My Dad

My Dad was my hero, but never realized it.  He worked long hours and very hard to support us all.  But Daddy never knew how to love us the way we needed him to.  I dreamed of being able to spend quality time with him.  I don't think he ever realized just how much we needed him in our lives.  Daddy hurt me in many ways and I know I disappointed him in many ways, but we did love each other.  Before Daddy died, we made peace with each other and I miss him dearly.  He will always be my hero and I will always regret not having more quality time with him.  It has really left it's scars on my life.

Daddy, I have always loved you and you will always be my hero.  I'm so glad we made our peace before God called you home.  I will see you again one day and maybe then we can have the quality time we never had here.  I sure hope so.  I miss you.