Her Life

About our sweet Jasmine

Jasmine was the the twin to a little brother. She loved her brothers Brogan, Xander, Trevor, and her little sister Emma'Swan. Jasmine was so full of love, laughter, so vibrant and always smiling, she never met a stranger and left a major impact on everyone that came in her life her sweet short four years of her life God blessed us with.

Jasmine loved lol toys, my little ponies, her baby dolls, and playing tea with her mamma and I also her shimmer and shine stuff, most of all she loved chasing her brothers and bugging them thinking it was funny. She loved to dance. I know if she had a chance to be with us a little longer she would have made a beautiful ballerina.

Each morning our angel would crawl in bed with us and kiss us and if that didn't wake us up she would start brushing our hair trying to put pony tails in it. She loved drinking out of grammys cup and getting in my snack drawer thinking I didn't know. She loved sleeping with her mommy and playing in the park with her.

Our hearts are forever broken. We don't understand why we lost such a beautiful sweet child so young and a life so full of her. 

Jasmine was always a healthy child. She was running around the house chasing her brother with a big boat and two hours later started running a fever of 100.2. Took her to hospital to be told she had strep to bring her home and give her amoxicillin, Tylenol, and ibuprofen then 6 hours later she wasn't breathing, she was resuscitated and taken to hospital here in Hattiesburg where she was put in a coma and air lifted to Batons  Children's Hospital at Jackson, Ms. where we found out she didn't have strep she had a virus call Rhino Virus and that before she was air lifted she had been given to much Tylenol through Iv at hospital here in Hattiesburg to the extent it was in her liver. she fought so hard for five days, We were told her brain had no activity and they took her off life support as hard as we tried and begged they would not leave her on it, she lasted six minutes after taken off her mamma was holding her as we wept over our little angel. The day after we lost Jasmine we found out that the ibuprofen, and Tylenol we had bought had a recall on it. It was on the news the day after we lost her. Could we have know there was a recall on the equate we bought? No,,,,,, but it was said it was causing kidney failure and brain death. I live everyday with the fact I bought this medicine and gave it to my grandchild. Was it my fault I know it wasn't but loosing our sweet baby from malpractice, recalled medicine is so unfair. Our angel could have been saved if the hospital here would have gave her something to counter act the over dosage of Tylenol they had given through iv if they had our baby girl might still be here with us.

Jasmine you have and always will be so loved and held so dear to our hearts, you are missed more than you could ever imagine. It feels like you are what held our family together cause without you we have fallen to pieces. Sweetie I can just see you with your beautiful Angel wings flying and dancing while smiling and laughing with Jesus. Sweet baby girl you save me a spot in heaven right next to you so you can tell me everything I have missed until we meet again I send hugs and kisses to you in Heaven sweetie,,,, Grammy, Mommy, Brogan, Xander, Trevor, and Emma love you so much.