Gratitude for My Mother

Shared by Tara Buck on April 14, 2021
I am so grateful for my beautiful mother Janet. She gave me her smile, her laugh, her love for music, dancing, and the beach. She valued our education and advocated for Nicole and I to go to the best schools when we didn't feel challenged. She helped us with our science fair projects, prioritized our studies, and always made us feel like we could study to be anything. She had high expectations of Nicky and I and always expected us to go to college and make something of our lives. Even when we struggled financially, she always made sure we were taken care of. She always kissed us Good Night before we would sleep and gave the best, warm hugs. She came to every graduation we ever had, even when she lived across the country. Mom instilled in us that we could work hard, live free, pursue our dreams, and be true to ourselves. I will miss her beautiful voice, her smile, her infectious laugh, and sweet gentle personality. I love you mom and I will always remember how much you loved to help people and how much you sacrificed for us. You will always be in my heart and I love you!

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