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For all who miss her, but shared her song

Shared by Ted Babbit on March 6, 2012

The Minstrels


Holding sand within your hand

A mighty feat indeed

No matter how strong

It won’t be there long

It’s nature to be freed


As it falls

To the world it calls

In each grain a symphony

A gentle cascade

In harmony played

In heavens only key


Every note sincere

Then disappear

Her song played day to day

The lucky few

Were those she knew

When they heard her minstrels play

I bet...

Shared by Phoebe Nicholson on March 3, 2012

I Bet you I was the best 1st grandchild in the world! I bet you mom is still going nuts about you putting a pickle note on her back lasy year! I bet you You where the best Grandmother a 10 year old little girl could have!

(P.S. I bet you i got a qusetion. Are you gonna come to my Tropicanna Speeach on monday???


Shared by Phoebe Nicholson on November 30, 2011

He was waitin for her at rainbow ridge


Shared by Paige Nicholson on November 30, 2011

jane is funny

Shared by milton nicholson on November 30, 2011

The first time i met Jane it was easy to see she was a special person and i was taken by the way she was so in love with my brother Rich, i am deeply saddened by her passing, she will always be someone i love and respect.. my heart goes out to my brother and Janes family, i know she fought hard to stay with her family, and i know she will be deeply missed by all...

Don't miss it!

Shared by Elaine Dahl on November 30, 2011

The phone would ring- "Hi, Andrea Bochelli is on now, channel 1060-don't miss it" - "OK thanks" - click.

The phone would ring- "Hi, the Celtic dancers are on tonight, 8 o'clock-don't miss it"- "OK thanks" -click.

That was Jane, she was aware of what your interest were and was happy to share them with you when she could. And to make sure you didn't miss the things you liked.

I will miss the phone calls with the unidentified caller- just giving you the important information you needed to know and the message- "Don't miss it"

You will be missed Jane!


Shared by Leslie Nicholson on November 28, 2011

I remember the first time we met and I could tell how crazy Jane was for her love my father-n-law Rich. Shortly after we met it was Mother's Day and I bought Jane a little bear that said Happy Mother's Day. From then on I always got her either flowers, a gift or a card to let her know she had a daughter. I bonded with Jane from day one. I remember her saying I'm going to adopt you. We would go shopping together and eat at one of her favorite places, Olive Garden. When I lived with Jane and Rich our bond grew and I was showing her how to bake and wrap presents in new ways, or do it for her :)  When I moved in with my puppy sidney she fell in love and got a puppy herself named Levi. Levi and Sidney were our babies and we had great times together, including taking them to my wedding. I married her step son Eric and we were very happy to have her there with us. I remember her going shopping for make up for the wedding and I helped her to practice putting it on. Eric and I both were close to Jane and we always looked out for her and helped her when ever she needed us. Even thou she never had children of her own we were her children just the grown up version. 

When I moved out and started a family, she was there for all three of my boys birth and she bought them special little stuffed animals (dogs) that my boys sleep with every night to this day. She always bought them things to play with when we would visit and we always discussed there education. She was always talking about how she loved to see them read and write. My boys love there Grandma Jane. She loved holding them and feeding them. 

I have alot of great memories such as us on a bowling league together, I still have my bag and ball. Taking the dogs for walks and talking about life and girly things. I loved helping her cook and work around the house. Putting up a tree at christmas and going out to eat for birthdays. We had many traditions over the years and I'm so glad to be a part of her life. 

I love you Jane and I will always and forever be your daughter. I'm glad we got to talk and spent time together that last day here with us. 

P.S. I don't think it hit me until today at school Logan told a friend "that his Grandma Jane was in heaven with her doggy Levi because sometimes when you get sick, the doctors can't fix it."  

Good Times

Shared by Phoebe Nicholson on November 28, 2011

I'll never forget the times I said''Can we play the tickel game together?'' We'd always play jokes and sometimes eat out of the same bowl sometimes.We'd always eat salad or lamb together.We are known for all the crazy funny things we did together! Grandma Jane...You are in my heart and mind and thank you-For every thing you did!You are a very specal person!LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!Hugs and Kisses...You #1 grandaughter...Phoebe Nicholson!

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