Let the memory of Janice be with us forever
  • 60 years old
  • Born on October 1, 1951 in High Point, North Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on November 18, 2011 in Thomasville, North Carolina, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Janice Crotts, 60, born on October 1, 1951 and passed away on November 18, 2011. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Deborah Caudill on November 18, 2017
Hi Sis - I miss you so much! We really need you here. I need your advice. I don't know what to do. I missed writing to you in 2014 and 2015. I broke my right leg in 7 places and then broke my right hip a few days after I got out of the hospital. Devlin is ok. I love him so much, but he has lost so many people in his life. We were blessed not to lose anyone until we were grown. I hope you are with Daddy and Granny. Mom is 93 and is not happy to be alive. She says her life is a living hell! I don't know what to do for her. She made her choices, but those choices have made me let Daddy down. I miss you and wish I could talk to you. I hope you are happy at last. I miss you Big Sis.
Posted by Deborah Caudill on October 1, 2016
Happy Birthday big sis! I love you! I miss you everyday! Devlin misses you! Charlie added a tribute that I just saw. It was really sweet.. I too hope you are running with the wolves in heaven. I hope I get to run with you too! I think of you every day, sometimes I smile and laugh and other days I sob like a baby because I miss you so much! Come see me if you can find your way to me. I love you, big sis!
Posted by Deborah Caudill on November 18, 2013
My dear and wonderful sister - I miss you more than ever. People always say time heals all wounds, but people are wrong. The pain of losing my family is worse than ever. Devlin misses you so much. We have tried to keep an eye on Charlie for you. He was so sad and so lonely. He is painting your portrait. i cant wait to see it. I wish I could talk to you again, so I wait for you to visit me and there have been times I've felt your presence. Scott came by and bullied me for my share of your ashes. He is worse than ever. I will never forgive him for saying he talked to you and that you were okay. The hospital told me that was a lie. If I had believed him, you would have died alone. Devlin and I were with you. Thank you for waiting on me to get there. There has been no closure. Scott would not allow a funeral or a memorial service. I think of you every day and talk to you a lot. I know you are in a better place and I will join you there one day. I need to be here with Devlin until he is grown and settled unless God has other plans for me. I love you my sister. I miss you so much!
Posted by Charlie Crotts on November 18, 2013
Jan was the Patron Saint of small animals. Saint Jan. One day she asked me if we could get this stray starving cat near Granny's home. I of course said yes. I told her to get a can of sardines and put it near the open door of her Nissan 300. She did and caught it. It was nothing but bones. It had no face but for a nose. Then she came home bursting in the door. Jan ran around the house drawing the shades and peering out the windows hiding. I asked her what's wrong. She said the police might be after her. I asked, "For picking up a stray cat? I don't think so. You counter sue for animal cruelty." Then she calmed down." When she returned to the kitchen the cat had eaten through the McDonald bag, through the hamburger wrappers and eaten three hamburgers. We had decided to name the cat, "Mikey", after the popular commercial at the time. She had a heart of gold. Mikey was just the beginning. I think she loved the wolves the most. Jan was literally ahead of her time. She and the wolves could have had their own reality TV show. Those wolves were so zany. The jokes they played on Jan. I really mean it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They play a bunch on me too. Buy Cheyenne was always after Jan. Cheyenne, the female, and the smartest, slept at the foot of the bed. And when Jan would get up to go to the toilet Cheyenne would sneak up and stick her snout under the covers and go under turn around and bring just her head out and lie down with her head on the pillow and play 'possum. Jan would come back and push her off. But later Cheyenne would just make herself heavy and not move. So poor little Jan would just push Cheyenne over to me and crawl in bed and go to sleep. Later I would wake up in the dark and think Jan was snuggled up next to me and I would be happy. But, even later, I would begin to realize Jan's scent had changed. No. Jan's scent had REALLY! changed. Hell no! It's that damn wolf was getting over like a rat! They were happy times. Long ago and far away. I hope she is in Heaven, running with the wolves.
Posted by Deborah Caudill on November 18, 2012
It's been a year without my sister in my life. I miss her more than words can describe. There was no sense of closure since they wouldn't have a funeral service, or a memorial or even a wake. That is so wrong! Scott said she didn't have any friends but that is not true. She had me and I had her. I loved her and she loved me. I still miss her so much and my broken heart will not mend.
Posted by Deborah Caudill on November 22, 2011
Jan was always there for me, even as a child she let me tag along with my wonderful big sis. I will miss her every day for the rest of my life and will miss her forever.

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