Let the memory of Jan be with us forever.
  • 70 years old
  • Born on May 8, 1948 in Bromma,Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Passed away on April 11, 2019 in Sunnyvale, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of Jan Brunnberg. We will remember him forever.

Posted by CAROL LIN on May 1, 2019
I knew Jan since February 2017. He came to the open house that I was hosting in his complex. Because my husband is Dutch, we had quite a bit to talk about. We went to Hollister several times to see if we could find him a dream home with acreage. I got to know Jan much more during those trips.
Jan was an honest person; he had integrity. He was smart and logical. I could see Jan being a good manager – He had the ability to manage. He was loyal to his friends.
Jan was immaculate; his home, so clean. I was amazed that he did not feel lonely. He could keep himself occupied and entertained. He had to have great genes! Jan was old-fashioned; he kept his Swedish furniture in pristine condition. He maintained his car like new; he was also a good driver. He was proud that he had not seen his doctor for ages. He was so smart that he enjoyed fighting with the Homeowner Association for his cause.
I had no idea how he spent his summers in Sweden until I see the photos here! It was a good life! Jan, I am sure you had no regret! I just wish you were still here with us! The world is darker without you! May you Rest in Peace!
Posted by Liviu N on April 19, 2019
Jan Brunnberg - In Memoriam
I have had the pleasure to work closely with Jan for many years at Power Integrations from the early beginnings of the company where we first met. We both shared the passion for electronics and I owe him a great deal of technical knowledge that he, as an accomplished engineer, has taught me over the years.
Jan enjoyed his work a lot, being careful about minute details, always improving his test programs. I was a younger engineer and his attitude towards work also inspired me to build better hardware for his increasingly complicated work projects. We enjoyed working together and he started being a mentor to me and later we became friends.
We kept in touch often after each of us went on our separate ways, outside Power Integrations. We frequently spoke on the phone at length, about technical matters and also our lives, passions and future plans. He also helped me on several occasions with personal matters, for which I will always remember him fondly.
Jan was the first one who introduced me to Thai food and we had a blast that first day for lunch at Thai Basil, a small restaurant on Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale, CA. I was not used to eat spicy foods at all, but we both ordered an extra spicy Thai Panang Curry and it turned out he was not able to finish it for it was too spicy even for him. Later, we would meet for lunch many more times during the years and always laughed when we remembered that first day at Thai Basil.
I was looking forward to meet with him again as soon as possible this time in Europe, since he would spend several months a year in Sweden, so I received the news of his untimely passing away with shock and great sorrow.
Jan, you were my friend and I will miss you. May your soul rest in peace! Inte Klok.
Posted by Forever Missed on April 16, 2019
Jan, RIP. We will always miss you.

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