th December 2013

"Dear Jamie,
Thinking about you tonight as I remember our annual Christmas Eve ritual. No one could ever read The Night Before Christmas as well as you could. I smile as I remember how the 10 or so paged book seemed to go on forever as you would comment on each picture and carefully explain every word I didn't understand. Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful childhood filled with irreplaceable memories. Though I wish you were still here, I am so blessed just for having you in my life.
Love always, Kyra"

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 24th December 2013

"Gone but not forgotten.  It has been so nice to hear from your friends who have been missing you this holiday season.  They miss your “holding court at the UC”, entertaining stories at 487, and those who are just “missing your annual calls”.  As I watch our sparkling little poinsettia tree I am missing you but missing you with a smile at all our wonderful memories and laughs.  I miss you Jamie!  A poem that I know you could have written is on the Stories page."

This tribute was added by katie paul on 11th December 2013

"Dear Jamie
As we make our way through the holidays, memories come flooding in.  We have had our successes and challenges since we had to say good bye to you, but what has and will always hold us together is our family. Tom and Mary Paul built the foundation of what I cherish as the Paul family, and through You, Uncle Tim, Papa and Aunt Jeffie, we are equipped with the values and determination to make our way through any challenge we face with honesty and integrity.  I love you, we all love you. And boy do we miss you."

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 28th November 2013

"There is so much in the world I am thankful for, especially the 22 years Jamie and I spent together.  Today, November 28 was significant in many ways to Jamie and I.  Thanksgiving Day was always a day we loved creating together and celebrating with those near and dear.  THANK YOU today and everyday for your love and support the last 19 months."

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 28th November 2013

"James Cameron as you know it is Thanksgiving and all you touched are Thankful.I just cooked Low Heat/Slow Cooked Eggs(The Only Way) in Memory of You on this Day.Keep an Eye on Sallie."

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 1st October 2013

"Dear Jamie…Here it is, 23 years to the day of our meeting.  Who knew? Who could have predicted?  We loved through thick and thin.  I am so grateful for our time together...much more to say..going to "The Story" tab"  Love always...Sallie"

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 31st August 2013

"JCP just thinking of you My Friend as we enter into another three day.Your whole Life was a three day and you lived it to the fullest.
The legs are getting the feeling for the snow.Wish you were here
but I know for a fact you are in a better place.Still keep an eye on Sallie"

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 3rd July 2013

"James Cameron it's your kind of Week/Weekend/4th of July.As with each Day You are Legendary and during These Type of Events You Even Rise to Another Level.Happy 4th to you JCP and Keep a Watchful Eye on Everyone You Touched While You Were Here.And I Don't have to remind you of Sallie in your absence."No Fools No Fun for the 4th""

This tribute was added by Lynn Spiller on 26th April 2013

I can't believe a year today since you passed.Not a day goes by without thinking of you, a fun memory, your laugh, your smile.  Every month on the day of your passing, just like I do with my dear dad, I go down to the sea with a tequila shooter in an oyster shell and toss petals into the sea in tribute of you my dear friend. Love you"

This tribute was added by Betty Paul on 26th April 2013

"Oh, Jamie, I think of you so often.  This morning I was reminiscing about our many fun adventures together all the great wonderful years we knew each other.  lo and behold four eagles soared right past our excited I grabbed the binocs and guess bald eagle surrounded by 3 enamored females!  I miss and love you so very much. Betty"

This tribute was added by gina radke on 26th April 2013

"jamie was a treasure and how lucky we all were to know him
sallie may all your memories of jamie be sweet
he was lucky to have you
and you were lucky to have him
bless you and your family"

This tribute was added by JB Barlow on 26th April 2013

"I was playing golf with "Blunder" 2 days ago and had to tell a Jamie story. Mesquite, Nv with the boys and Jamie grabs an apple waiting to hit on a short par 3. His shot comes up short. He says "short - food makes me weak. If you ever see me take a bite of food on the golf course again, SLAP ME! Jamie we miss you. You will always be remembered with many great stories and a smile."

This tribute was added by Linda wohlers on 26th April 2013

"picture you getting ready for fishing season at Stuart Island. That smile on your face, flying through the Aaron Rapids(sp). Will remember always my annual birthday gift from you! No one could ever top that! xoxo Chooch"

This tribute was added by katie paul on 26th April 2013

"With a full moon and the anticipation of this morning I dreamt about you all night. Every funny story, laugh and tear rushed through my brain. A year already? I have missed you every day."

This tribute was added by cam mandel on 26th April 2013

"Well buddy, 1 year since your departure.  I hope the party has been going non stop.  Miss you lots, think of you often."

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 26th April 2013

"One year ago today...The optimism, the prayers, the hopes have all been answered..the donor is here and you are going in for your transplants.  “Don’t worry..everything is going to be OK…Please don’t cry”   “ You are the last person I am going to think of before I go to sleep and the first person I will think of when I awake…I love you more.”   I miss you more…Love Sallie"

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 25th April 2013

"James Cameron,tomorrow it will be one year since you have left this Arena and moved on to a better place.You have been Deeply Missed by all you Touched while You were here.We Love You Very Very Much.Please continue to keep an Eye on Sallie and help her through the next year and those to come."

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 23rd April 2013

"Remember last year?  We went on a picnic.  We “sneaked” peanut butter, crackers and Coke!!  We toured all the art at UWMC.  Remember that one by Patti Bezo Fox that turned out to be East of Quincy?  We also visited friends on 5th E ICU.  They wanted us back ‘cuz that should have meant a transplant.   It is spring again and oh so very odd.  Miss you..Love you.  Your Wife

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 1st April 2013

"James Cameron,while so many nice memories are held at this time with everyone who was present at your wedding,Lets Not Forget That You Are The Patron Saint of this Very Day.April One."No Fools No Fun".
Happy April Fools Day JCP. I have taken many runs at Stevens on Your behalf and this week I am headed to S.V. to do the same.Thanks for Keeping an Eye on Sallie."

This tribute was added by Gege Planetz on 31st March 2013

"All the memories have brightened again, the same day has come again, and it feels nice to think again of your wedding day.
Sallie looked absolutely  beautiful and Jamie smiling from ear to ear.  I feel lucky to have been a their side.  May Jamie be remembered for the humorous, kind and generous man he was.  May Sallie be blessed for knowing and loving him. Your love and commitment still inspires"

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 30th March 2013

"Thank you all for thinking of Jamie and I on our special day.  Bless you all."

This tribute was added by katie paul on 30th March 2013

"Happy Anniversary Jamie and Sallie. I remember a year ago like it was yesterday. I have never tied so many bows in my life. There was such love and joy, Jamie looking dapper in his jacket, Sallie stunning in her turquoise dress, and who could forget the ladies in waiting from the ICU. Such love for everyone."

This tribute was added by The Paul Family on 30th March 2013

"Happy Anniversary, Jamie and Sallie! Lots of love to you both on this special day. - Kellsey and crew"

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 8th March 2013

"James Cameron I finally made it to Stevens yesterday, but you know that.As stated earlier in our Dialogue the First and Several others were With You in Mind!!!Snow was Great,Sun was there somewhere and I am still Lagging My left side a bit,but skiing is skiing.Keep an Eye on Sallie.Miss Ya."

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 30th January 2013

"From our neice, "We had half a sleeve of Ritz crackers left in the office, so I made sure to grab a couple packets of cream cheese and strawberry jam at breakfast. This afternoon I made everyone Jamie's Ritz Crackers with Cream Cheese and Jam. It brought smiles and cheers from everyone. So yummy and so many great memories! A bit of Jamie in Afghanistan. Much Love Mrs Cpt Kristine Nicholls""

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 30th January 2013

"Today, the 29th, is the day Jamie came out of his coma.  What a relief...what joy!!  He wanted blueberries..go figure!?!  He reached to my face and said to me "You cut your hair,  it's beautiful".  We had such wonderful care at the UWMC."

This tribute was added by Ed Holthaus on 16th January 2013

"Yamie, Happy Belated Birthday. Great Picture. I now know why you had so much more energy than I did. You are over 2 years younger and you had Sally as your cheerleader. Patti and I think and talk about you all the time. Steep Point was a highlite in our lives. Thanks for sharing. You are loved by so many. Thanks for making all our lives better. LU from All Your Luftseben Friends"

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 14th January 2013

"James Cameron as you can see and feel you are Deeply Missed not only on this Day but Every Day.Have not had the first Run for You as of Yet.Next Week at Stevens You know the place!!!!Happy Birthday JCP!!!"

This tribute was added by cary jurriaans on 14th January 2013

"I remember Heli skiing with Jamie  and drinks in the hot tub......
Sieb and Sally were there too. It was fun.
I hope Jamie  and Jennifer are together. Thinking of all you family members!

This tribute was added by katie paul on 14th January 2013

"Happy Birthday Uncle Jamie. I have been thinking about you double time today, just wish I could pick up the phone and sing happy birthday. I have sung it once and will sing it again before I go to bed.

Blue bird day on the mountain yesterday, bet you saw it and squirmed with birthday glee."

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 14th January 2013

"Happy Birthday Jamie - I know you are watching over me and smiling.. Thanks for the NYD contact.  I will "toss a bun" today in your honor.    Love always, Sallie  PS  The pipes did not freeze  tee hee."

This tribute was added by The Paul Family on 25th December 2012

"Merry Christmas Jamie, today you are watching over us signified by new bald eagle ornaments on the tree. We are filled with memories of your perfectly chosen presents, your warm (and humorous, of course) Christmas spirit and deep love for family and friends. We miss you every day. All our love, Hart, Betty, Kellsey, Carl, Jo, Katie and Marc"

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 25th December 2012

"Favorite gifts from Jamie: Something round and hard for my finger!!  A bowling ball.  Something to guarantee we spend more time together..  A set of golf clubs.  Something to protect me... Scuba lessons.  Something to indulge my gardening...  A chain saw.  Christmas 2011 "Every kiss begins with K" in "karats" always outdid yourself Jamie.  I miss you and love you always!"

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 25th December 2012

"Jamie,Merry Christmas and Keep a Watchful Eye on Sally this Day as Your Absence has presented her with Many Life Challenges and She can use a lot of TLC.The first Run is still for you James Cameron wherever and whenever that day comes.Soooon.White, Crystal,Stevens,
Timberline or maybe even S.V. with McGraw.You know the Guy.Keep that Eye on Sally!!!"

This tribute was added by David Calapp on 15th November 2012

"Thanks for the good times JP. Snow & water skiing, racing for the ferry, trade shows & tequila, new products & businesses and bumper cars with the Jag. Laughter and shared life lessons with that contagious smile and twinkle in your eye that could light up the darkest room. Only now in your final absence do we feel the pain of our loss as we hold onto the wonderful memories. You are missed."

This tribute was added by Sallie N. Paul on 30th September 2012

"Today, 9/30, I am missing Jamie A LOT.  It was 22 years ago today that we met and we continued to celebrate our anniversary on the 30th of September.   I have posted our story on "The Stories" page.Jamie, I miss you so and every day.  Some days are impossible, other days are tolerable.  I try to take solace that you are in God’s loving arms, watching over me."

This tribute was added by Linda Waymire on 27th July 2012

"Jamie you left a memory for so many of us...that is what is all about and you got that.  Memories from Wenatchee on...I am so thankful for your marriage to your "bucket of Love" my dear friend Sally.  You will be remembered always...a legend in your time."

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 4th July 2012

"James Cameron Happy 4th.Everyone is looking around knowing you are in their presence and deeply missing your sparkling eyes and mischievous behaviour.Help everyone here have a Bang Up Day and to coin a phrase from a Great Philosopher, "No Fools No Fun !"

This tribute was added by James Woodhead on 18th June 2012

"Wonderful memories of fishing in Stuart Island with Jamie, Hartley, Chuck Yeager and Dick Sands,etc.  Jamie will be sorely missed.. Wonderful sense of humor, wonderful friend."

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 28th May 2012

"James Cameron.
On this day you are remembered as a Warrior of Life and as of most recent a Warrior of the alternative.Attacking both from all directions.Keep an eye on all of us,particularly Sallie,and spread your wings(Not the ones on the Floater) in protection of our daily assaults.
Thanks J.C.P."

This tribute was added by Lane Monroe on 25th May 2012

"January 1967, US downhill qualifier, Vail, CO. Terrible weather and snow everywhere...3:00AM(yes AM) before the race.  Trying to qualify for Europe.  Knockin on my dorm door..."Monroe, wake up, Orsi and I have three chicks, headed to the spa....."  Need I say more!  Of course, Jamie 5th, Monroe 8th!  You had to love his free spirit, although Bob Beattie didn't.  Missing my buddy........."

This tribute was added by Gege Planetz on 23rd May 2012

"Dear Sallie,
Please know you are in our prayers each day.   I know how much you loved each other; it was obvious whenever you were together.  Jamie was such a great friend to us and amazing man who touched the lives of many.  I will always cherish our memories of Christmas Eves together with both of you and especially Jamie reading “The Night Before Christmas” to Kyra."

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 22nd May 2012

"Sallie,Hartley and families THANK YOU for the JAMIE DAY at Seattle Golf.Jamie's Legend permeated the place with all those that attended each speaking with ferver as if they were waiting for Jamie to hurry and show up.Nothing will top that Day in Memory of JamesCameron.
Sincerely, G.Peter Beck"

This tribute was added by Bruce DeGrado` on 18th May 2012

"As a touring drummer in the 80s and 90s Jamie was always happy to hear my stories of the road. And he had some great stories himself. Miss you friend."

This tribute was added by margary anderson` on 18th May 2012

"So many places so much to do.....Heck Jaime had done it all and then some! He was truly an inspiration for me to never quit playing. With that twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes, Jaime loved to retell his adventures to myself and 3 boys of water and snow skiing. We will always remember his Buddy Werner Ski Race stories. Jamie has a legacy in all the young people he has encouraged."

This tribute was added by Dave Hartley on 17th May 2012

Words will never let me express how much you gave me over the years.But I wiil be forever grateful that we shared so many good times, and had so many conversations that made us both cry.....laughing. There is a hole in my life now, and it won't be filled until we meet again. I'll bring the Chinook next time."

This tribute was added by greg zinter on 16th May 2012

"Jamie, wanted to pass along an invitation for just another low pass over your place on Stuart Island Friday, So many memories, so many good times; I know you'll be along. Among many other things our shared passion for flying up & down the BC coast still resonates. We could call this a tribute to a friend who left us to soon, but left us alot, graduating this life with high honors....."

This tribute was added by Bill Jason on 16th May 2012

"Whenever I hadn’t seen Jamie for some time he always made me feel I was the only person present either in a crowed room or by ourselves.  He was so effective in making people feel good and great! He certainly taught us all … “life is not a dress rehearsal”."

This tribute was added by Ken Ritter on 13th May 2012

"I remember very clearly in the early summer of 1960  coming up to the Tennis Club dock, when there was Jamie Paul who said he’d like to go water skiing.  I said, “Jamie, how would you like to go jumping this afternoon? ”  He intimated that yes he’d like to  give it a try.  Later, with Willy Hearne, we down to Edgewater where the ramp was moored.  I jumped several times, and afterwards explained th"

This tribute was added by Jamie Sutton on 13th May 2012

"What a guy and what a lesson in how to pack in as much as we can.  I was fortunate to have a name that gave me a special way to relate, and  I felt like I had his arms around me every time we met and then I would have that smiling embrace for days thereafter.
It is just striking how the world is markedly improved for having a guy like Jamie in it and, luckily, within our circle."

This tribute was added by Larry Graff on 13th May 2012

"A long time pilot with Kenmore Air. Wow 30 years ago   putting in Jamie s plane. Always friendly and so likable. He was my favorite. Flew Jamie to Stuart Island a few summers ago and hadn't seen Jamie in 20 plus years and he remembered me."

This tribute was added by doug norberg on 13th May 2012

"Jamie; there is much to be said that never was said by so many of your friends - most of all thanks. Every moment we spent together was fun and at every turn I learned something -- wheather at golf, fishing or adding a special  something to what might otherwise have been routine.

We'll meet again - some sunny day"

This tribute was added by Russ Wohlers on 12th May 2012

"I watched you "fly" through the race gates on the # 3 rope tow at Stevens Pass, You were amazing then as your are now.  You are my friend, room mate from collage, my brother, my mentor in so many ways.  You taught us all how to go faster, higher, farther and most important to believe in ourselves.  You made our lives richer with cleaver comments, subtle compliments, and great laughter."

This tribute was added by Donna Auer on 11th May 2012

"I am so saddened to read that Jamie has passed too soon - and my heart goes out to his family and friends.  For a time, Jamie and I were boyfriend/girlfriend when we were 17 - at Mission beach, the club, many parties, or spending time with his family.  I couldn't keep up with him (!) - but he was always a gentleman, sweet and kind.  - Donna Evans Auer, Bellingham"

This tribute was added by Steve Myers on 10th May 2012

"I'm gonna miss you a whole bunch Jamie.  All those amazing years on Lk. Sammamish,  Stewart Island, Sun Valley and the list goes on.  I think the country western singer George Strait said it best about you - "I ain't  here for a long time, I'm here for a good time".  You showed everyone how to have a great time.  Yours forever,  Blunder"

This tribute was added by Doug Glant on 9th May 2012

"For years Jamie was (my pal and Lakeside classmate) Tim's younger brother but when I later got to spend time with Jamie, I found a laugh providing soulmate. He and I especially enjoyed annoying all within earshot on the deck at Whoo Cares  reminiscing about the "good old days", including the time in the 1950s when our families were in Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. together. James, you are irr"

This tribute was added by Shane Brown Bumbalo on 8th May 2012

"Dearest Jamie, I hope you enjoyed my poem. I have always loved you, and I always will. Thinking of you makes me laugh and smile.  See you next life time? Works for me!!!  Shane"

This tribute was added by tommy conger on 8th May 2012

"Mai Poina
Man, what a man:
Jamie had no pretenses,
And sucked the very nectar out of everything he did,
Which forced all the others involved to do likewise.
Teaching each and every a lesson in life."

This tribute was added by gina radke on 8th May 2012

"my fondest memory was a beautiful starlit night in patagonia
singing blue moon with jamie
he has a beautiful voice and a beautiful soul to match
he will be missed

This tribute was added by gpeter beck on 8th May 2012

"James Cameron

                        THANK YOU !!!"

This tribute was added by James Hartley on 8th May 2012

"Jamie was such a great person.  I knew Jamie thru my dad who was his cousin.   I loved playing the golf course at Steep Point and cliff jumping off the rocks with him.  He sure knew how to live life to the fullest!   I will cherish all the words of advice he ever gave and ALL the forever lasting memories we shared.   God Bless Jamie.   Jamie Hartley."

This tribute was added by dick enersen on 7th May 2012

"'No fools, no fun!'
A much better friend than most of us deserve....."

This tribute was added by Ed Holthaus on 7th May 2012

"Jamie - What a peach. Did any of you ever see him mad. Not us. Always happy go lucky. He made us light up. We had great times at Steep Point, Door County, Wisconsin, on the boat in Sanibel, and at Luftseben/TKD reunions in Colorado. Always smiling. He had a great 66 years. He who dies with the most toys, and fun, wins. Jamie won. Thanks for being our friend. Sallie - you are a peach tree!!"

This tribute was added by jim allsop on 7th May 2012

"Jamie,throughout our short time on this earth I have recounted the life and times of the early years with Jamie Paul so often to people who weren't there but who could appreciate from my rants the timbre of the man that I am sure there are many folks who will miss Jamie who never even met him but appreciated what he stood for.
My thoughts are with the whole Paul family..."

This tribute was added by Bobby Herbeck on 7th May 2012

"J.P.  Only made one of these wonderful human beings. Met Jamie strolling alone one night through the Bohemian Grove my first year in '85. He took me under his wing & proceeded to be my tour guide through a multitude of camps grabbing an adult beverage at each one giving me a history lesson on these camps and the photos on the walls. God Bless you Jamie. I will miss you forever my friend."

This tribute was added by Bob Burkheimer on 7th May 2012

"A life that was Lived to the Fullest.. Not a moment to be wasted.. what else are we here for?

Rest in Peace, my friend"

This tribute was added by mike maeser on 7th May 2012

"Next time I fly commercial, I will know who created the turbulence up there!!  Thanks for being  the one and only "Jamie" !!  RIP ...maze"

This tribute was added by John Kane on 7th May 2012

"One of the nicest guys I ever met at Lakeside and after.  I am going to miss running into this wonderful, up-beat guy on campus.  Condolences to the family.
John J. Kane, Lakeside 1966"

This tribute was added by Bill Bogardus on 7th May 2012

"Truly in a league of your own with your love of life and your constant in peace."

This tribute was added by Molly Gleason on 7th May 2012

"Jamie, It's hard to believe you are no longer with us. George and I have many fond memories of dinners with you and Sallie, both at your home and at the Roanoke...You two threw the best Superbowl Parties. I hope you have your remote-controlled helicopter with you in heaven. Much love to Sallie, Hartley and Betty, and the rest of your beautiful family. You were one-of-a-kind. R.I.P."

This tribute was added by Bill Tenneson on 6th May 2012

"If you couldn't have fun with Jamie, then you'll never know how."

This tribute was added by Mischa Leendertsen on 6th May 2012

"Dear Sallie and all of Jamie's family,
Thank you for posting all the wonderful pictures of Jamie....they almost brought him back for a few magical moments.  Godspeed, Jamie, as fast as your warm up run on Ridge.
Mischa and Howard"

This tribute was added by tommy conger on 6th May 2012

"Jamie, dude:
Sure didn't take long for us to share souls - awaiting salmon @Steep Point, fueled by vodka & [what? Looked awfully clear...].  As for the Pickle Barrel - were yoon I the only dudes who don't snore...? UR morning gorfu - long before Charley arose - made U pour UR own "juice."  Where's the pix from da Whoo Cares wall?  Mai Poina, tc"

This tribute was added by Carol Olsen on 6th May 2012

You had it all.  Smart, funny, handsome and a gifted athlete.  Everyone loved being around you.  You are missed by so many.  Our world is a duller place now.
With love,

This tribute was added by Susanna Barry on 5th May 2012

"Oh my, sweet Jamie......I shall never forget those trips to Stuart Island, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, washed down with Mount Gay Rum and tonic....what fun we were such a great friend....I send you lots of love on your journey..... I hope you are soaring with the will be greatly missed!"

This tribute was added by Lynn Spiller on 5th May 2012

"My dear and wonderful friend Jamie. I will truly miss you; your laughter, your jokes and endless stories, your wisdom and advice, your caring support and understanding.....your friendship. You had all the qualities that made you who you were - THE GREATEST GUY IN THE WORLD. I feel so honored to have been your friend for so many years and will cherish the memories.  Hugs, Lynnie"

This tribute was added by Linda wohlers on 5th May 2012

"I loved Jaime Paul.  Stuart Island with Jaime- fishing the rapids, sea lions, water skiing(brrr),  coping porch nites with Myers and OJ, limericks echoing across the bay, missing the whirlpools in the rain- he was best man in our wedding and made sure bachelor nite was unforgettable. He will always bring a smile to my face! Love ya always, Buddy. Chooch"

This tribute was added by Sally Schuchart Raymond on 5th May 2012

"Jamie Paul was the cutest boy ever to grace Mission Beach.  I adored him as a child.  He taught me how to make a button out of a bottle cap by carefully removing the cork and replacing it over the fabric to hold the cap in place.  He always told me he was going to wait for me to get old enough to get married. Oops!  Wrong Sallie. Mission Beach was never the same without him for me."

This tribute was added by Craig Stewart on 5th May 2012

"Jamie was one of a kind. I will never forget his kindness when we first moved to Seattle and started work at Lakeside. May he rest in peace knowing how much he was loved and appreciated. My thoughts are with his family and friends."

This tribute was added by kathy nichols on 4th May 2012

"Although we met him only a couple of times he left a lasting impression. He was a wonderful man. So generous to take us up in the float plane and have us over for dinner. We send our love to the whole family especially Sallie and Kellsey. Kathy and George"

This tribute was added by Gar Jeffers on 3rd May 2012

"Great memories of a great guy. Always upbeat and full of fun. Many fond memories of crazy times at Stuart Island. Will miss him on the stairs with me at the U Club Xmas show. Tonight I will toast this remarkable man."

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