My bestie from the age of 16

Shared by Stephanie Malin on January 27, 2016

. I will never forget you I will always remember you you're in my wedding you are at my sweet 16 and the words can't express how much I miss you till the end Jane I love you and things will never be the same in the in the years to come love Stephanie 

Mom Jane

Shared by Beth Friday on February 5, 2014

Mom Jane,

As I think back on when I first met you, way before I met Rhiannon, it dosen't feel like I have known you for 13 years.  We had some crazy times!  Your smile was infectious that it would light up any room that would be in.  I absolutely loved your Green eyes.  I cannot just pick one memeory that we have shared, there are way too many.  We had our ups and downs.  Happy and sad times.  Through it all you always treated me as one of your own.  You weren't shy about saying how you felt.  Which was YOU!  Your greatest accomplishment in life were your 4 kids, Lori, Anthony, Rhiannon and Tommy.  They were your everything.  And it showed.  You also loved your grandkids, Peanut, Kyrstin, Xiarre, Aaron and you couldn't stop talking and bragging that Lori is having twins.  Family to you was everything.  I just loved how you treated my 2 kids, Megan and Brenden as your own grandchildren.  You had a host of friends who loved you dearly.  I just can not seem to find the words to express how I truly feel.  I think you already know.  Please just know that this is not good bye.  It is see you later.  I know we will see eachother again.  Keep watch over ALL of us, as I know you will do.  Rest easy beautiful Angel.  WooHoo as you would say.

I love you Mom Jane and I know my kids do as well.

Love always,
Beth, Megan and Brenden    


Shared by Kim Yates on February 4, 2014

My Cherry,

  When I think of you I immediately see you're bright, infectious smile and your beautiful green eyes and a flood of memories just take over my mind. You and I met about 8 years ago and back then we really didn't like eachother (maybe because we just never cared to take the time to actually get to KNOW eachother). About 3 years later after actually spending some time around one another, we realized that we just really clicked. Quite amazing since we were two totally different people but I think that's what made our friendship so interesting and fun. I felt we had a special kind of bond, we used to talk every single night before we went to bed, just telling stories and talking about "life" and family, our kids and our horrible choices in relationships. I can remember laughing so hard with you that I would be crying when we'd watch American Idol (the auditions), America's got talent or World's dumbest (just to name a few).  We would always say "oh...I just love myself sometimes". Look I can go on an on with all the memories of you.  Tonight I have to be with your family and try to be strong while we all lay you to rest.  Just know, that you will be forever in my heart and I will always, always remember the beautiful friendship we had. I will never forget you Jane.  Love you,   your Peach.


Shared by Rhiannon Kline on February 2, 2014
Mom (green bean) words can not express the hurt and pain im going through rite now but I have so many wonderful memories of u to help me along this empty journey with out u here. I will remember all the love and support u have given your children along the way...Also all the great memories of us going out together and me spending the night at maryannes we had so much fun... Mom I love and miss u so much the love for your kids and grandkids was so unconditional I could not have asked for a better mom... Until we meet again Thank u for everything...I love u and miss u so much...Keep in touch plz...

My baby Sister

Shared by Marian Castiglione on February 1, 2014
Jane I couldn't asked for a better sister. You were a wonderful person and loved by so many. I remember so many stories I don't know which one to tell. We had many talks when you would spend the night. About 5 years ago you spent the night Christmas Eve. You and I stayed up all night talking. Christmas morning we opened gifts. I can still see your face because you had gifts to open. Jane I will miss you everyday of the rest of my life, but one day we will be together again. I love you Your favorite Sister (lol) Marian

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