Jasmine Samantha Palmer/Foster
  • 32 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 10, 1974
  • Date of passing: Jun 4, 2007
Let the memory of Jasmine be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jasmine Palmer/Foster, 32, born on November 10, 1974 and passed away on June 4, 2007. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Moya Mcdaniel on 4th June 2017

"Never a day goes by that I don't think of you.
You might not be here with me but you forever be in my heart.
You was taken away too soon,but the good lord has his reason.
I be crazy if I say I don't miss you because I do..
But one day we will reunite again,we can be outhere crazy selves.
R.I E D"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 2nd June 2017

"Hello my daughter you think I forget you I ain't been here for a while but you always in my heart I think of you so often and wish you were still here things would be so different telling you we miss you don't make much difference we all miss you everyday for one reason or another  I pray you are at peace I know 10 years as come by so quick it seems like yesterday my grandkids your kids doing well and oh my goodness you're going to be a grandma me great grandma if only things was different but I am sure you there with a big smile on your face you a grandma you're 10 years older than me when I became a grand ma so really it's good watch over them if you can we are all trying but there's days when it's hard our memory is etch but the pain is always there lurking 10 years seems like a life time without you oh you are at peace love you forever my only daughter miss you as always but have to stay strong for our family R.I.P  MY Jasmine our Jasmine xx"

This tribute was added by Odette Palmer on 9th November 2016

"Never forgotten Jasmine will always miss you love you always Odette xxxx"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 10th June 2016

"9 years has gone by so quick but your memory is always with me sometimes i feel like you are here and i pray you watching over your kids right now kion needs your protection ,Ashai finish school this year oh so much has happen since you pass but we still mention your name very often rest in peace& paradise my girl love & miss you always xx"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 31st December 2015

"Hi my baby girl I know I haven't left no message for awhile but don't think I have forgotten you it just sometime writing and remember  is hard but you know you are etch in my heart , jasmine  you know how hard this year as been and I never knew how I was going to eat Christmas but your lovely daughter my 1st granddaughter came throught for me she invited me for dinner I'm sure you was with us and was has proud as me to know she did what she had to when it mattered ,we had a lovely time and Ashai joined  us boxing day so even though I had nothing I had something to feel good for, your baby boy is here with me right now so he is here for new year , oh I hope you like your X that Patrick and Dawayne set up for you at long last it not much but it something I'm so grateful your friends Tracy , Vicky, Anne Marie don't leave us out Patrick is back so we are ok they are there for us 2015 is almost over I miss you bad but I'm thankful for life and what little I have keep  watching over all of us and rest in eternal peace xx"

This tribute was added by Ashai Foster on 23rd October 2015

"Hi mummy i don't stop thinking about you. Mummy you made me who i am today i love you so much i miss you my life has changed so much all i want to do is to make you proud mummy i will never forget you from ashai. You are always in our heart and you have four beautiful stars that make you proud xx miss you mummy"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 4th June 2015

"Today we remember you in our hearts not that you  are ever far away big things little thing a comment even a shadow you are never far from mind ,I'm sorry you're still not covered 8 yrs on but I know you see and understand it's not me, if it had work right that's the 1st thing I would of done,but your soul is with the father and what's there is just our memory hope you're  will your grandad and other family and bossing them all, you are so missed by family & friends R.I.P my angel til next time xxx"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 19th November 2014

"Well what a week your birthday 40 yes old and you not here to enjoy with us but I did my best for us to remember some family never like it but you are MY child and I celebrate your life I gave birth to you I bear your pain and if your children wants to do something I will do my best Fri 14- 11 we had a sit down get together your kids all 4 was here, Kion and his girlfriend you would of love her her name Lauren, your Appleby friends was here only Vicky couldn't be here she was away but sent greeting for us Tracy and AnnMarie and her sister your auntie Carol and Michelle and her grand baby and a few more families from both sides we had a good time talking laughing even with my back paining me it was good then the trouble but I'm not going into that, as long as I can keep something for you so the little ones don't forget you I will, auntie Jackie was here too and I know if they did something to remember dad she would remember something about him but she don't I want your children to be able to say yes I remember my mum because we talk about you, I know I ain't come to the cemetery but I will I just wish I could get the border to put down but give me time I will do my best only regret I forgot to bring memorial book down for them to sign but all in all everything good our hearts are aching memory is all we have to share love you same today yesterday and for always my beautiful daughter til my time comes I will sing your praise xx"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 10th November 2014

"Remembering you isn't hard you live on in your children they all have something of you a smile a act, a move, even something they might say or do but that doesn't make it easier but we just of to take it in and move on I know your burden is over and you are with families you never new on this earth but it doesn't make any better for us we talk about you all the time I don't want the little ones to forget you ( your auntie don't remember dad she was only 4 when he died an we never talked about him) but I think talking helps and photos so we gonna talk til the cows come home for Jaheym's sake he remembers you he remembers what you use to call him and the smile on his face when ask who call you that my mummy he says he is so bright he is gonna be the leader and Rican see him keeping Ashai in check, Ashai is you in looks and ways its so surprising Yasmin still greaving but holding it together and doing her thing she is torn between the families but holding her own that part is you Kion he's just the same don't talk keep it in and do what he wants but senisable so you see in many ways you are here in your children, I'm writing this with tears thinking what if but its too late for that but youre at ease and we have to carry on for each other, birthday love sent to you above Rest In Eternal Peace my baby girl xx"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 16th August 2014

"I don't know why I'm drawn to your page today maybe its cos your nieces & nephews are all here and we getting your lot later to celebrate your auntie Jackie's birthday I'm sure you will be nearby in spirit you ain't missing a family gatherings, rest assure I will do what I can but you need to watch over your children guide them in the right way we miss you and it hit home more when someone you know as past she was younger than you but I know you knew her so help her on her way my daughter you come to me even if I'm not thinking of you but I'm hoping that your new life is good the father only takes the best when they're young they are the special ones we will meet one day soon don't know when are where but until then we have to do the best we can on earth never far away from our mind always in our hearts love you Jasmine keep us safe xx"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 22nd June 2014

"Just thinking about you as always and know you would say mummy don't worry bout it but you know your mum, I worry over everything I don't know how I getting out of this but I'm still praying things will work out ,always not far from my mind xxxx"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 5th June 2014

"Well we made it through the day saw your daughters they a good I my shelf was up & down it will always be hard @ times like this but it getting easier to deal with you would let me write on the day and I understand it was your brothers turn your aunts & cousins write lovely message on your other site all is well still strugleing but thankful for life as always watch over your love ones xxx"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 31st May 2014

"1june 2014 my dads birthday I hope you & him is together yas its that time again its still hurt like hell around this time but this year after I visit you it will be about your brother you know he ain't had a birthday since that day I would love him to enjoy this one so we going put you one side but we won't forget you blow some blessing on him make enjoy his self, I have tears in my eyes when I think how things is but what can I do always in my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 22nd April 2014

"Well we had a lovely Easter me Yasmyne ( Yasmin) Kion  Ashai Trash Jaymee King DD KingTai and his girlfriend we had a really nice time I know you was there in spirit cos you wouldn't miss our family thing next time I hope Jaheym will be there he's getting so big and bright and he loves his football Ashai need some push but I hope she gets herself together soon miss you my girl but we have to move on but you will always be here in our Hearts xx."

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 5th April 2014

"Well my girl had a lovely birthday thank the lord and mothers day me ashai & jaheym went to see your grave was every proud of ashai she didn't cry she even put the rubbish in the bin before she wouldn't walk about anyway we still miss you this would have been your 40th year would like to do something don't know what any hint would be nice laugh miss you my daughter my friend in my heart always x."

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 24th December 2013

"Another Christmas without you the pain of losing you don't get better if anything it is worst cos family is so far apart now we don't do anything together anymore its like you're gone I'm alone yes there people around but that's it I miss our gossip us doing something together,you would say come let's go bingo or let's go shopping ,I hope you're with family an friends I love to know or believe yore with your grandad my dad and that the two of you is getting on real good,where ever you are sent a little love in the wind for us so the good times can return even halfway, thinking of you this Christmas eve night and know yo are in my heart @ this Christmas time Ashai & Jaheym is with us for Christmas and I hope they enjoy themselves merry Christmas xx"

This tribute was added by Moya Mcdaniel on 8th December 2013

"I miss you so much Jas"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 24th November 2013

"Memories last a life time miss you more each day, if I don't call your name or talk about you its cos not everyone wants to hear but you will always be with me an your kids you wee my right & left hand we had some god times as mother an daughter even when they tried t pulls us apart you was still will your mumi love you I miss you so much I wish I did tell you sometimes when things get rough an I feel like give up I remember how strong you were an I have to carry on x"

This tribute was added by Kelly Loundes on 10th November 2013

"Hi big cousin :)
Happy 39th Birthday xx
I know you are looking down on all of us smiling miss you so much and all of the memories I have of you will forever stay with me. Enjoy your day love always xXX."

This tribute was added by Julie Townsend on 9th November 2013

"our thoughts are with you are the family, Birthday celebrations now. I know she is watching over you all.  Having a drink in Heaven with "BIG SAM" and Kathy Springer no doubt. x"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 9th November 2013

"Your life was up an down but you always bounce back you were strong and determine, you was there for family and friends, your children is coping the best they can and I promise I will never let them forget you, my heart is aching my soul unrest but my jasmine I know you're doing your best @ whatever assign to do , so until we meet spread your love for everyone xxx."

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 9th November 2013

"39 years ago you were born on a cold November night after they sent your grandma &  dad home they said you wasn't ready to come for hours they just got in when the phone rang to tell them I had a baby girl,my baby girl iI was so proud you grew up to be an amazing person in your own right everyone either loved you or hate you you didn't give a hoot, you had your kids did what you wanted ."

This tribute was added by Dawayne Palmer on 28th October 2013

"Wow I just see this
But u dun kno sis word can't express how I feel
I'm still lost without u not a second goes by when UR not in my mind miss u bad
I see u soon 1day hold dat space for me xxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 18th October 2013

"Birthday is almost here you would be. 39ys old this year, we would be planing next year party an what you going to buy to wear or where you going for your 40th next year but that don't matter now so for this year I'm praying for me to get the deliverance an blessing thats coming my way one day soon , I'm praying your children an brothers an sisters get the reward they want with blessings"

This tribute was added by claire briggs on 7th September 2013

"Miss u jasmine and all the help u givin me when times was bad with my fam u will never b 4gotten xxxxx"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 14th August 2013

"Jasmine was a good baby not a cry cry baby a nosey child always want to know what you doing or where you going etc etc , growing  up she was close to her family  and she gave us all some of her time , she knew almost everything , she loved reading & maths , but she was good  at anything she tried ."

This tribute was added by Vicky Ahmed on 9th August 2013

"I have so many memories of Jasmine from childhood through to having our babies. I will never forget my dear friend as I laugh often at the nonsence we use to get up to. I can still hear her laughter. When I see photo's of her babies I see much of her sparkle in them. Love and miss you my dear friend x"

This tribute was added by Samantha Greaves on 9th August 2013

"Your light will never blow out, Your memory will never blow away. You have left behind a legacy that will be remembered for generations...Your ability to love everyone unconditionally is a lesson I and many others still strive to achieve.
Thank you for being a part of my living.
You will always be known as a TRUE BLESSING. xxx"

This tribute was added by Sonia Palmer Lounds on 8th August 2013

"My miss know it all we miss you dearly I call your name every chance I get , if I want to fine a place jasmine would know, if I need someone to go somewhere with jasmine would go , there's so many things that brings you to mind sometimes happy things sometimes bad things and in a way you are still here your baby girl is everything like you in looks, action, memories will always be here xxx"

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