Shared by Dawn Busch on May 2, 2019

Words can’t express all my heart has to say. I have so many great memories of this beautiful lady.  What stands out so much in my mind is Janet’s love for kids. When my son Riley was born she couldn’t wait to hold him, he started to cry and fuss and Janet said, “ it’s good to hear a baby cry”, after long nights and lack of sleep, I though she was crazy, I asked her why she would say that! Janet kisses Riley’s forehead and said, “ that means he’s healthy and full of life”! That statement stayed with me will all my babies and still hear Janet’s words when I hear my grand babies cry!  Janet’s smile and laughter were contagious! Even when a tornado hit our ranch, Janet, mom and me were outside when it hit because she wanted us to see the “funny clouds”, After finding everyone safe she said, “ well talk about weathering a storm together “!  Janet you left us all too soon but the memories you have left us with will stay forever! I can see you smiling and hear your laughter I just wished I could have one more hug!

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