My mom

Shared by Gin Vollrath on April 19, 2019

i came, well me & my twin sister came in to ur life sept.-7-1978. But god need my sister home for a Thanksgiving angel. She went home nov.-19-1978 So now u got me. I enjoyed the bad & good times we had. I remember that time me & rode to that camping spot in woods off the old highway 29 south. & when we was leaving, the way out there was a big mud hole filled with mud. So went threw it. & u said "we not going to make it" & I said "oh we will, trust me". So I went threw it & guess what we got stuck. So u got out & got behind the car & said "I push & gas it" bout that time u pushed & I gas the car. I came out oh rite, but when I gas it & threw mud all over u. I didn't no to either laugh or cry. I will truely miss u MomĀ 

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