This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jan Gregory, 70 years old, born on December 4, 1950, and passed away on February 1, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Dave Schurman on February 1, 2022
One year is really not a long time is it? BUT that year without these two magnificent ladies was very hard. Judith and Jan were the best of the best and we all miss them today - and will never forget them...
Dave Schurman
Posted by John Laforte on February 1, 2022
I am simply going to add that I miss you Jan.
Posted by Dave Schurman on January 23, 2022
A simply wonderful teacher and all around beautiful person. Amazing that a year has passed since she left us…on the same day and hour as my darling Judith. Two shining lights in ECS and in the world of education. Sorely missed but happy to have know them. I feel most grateful that they were able to make an impact on the students they nurtured.
Dave Schurman
Posted by Josee Legault on January 22, 2022
Janet, you were the best teacher I've ever had, I will never forget you. My love for England grew even stronger when I met you, thank you so much. You pushed me to pursue my studies in English and I will be forever grateful. You were not only an amazing teacher, but also a human being as we all should be, filled with love, laughter and pure joy. Thank you for everything. Monsieur Trudeau, my sympathies to you and yours.
Posted by Kim Gromko on January 21, 2022
Today I wanted to write your name when asked which teacher made me want to be a teacher. You inspired me in more ways you will ever know by pushing me to be the best version of myself both academically and personnally. When I did a search for you, I found this page. My eyes are filled with tears and my heart actually aches. Thank you for your energy, for your love and for your life. My sympathies, although late, to monsieur Trudeau and your family.
Posted by Dave Schurman on December 4, 2021
How terribly sad to think this beautiful lady is gone. Now 10 months since she left along with the love of my life Judith ... on the same day. May their memories ever be kept alive...
Dave Schurman
Posted by John Laforte on December 4, 2021
coming soon, a year ago I was sending you my birthday cheers and good wishes and shortly afterwards my holiday greetings to you and your family. The void remains. I get much comfort in remembering our shared past and love of our craft. The world of theatre is one creative soul short now. Happy birthday Jan . Fondly remembered and cherished forever in my heart. Love John Laforte
Posted by Ben Humphrey on February 28, 2021
Dear Trudeau family,
We're so sorry for your loss. Jan's positivity, humour and kindness will be missed. We hope you can take comfort in knowing that, in possessing these same qualities, she will always be with you. Our thoughts are with you in this difficult time.

Ben & Jessica
Posted by Emma-Leigh Annett on February 25, 2021
I am so sorry to hear of Jan's passing. I will always remember her beautiful smile. I have such great memories of her doing her laps at Dixie pool. She was always so proud of her two girls. My thoughts are with her family and friends.
Posted by Cathy Campeau on February 24, 2021
I was so sorry to learn of Jan's passing. What a shock. She possessed too much vitality to be taken so soon. Jan was an absolute dynamo. I worked at the same school as she did. When she would grace the ECS School Staff Room or Lunchroom; she would tell a fun loving and kind story. She would put a smile on all of our faces. Her work with the students in the School Play was amazing. The ECS Students simply loved her. She will be greatly missed by all. I send my thoughts to the family at this sad time. Love to all, Cathy Campeau
Posted by Leslie Doig on February 22, 2021
I am so sorry to hear of the death of Jan . She was such fun and so full of life.
I hope that , in time some of the sadness will
pass and you will be left with only good memories.
We are thinking of you and sending love.
Posted by John Laforte on February 21, 2021
I am shocked and so saddened to hear of Jan's passing . Yves, Jenny Mae, Mariella I send you my heart felt condolences. I am in tears as I write this tribute. Jan and I had a long standing collaboration and friendship, lasting well over 30 years. Jan brought me on bord at ECS to help her create wonderful plays year after year for over 20 years. She was a joy to work with and to brainstorm the next show and scene with. She taught me so much about the world of theatre. My role was to design and create the sets and to teach the students how to visualize themselves in that set. Jan was inspiring and creative and taught me so many subtleties about the world of theatre especially how to combine it with teaching young girls how to adapt plays that were meant for males/ men for girls . Most of all Jan was loving and fun., we laughted constantly and we depended on each other so much. I worked with her on other, (out of school projects) and this cemented our collaborative works together even more. Most of all our friendship was strong and genuine. I am forever indebted to Jan for letting me into her life as a friend and colleague. You will be so missed . The words escape me at this time as to how much of a void you will leave in my heart and life as well as in the lives and friendships of all those you touched and shared along your wonderful journey. May heaven be ready and profoundly moved by that most fan-ta-bu-lous show you will put on for them up there. I love you Jan. 
Johnny/ Jean Francois Laforte
Posted by Julie Schneider on February 21, 2021
To Jan's family,
I am so shocked and saddened to hear of your loss. I was a student of Ms. Gregory's at ECS in the late 90's and early 2000's. Participating in the play each year meant many afternoons and weekends spent together in rehearsals, learning from the best. We loved to be around Ms. Gregory. She always had a twinkle in her eye, a spark in her voice, a zest for life, and so many characters to share with us. She was kind, constructive, motivating, and fun to be around. She made a considerable positive impact on me (and I'm sure on all of her students), and it is hard to imagine a world without Ms. Gregory in it. I wish we could have spent more time together in recent years. I know her spark lives on in her family, friends, everyone who was fortunate to share in her passion for storytelling, and the ECS community. My deepest condolences to you. May you be spared further sorrow and be comforted by the warm memories we all have of this amazing woman.
Posted by marie-marthe gagnon on February 20, 2021
Cher Yves, Jenny Mae et Mariella
C'est avec un grand désarroi et une profonde tristesse que j'apprends que Jan est partie. Jan était une femme hors du commun; une grande âme, pétillante, souriante, philosophe à ses heures. Elle m'a appris le sens de la communauté. Je garde dans mon coeur la photo que vous avez choisi et qui la représente tellement. Mes pensées vous accompagnent en ces moments difficiles. This too shall pass
Posted by Stefanie Perra on February 17, 2021
I am so sorry to hear about Jan’s passing. She was a joy to know. Jan was She was smart, witty, funny and she had such a positive outlook. I learned a lot from her in my early years at Ecs and I feel lucky to have been able to get to know her. Jan will be missed and your family is in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Beverley Beaton on February 16, 2021
To Jan’s family, I send my sincere condolences and sympathy for your sudden, sorrowful loss. Jan was a treasured member of our ECS family. While I never had the opportunity to actually work with her, she became a friend nonetheless. Jan radiated enthusiasm, joy, energy, dedication to all challenges and a willingness to welcome and share. Once I was invited to join some of our colleagues to hear an evening of Jan’s storytelling. Her words were captivating and her stories, accents were unique. Personally, I kept hoping for more. I attended several of the ECS plays she directed. Jan amazed me with her ability to so successfully direct each production. Her students, many of whom I thought I knew so well, suddenly morphed into totally different characters. Jan had a terrific relationship with and a clear understanding of the actresses who respected her with affection and devotion.  Jan will be sadly missed. Sorrowfully, but with many happy memories, Beverley
Posted by Kathleen Timney on February 16, 2021
We were greatly saddened to hear of your loss. Jan was always smiling and full of laughter. We will remember her at Dixie pool, crossing paths with her on the Lakeshore and story telling at Mackay Centre School. Her energetic and creative stories captivated audiences, young and old alike. She was a beautiful and talented person.
Our deepest sympathies.
From the McMorran family, Jim, Kathleen, Bronwyn and Alura
Posted by Sharon Bond on February 15, 2021
Dear Mariella and Family,

You have been in my thoughts the past few weeks for the profound and difficult loss of your mother and life partner. Mariella your mother made an indelible mark on the lives of so many. As a mother of an ECS girl I remember her so clearly-her vitality and enthusiasm was infectious and made learning such a wonderful experience. Things come full circle and I now have the privilege of teaching you. My sincere condolence to your father and sister and may you continue to be nourished by all that she taught and gave to you over a lifetime. Professor Sharon Bond
Posted by Mary Howard on February 15, 2021
Dear Yves and family,

My sincerest condolences.

Jan was surely a lively and cherished part of our 'al dente' supper and bookclub when I first got to know her. When she invited me to be one of her first coaching clients, I jumped at the chance. Feminine Power lived through her. She provided me with so much learning about myself and about how to claim and live up to the feminine power in me as she excelled in her latest career in coaching. She loved to learn and grow as much as she gave to supporting others' growing, helping us to live in our full potential. Truly a force for creating a better world. May I live up to the potential she always could see in me.

With love,
Posted by Rachel Bond on February 14, 2021
Dear family of Mrs. Gregory,

I was so sorry to hear of Mrs. Gregory’s tragic passing. She was an inspirational teacher and created so many of my best memories at ECS. I was so excited to hear of our families new connection through my mother and Mariella and planned to reach out to Jan shortly. Such a lesson that we should never wait for these things in life. Nevertheless, her enthusiasm and positive attitude will always be with me. Thinking of all of you in this difficult time.

Rachel Bond
Posted by Dave Schurman on February 14, 2021
Hard to believe that my beloved Judith died within hours of Jan. Two stars of the ECS English Department gone. Tragic. Jan was an excellent teacher and fantastic member of the staff who loved her students. My condolences to Yves and the family.
Posted by Michael Hutton on February 13, 2021
Our sincerest sympathies to Yves and family. We taught with Jan in the "old days" and remember her cheerfulness and energy at ECS. Essie and Jan often co-ordinated with the school plays, although Essie always left the musicals for Jan to direct!
Posted by Derek Atkinson on February 12, 2021
To Janet's family, i wish to covey my deepest sympathy for your loss. Janet changed my life as a young student in his first year of High School and made the English language a an endless reservoir of mystery , fun, and joy with her never ending passion in showing us it's secrets.
I will miss you.
Posted by Huitine Nova on February 12, 2021
I wish to share all my love and friendship to Yves and the family. Jan was such an enlightened and kindred spirit. I still remember the energy she had when she first entered the typing writing class ! She taught me in Jonhson High School. I will miss her smile, her energetic mind and her sweet intelligence. Danielle Dussault
Posted by Stephanie Beneteau on February 12, 2021
I will never forget Jan's kindness, her vitality and humor, the mischievous glint in her eye, her deep deep love of her partner and children, her loyalty. And, I will never forget her versions of Come Again in the Spring, Oliver Hyde's Dishcloth Concert, the story of her grandmother and the story of family secrets revealed. Remembering her will always evoke love and joy, now with sadness too but there will always be sweetness in her memory and in the evocation of her name and spirit. My deepest sympathies to you Mariella, Jenny-May and YVes. We were blessed to have known her.
Posted by Peter Byrns on February 11, 2021
My deepest sympathies To you Yves, as also to Mary Ella and Jenny Mae. Jan was a wonderful person who will never be replaced, but her memory will always inspire all of us.
Posted by Luc Bergeron on February 11, 2021
Very Nice Lady you will be missed my Sympathies to all family and friends. My thoughts and prayers accompany you.

Luc Bergeron
Posted by CHRISTINE O'CONNELL on February 11, 2021
Dear Yves and family,
I'm saddened to hear about the loss of Jan. Please know you have my deepest sympathies. 
Posted by Linda Châteauneuf on February 11, 2021
How sad to hear about your departure. You will always be in my memory as a beautiful human being.
You were a magnifique teacher.
Posted by Stephen Blanchette on February 11, 2021
I was very saddened to hear of the passing of “Miss Gregory”. I knew her as my vibrant and energising English teacher during our shared time at Johnson’s High School in Thetford some 40 years ago.

She often combined laughter with learning and I will forever cherish and retell her humorous account of the time she was literally reeled in by her older brother, subsequently attacked by a mother swan, and then taken to emergency in a public bus whilst having to endure the pain and embarrassment of a fishing hook being lodged in her nose.

I wish all her closest family and friends solace in knowing she made a difference and enriched the lives of so many.
Posted by Ann Chiasson on February 10, 2021
Que dire de cette femme exceptionelle aux yeux pétillants? Les mots m'échappent en pensant à cette collègue rayonnante qui débordait de lumière et de bonne humeur. Je suis chanceuse de l'avoir connu pendant mes années à ECS. Mes très sincères symapthies à sa famille et ses proches. Je prie pour vous.
Posted by Dirk de Pagter on February 10, 2021
Dear Yves et famille.
It was with shock and sadness that we learned of Jan’s tragic passing. She was such a bright beam of light in a world all too gloomy of late. Warm and cheerful, it was always a delight to cross paths with her for however long she could tarry in her busy, bustling life. Our sincere condolences. The world has lost a truly unique, loving woman. A loss you must feel acutely. Wishing you all strength and better days ahead.

Dirk & Anne
Posted by Allyson Shames on February 9, 2021
I was so saddened to hear about Jan’s passing. I have been teaching at Terry Fox Elementary School for many years. We used to have a week during the year called ‘I Love to Read’ week. One of the first things done for this special week was to book Jan for her storytelling. I will always remember the special quilt she brought and the candle she lit with each story. She had all the students captivated with her animated stories. The second she spoke, we were all mesmerized. You could hear a pin drop until the very end of her tales. Her amazing spirit lit up the room. One year, she also held a drama workshop after school for teachers who were teaching drama. We spent lots of time laughing during that workshop. These are definitely some of my most cherished career memories.  My deepest sympathies to you all.
Posted by Carla Bolsius on February 9, 2021
"Hello, girls! How are ya?" rang out whenever Jannie entered a room. Talk would cease and all eyes would turn to this petite, energetic, smiling woman. Young, old, and older were drawn to her charm and magic. Jannie lit up every space and we will all miss her.
My condolences to Yves and her girls. May your wonderful memories ease your heartache.
Posted by Pearl Randall on February 7, 2021
How to capture the essence of Jan?!
The Queen of story telling.
Jan entertained us with wonderful tales, not just from books but from her own experiences from her early travels. She lived life to the fullest, a real risk taker!
Teaching with her at E.C.S. Saw her share that love of life as she bustled along the hallways.
Thoughts of her fill the soul with light and laughter. May this stay with the family as we all mourn her passing.
Posted by Molly Fripp on February 7, 2021
To Jan's family.
Please accept my most sincere condolences on Jan's death, and my wish for strength for you to deal with this tragic loss. It is indeed difficult to accept the loss of one so vibrant

Jan burst into ECS with all her signal joie-de-vivre for teaching and for life in general. She made an enthusiastic and highly professional contribution to the English and Drama Departments. Her energy and creativity seemed boundless, as did her enthusiasm for teaching. So many ECS girls benefitted from her broad knowledge of literature, of drama, and her own love of language. Jan's smile could light up the whole length of the graduate's corridor. Such an untimely death.
Posted by Gauthier Ghislaine on February 7, 2021
J’aimerais offrir mes condoléances à la famille de Jan qui restera toujours dans mes souvenirs et dans mon cœur un être pétillant de vie et de chaleur humaine. Courage!
Posted by Karen Commerford on February 6, 2021
To Jan's family,

Having worked with Jan for many years at ECS, I witnessed the positive energy and laughter she brought to students and teachers. I was always thrilled to bump into Jan in the photocopy room , as she would share a funny story that would give me the fit of giggles. We were deeply saddened to hear of your sudden loss and we extend our deep condolences. It goes without saying, that Jan touched many lives.
Much warmth,

Karen, Zoē, and Rhyland
Posted by Helen Cane on February 6, 2021
So sad to hear that Jan is no longer with us. I remember her from my days at ECS. She was a lively lady full of fun and great ideas. She will be missed by many

Helen Cane (Howard)
Posted by Serge Gendron on February 6, 2021
To the family of Jan Gregory, my deepest sympathy to you all.
Mary Phillips
Posted by Ann Begin on February 6, 2021
To Jan's family,
I worked many years ago with Jan where she creatively orchestrated the stage in her drama classes. She was always a smiley happy person and full of life. She made me feel welcomed in my new position and I know how much her students adored her. Jan's life was a life lived to its fullest. Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we all feel. My heart goes out to your family in your time of sorrow.
Posted by Serge Gendron on February 6, 2021
Dear family of Jan Gregory,
It is with great sorrow that we learned of Jan's passing. She was at school where I taught «la joie de vivre» itself. Always smiling and always ready to help others. She will remain in our memory for a long time and we wish to receive her help beyond where she is now.
Our deepest condolences to all his family and friends,
Serge and Monique Gendron
Posted by Anne Fournel on February 6, 2021
Cher Yves,
Alain et moi partageons ta peine en ces jours difficiles. Nous sommes en pensées avec toi, vos enfants, vos familles et tous ceux qui aimaient Jan.
Recevez nos plus sincères condoléances.
Anne Fournel et Alain Bergeron

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Posted by Dave Schurman on February 1, 2022
One year is really not a long time is it? BUT that year without these two magnificent ladies was very hard. Judith and Jan were the best of the best and we all miss them today - and will never forget them...
Dave Schurman
Posted by John Laforte on February 1, 2022
I am simply going to add that I miss you Jan.
Posted by Dave Schurman on January 23, 2022
A simply wonderful teacher and all around beautiful person. Amazing that a year has passed since she left us…on the same day and hour as my darling Judith. Two shining lights in ECS and in the world of education. Sorely missed but happy to have know them. I feel most grateful that they were able to make an impact on the students they nurtured.
Dave Schurman
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Shared by Lilly Vogelesang on February 24, 2021
I just heard of her passing and I am heartbroken. Mrs. Gregory introduced me to the passion of drama and storytelling. To this day I have carried that passion with me. Those days were some of my fondest memories from ECS. I am truly sorry to hear of her passing. My best condolences to her family.