Shared by Brent And Drew Dixon on April 24, 2019

From Beth Badgett Voss, cousin:

Jan always had a way of making you feel like you were the most important person in the world.  

I loved when she would go get the old family pictures and we would relive our times at Grandma's, playing store and laughing with family.  She burst with pride when she talked about her boys. 

 I remember when she told me Drew had tried out for the school musical for the first time ever--and he was given the lead!--He would be playing the role of Jesus!  We were out of our minds excited together! --And I remember when Brent insisted on staying home from college one semester to take care of her.--Every time I called her or went to see her, those two would be laughing and having the best time!

She certainly had her own unique and special way of fun and loving all she knew--but so happy and excited for her "new"--How beautiful Heaven must be!--It's easy to picture her with Jesus and all her loved ones already there.--She helped us stay connected here on earth with all her pictures and memories. We love and miss her so much!

Shared by Brent And Drew Dixon on April 24, 2019

From Karin McDonald, friend and sister in Christ:

I spent a lot of time with Jan the last several months which were absolutely fun!  We spent several holidays together, and she would surprise me with treats like eggnog, cocoa, fruit smoothies and root beer floats.  

When she euthanized her cat of 17 years, Kelly, she called me in tears asking if I could stay the night with her and the rest of the weekend.  Being friends with her was so special.

Shared by Brent And Drew Dixon on April 24, 2019

From Nita Badgett McCracken, cousin:  

Family was Jan’s greatest joy!

During a visit to our cousin Beth’s several years ago, Jan gave me a priceless gift - a photo album she created for me with family photos from long ago.   I will treasure it forever. We looked through all of the pictures together, and she shared the sweetest comments about each person. 

From Russia with Love

Shared by Nina Semenova on April 17, 2019

I first met Jan back in 1998 when she was visiting Russia. She met my family and said her son Drew was 8, as well as my daughter and it would be nice for them to meet one day. And they did, 2 years later when we came to the US for a visit. Jan was so happy Katya and Drew got on really well and enjoyed playing together. She invited us to her house, organised a day trip for all of us to Space Centre Houston, and was so welcoming and caring. Ever since that time we were staying in touch - first by emails, then Facebook... She so treasured the memories of our time together, reminiscing and sharing photos of those times. 

When my granddaughter was born, she was asking for more and more photos, then made a wonderful slideshow with them. Frank Sinatra's "When you're simling" was the theme of the video. I wish I was skilled enough with computers to create a slideshow with HER photos now, with this very song. It's so much like Jan - always smiling, making everyone around smile, too.

I loved her poems, admired her wit and sense of humour. But most of all I loved her wonderful soul... I have a magnet on my refrigerator, Jan's present which says that good friends are forever...

I knew she was very sick but could not even imagine it was SO serious. She never complianed much, just mentioned her bronchitis every now and then. Last time I sent her a message was after she announced her grandson. She read it but didn't reply. I thought she was busy... We didn't get to talk, and I didn't get to say goodbye. I am doing it now - goodbye, sweet Jan, I will always miss you

Shared by Amy Brown on April 23, 2019

This a picture of some of the Aiken Breakin Broads. We were at a mystery dinner theater in Orlando Fl. As you can see Jan was always doing mischievous things to get a laugh, We had quite a few get together's with this group. One time was in Texas where we all got together at Jans house, On our way to the venue where Clay Aiken was preforming it stormed so hard we didnt think we were going to make it there because of the fast rising water, But we all made it and had a great time. I am so sorry for Jans passing. She was one of the nicest people I knew —

A True Friend

Shared by Christy Guess on April 19, 2019

Jan and I met in sixth grade homeroom at C.O. Wilson Jr. High in Nederland.  I sat in front of her and she would always tap me on the shoulder and ask questions!  We laughed about that and quickly became friends.  We were in the band together and remained friends throughout high school and college.  We had many good times on band trips and parties with friends.  In college we were both band secretaries and shared rides back and forth to school every day.  We also had many classes together as we were the same major.

Jan was truly a life long friend and a wonderful person you could always count on.  I will never forget the great times we had together.  I am so glad she reached out to me this past October and we were able to get together, have pizza and share memories and photos.  It was a special night as Jan also arranged to skype in Monica Spittler, as we all shared many great memories together from Junior High through college.   Jan was great to talk to and loved to hear about everyone.  She could always make me laugh with her great sense of humor.

I will miss her so much.  I always knew I could reach out to her anytime.  I loved hearing about her sons and seeing their pictures.  I know she was a wonderful Mom.

We love you, Grandma.

Shared by Lilia Dixon on April 17, 2019

4 weeks ago today we got to meet the brave little man who chose us as his parents — an 8 lb 4 oz, 22-inch bundle of wide-eyed curiosity named Aza Dixon

Less than 2 weeks later, his grandma Jan, Brent’s mother, went into the hospital for the third time in six months. She gave her new grandson lessons in strength, vulnerability, and even playfulness as she fought over these last two weeks. On Friday afternoon she passed away, surrounded by family. She was one of the purest hearts we’ve ever known.

It’s impossible to untangle the joy and the hope from the grief and the pain we’re experiencing right now, so we’re holding all of our emotions with an aching tenderness. We’re so grateful for the technology that allowed these two the chance to meet and look into each other’s eyes across a continent before she passed, and completely heartbroken that Jan won’t be here in person in coming years to bring her boundless joy, humor, creativity, and deep caring to her new grandson.

Her spirit will always be with us through her stories, traditions, art and poems, and every way she has shaped us.

We love you Mama — rest peacefully. We love you Aza — welcome to your life.

Shared by Brent And Drew Dixon on April 17, 2019

From Junelle Gatza:

Jan and I met in high school at All-Region Band where we both played clarinet. I was second chair and she was first (she always reminded me of that fact). When we discovered we were both members of the Lord's church, we knew we had a connection for life. As we were both members of the Lamar University Band and also worked in the Music Department, our friendship deepened. Jan was a bridesmaid in my wedding. As we began to raise our families, some of my fondest memories are visiting at Christmastime. She loved this time of year and loved to go look at Christmas lights and visit the Christmas Store. As our families grew and we aged, we shared many phone conversations about the important events in our lives, especially about taking care of our mothers who both suffered from Alzheimer's. I will always cherish her dear friendship and sweet smile.

I thank God that she was my sister in Christ, for her witty sense of humor, and for her care and compassion for others.

Shared by Brent And Drew Dixon on April 17, 2019

From April Robinson:

Jan was such an amazing person. She loved her family so very much. She loved her friends so much. Jan was just love. You didn't know her without knowing that <3 Though we never met in real life, she was such a loving and supporting friend. Over the years she has sent both my daughter and I things she created for each of us. I sent her chocolate chip cookies :) Such a loss for us, but what a gain for Heaven.

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