Posted by George Koumantzelis on October 27, 2020
Dear Jane,

Wherever you are right now, sweetie: thank you for being my friend!

Thank you for your sweet charm and joyous charisma!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful effervescence with all of us who shared your blessed circle of friends at Umass, Amherst in the early 1970’s!

You, truly, were one of the most magical “Flower Girls”!

May the Good Lord bless and protect, and bring beautiful peace to your immortal soul, now and forever!

“HAPPY TRAILS!” Janey-poo!

George “Koumie the UMIES” Koumantzelis ✨✨
Posted by Gretchen Loeffler on October 27, 2020
I have never met Jane, but feel like I know her well. She was so helpful to me this Spring when I was filing for unemployment as a self employed person. She had been working long hours and was always so helpful and friendly. Since it was the first time ever that self employed could collect, there were lots of questions and mistakes on my part. I did slide a thank you card under the door of her place of employment, she was so helpful! I feel like she was a long time friend. I’m sure she will be missed by everyone she touched.
Posted by Kathy Burnell on October 26, 2020
As a neighbor, Jane was the best! If she was out and about or sitting on her porch, it was impossible not to run across the street to check in, and it was always hard to stop chatting, Jane so proud of her children and granddaugher, and so curious about how our family was doing. Our grandson loves the swing on the giant ash tree! Jane and Mollie helped him overcome a fear of dogs. When my sister from Minnesota stayed with us for a year, Jane befriended her--just one more example of her generous and kind nature. We are saddened by Jane's passing, and grateful for having known her.
Posted by Audrey Stuart on October 24, 2020
Jane - warm and kind, fun and funny, generous and loving. My dear friend since the day we first met at UMass. Thank you for getting me to the Burlington High prom!!! Just 7 minutes from my house to yours. I am so grateful that we were able to rekindle our friendship over these past few years. You will be missed beyond words. xoxo
Posted by John Chepes on October 21, 2020
Jane has a beautiful, giant white ash tree in front of her house. We worked on this tree for many years and we respected her for not wanting to cut it down. I will drive by that tree and think her everytime I see it.
Posted by Lorna Doherty on October 20, 2020
will always remember Jane and Mollie (and two yellow labs before Mollie) in our neighborhood, it was a joy to know you Jane
Posted by LN Kimble on October 20, 2020
Such a wonderful spirit - Jane you will be missed!

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