Let the memory of Janice be with us forever
  • 62 years old
  • Born on March 11, 1937 .
  • Passed away on June 23, 1999 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Janice Minger 62 years old , born on March 11, 1937 and passed away on June 23, 1999. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Robert Higgins on 27th May 2018
Hello Mom Thought I would stop by and say hello. It has been a few years since I have been home to visit. I think it is time to make a trip and see how everyone is. We didn't get a chance to spend a lot of time in later years and some memories have left me no matter how much I try to hold onto them. I missed having those later years to talk and hearing your voice. Keep an eye on everyone and do what you always did best. "Love you Always"
Posted by Robert Higgins on 11th March 2018
Happy Birthday Mom!!! I hope you have had time to get to know your Grandson Richard, who is also in Heaven and gone too soon. You have a new great granddaughter, Madelyn, who will be turning 1 next month. She is so beautiful.Melissa & Patrick are truly enjoying her and being a Family. You would have been a young 81 this year. Still able to live and enjoy life. No matter the years, I still miss you and look back to all the years we missed together. Katerina is growing up to be quite a young lady. Chase and Ryan are working on the Dad & Son thing. They could use a little help if you happen to be around. Eric & Justin are doing good together, at least from the outside looking in. :) Marina and I just celebrated our 11 years of "I Do" Ally just turned "Sweet 16" how about that? Sierra & Brandon have had a few challenges but are strong and overcame them. I will try to not a whole year pass before I write again.I love you always and pray one day to see you again. Enjoy your Heavenly Birthday!!!!!
Posted by Kim Wells on 25th June 2017
Miss you and love you Grandma
Posted by Robert Higgins on 11th March 2017
Happy 80th Birthday Mom
Posted by Robert Higgins on 23rd June 2016
Hello Mom, It's been seventeen years today that you left us. 62 was such a young age to go! There was so much I didn't get to tell you and so much you didn't get a chance to see. We have a new member of the family, Chase. You would love him! Ryan is loving being a Dad. It's been a tough couple of years. I now understand how tough it had to be a Mother in our younger years. You were always there and always found a way to make things work out. I Pray and hope I will see you one day. Say hello to everyone and continue to watch over us. "Love you Always"
Posted by Robert Higgins on 8th May 2016
Happy Mother's Day Mom It has been awhile since we last talked but you are in my thoughts everyday. Lot's has happened since last we talked but of course you see all of it from your looking down on the family. As I get older more comes to mind on all the things I missed while growing up. In the loss of Richard I used the term, "Gone to Soon" and I realize now that you were a Mom "Gone to Soon" At the age of 62, you still had so much life to live. I know you didn't necessarily have the life you wanted. You had to grow up quick with 3 children before you were 20. That was a lot to handle and not an easy time. But you never gave up and you did everything you could to keep us together. My heart ache's tonight as i go over all the years we had together. We didn't always agree and had our share of arguments, BUT you wyou did for usere always there, no matter what. So tonight, I want to tell you, You were always Loved! There was never a moment that I wasn't grateful for all you did for us. One day we will meet again. So until then, know that you are still Loved and you forever will be in my heart. "Love you Always"
Posted by Robert Higgins on 2nd August 2015
Hello Mom I came to visit today as you know and was somewhat sad to see things a little bit grown over! Ryan and I went to find the Lowes in town and came back with some grass trimming shears and after a little while had you all trimmed up, and then we moved on to Grandpa & Grandma and finished up with Dale. I guess you could say you all received haircuts today. We stopped by The Village Market as the flower shop across the street was closed. It was fine as they had a beautiful mix of flowers with lots of colors. Seems like were always in a hurry. I didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked to. I hope you like the flowers. I will "Love you Always"
Posted by Robert Higgins on 11th July 2015
Good Morning Mom! Just dropping in to say hello. Found a few pictures I wanted to add to build on the memories! I wish I had more. For someone who was so important in my life I don't have many. We did have a lot of fun I a our younger years didn't we? My memories are not as strong on those early years but I have some! I hope you have had the time to find everyone and get caught up on the news! What do you think of Richard? Quite the grandson, right. Tell him I said hello and that we miss him a lot! Katerina is quite the young girl. I hope you help keep an eye on her for me, she never had the chance to meet you but she has seen your pictures. I miss you Mom Tomorrow is Vicki's birthday, I know you know that but maybe you could drop in and give her a hug from me since she is so far away! I miss her being around. She is quite the women!
Posted by Nancy Holder on 23rd June 2015
Janice, Hi Janice, today is the day you passed away 16 years ago. I remember when I went to your funeral and I was pregnant with my son Josh, (he was due two weeks later but I begged my dr to let me go to Ohio to see you, which was an 8 hr drive). I remember growing up and even though you were strict with all of your kids and me too when I came over; you were still the one that always wanting to do fun things. You always included me when you took Jean, Robert, Vicki, Mark and Dale to: Lake Milton, Idora Park, Canfield Fair, Silver Park for fireworks or a picnic or other celebrations and fun places. You also went overboard for Christmas, we always got the most presents from you. Christmas eve you and Lewis always brought tons and tons of gifts over for us to open the next morning. I always loved how fun things brought out the "kid" in you. And you and Lewis were always remodeling our house for us. And I am thinking that was mom and dad's Christmas gifts. Like putting in a new stainless steel kitchen sink and putting in a big sliding kitchen window in place of an old door and little window. I know there were more, but those stuck out in my mind. You took Kerry and Sheri in when they needed a place to stay and you also took care of mom when she was super sick, you took her in to your home to make sure she had the best of care. You had the biggest heart and cared so much for others. I am sorry I didn't see that as a kid growing up. As a kid, you were a big sister, but you were my "second mom" you included me in all your family events and I came to believe that Jean, Robert and Vicki (and later on Mark and Dale) were my brothers and sisters, not nieces and nephews. I learned that as I grew up, and mom was gone, that I relied on you for all the motherly advice. When I was pregnant for all my sons, you and Karen were always there for me to help with any questions I had. If it wasn't for the two of you, I would have been lost. I remember when I was pregnant with Nathan and lived in Indiana you and Lewis came down and took me and Bonnie out to eat. That was so nice of you, but I felt really bad cuz as I was getting out of the car to go home, I had "morning sickness" inside the floorboard of the backseat.
Posted by Robert Higgins on 10th May 2015
Happy Mothers Day to the most dedicated, hard working women I ever knew. They say you never know what you have lost until after you have lost it. Those words ring loud in my heart as in our later years we didn't get the chance to talk, visit and share life. It is only now I realize how much you gave of yourself to always make sure we were fed, clothed and roof over our head, which back then, at times was a significant challenge. I always loved you, but I could have shown it more. I thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me and I pray that I make it to Heaven to see you and spend the rest of Eternity catching up and showing you just how much I loved you. Be at Peace and I will see you when I see you. "Love you Always"
Posted by Kim Wells on 11th March 2015
Hi Grandma, it's been a long time since you passed and I miss you coming to visit. I remember all of us getting together eating Victorio's pizza. I remember you would always call me Kimberly never Kim or Kimmy, you said Kimberly was my given name and that's what you will call me. You were the only one to call me Kimberly no one does now and that's fine with me, it gives me that memory of you being the only one to. Love you
Posted by Robert Higgins on 11th March 2015
Happy Birthday Mom!! Yes even though your in Heaven we still do birthdays here on earth. Today you would have been 78 in earth years but you are eternal in heaven! Have a beautiful day and I will see you when I see you
Posted by Robert Higgins on 9th December 2014
Hi Mom, I hope by now you have met your grandson, Richard and shared some memories. He is a great kid with a big heart and I know how much you loved to laugh so I imagine he has you in stiches by now if there is such a thing in heaven. I know he is ok but if you wouldn't mind keeping an eye on him I would appreciate it. I know you are well and I just wanted to tell you, I really do miss you. I know in the later years we weren't around each other much BUT you are still in my heart and as Richard says, I will "Love you Always"
Posted by Karen Sineri on 5th October 2014
Janice, you were my fun big sister! You left us way too soon! I remember growing up that you would always take me to fairs, fireworks, amusement parks and fun places. I loved the summer you came to visit in alliance and stayed with me 3 weeks, in the late 1990's. I felt I really got to know you as grownup sisters that summer. I have pictures of you on your very last visit with me...Nancy was there too. Three sisters together, sharing our love and supporting you with the loss of your husband. Nancy came out of the bathroom with green goop all over here face and you laughed until you cried! We got the hearty laugh frozen in time... I love that picture of you and love and miss you! My regret is that I didn't call or check on you after that. You left phone messages and told me I didn't need to return the call. How I wish I had! Please, everyone reading this, pick up the phone and call your loved ones! I love you Janice, your little sister, Karen
Posted by Jean Moore on 27th September 2014
Hi Mom ! think about you everyday and miss you so much . Today you gave birth to me at 6:02 am , told me you foot hurt afterwards , we had our ups and downs like any kid does growing up . But the older I got the more I understood why :) Alexandria ( your first great grand daughter ) is going to have a baby girl in February . Deven who you never got to see or hold has turned into a very good looking young man . Thank you for guiding me Robert and Vicki to be strong , for you made us who we are today . Love and miss you always Jean Marie
Posted by Robert Higgins on 26th September 2014
Hello Mom, It has been a long time, too Long for sure. But I wanted to do this because I hope that all your friends and family might contribute some pictures and times they had with you so that I might see how you lived. You were a tough Mom, but you were great! I miss you so much! This is the only picture I have of you but you are truly beautiful. As your Grandson Richard says, Love you Always Your Son Robert

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