Let the memory of Jason be with us forever
  • 29 years old
  • Born on December 18, 1985 in Sacramento, California, United States.
  • Passed away on March 29, 2015 in Modesto, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jason Moland 29 years old , born on December 18, 1985 and passed away on March 29, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Synthia Lofton on 18th December 2018
Jason on your birthday we want you to know we celebrate the man, the love, the caring and compassion you gave to all of us. We miss you dearly and we will forever remember the joy you brought to all our lives. We will love you forever and always❤️Auntie Synthia & Uncle Robert
Posted by Kathleen DuBose on 30th October 2018
Isaiah 57:1 The righteous perishes and no man lay it to heart: and mericiful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.
Posted by Synthia Lofton on 29th March 2018
Jason you are always in our hearts❤️We miss you everyday and Love you forever and ever..We live our life so we will see you again..Tell Bubby and my Dad to look out for us...Love always and forever.... Auntie Synthia
Posted by Stephanie Hill on 29th March 2018
You are missed but never forgotten ...love the Hill Family
Posted by Alicia Contreras on 18th December 2017
On a beautiful day like today a great man like you was born...For the short period of time I got to know you...I really admired you and there’s not a day you don’t cross my mind...You were very special and made me laugh a lot and made my day especially your contagious smile ..I know that u are in heaven resting peacefully..May your memory grace me forever...
Posted by Susana Barajas on 18th December 2017
Jason, as you look down on us from heaven, keep us all in prayer for strength and continued hope of His promises to us. Please say a special petition for your mom who misses you deeply. Ask our Lord to comfort her and stregthen her as she journeys in this life without her belived son. We love you always! ,
Posted by Elizabeth Wortham on 18th December 2017
Jaso A. Moland you will always be missed from this place bc your presence is not here among us but your lovely, gentle & kind spirit lives on and on and willl never be forgotten. And will live out in your children as well, they are a reflection of you. Until we meet again in that glorous place called Home, Save a spot for your Aunt Liz and Uncle Barry Wortham. We miss and love you eternally and forever Jason!!!
Posted by Kathleen DuBose on 14th September 2017
September 25, 2017 National Day of Remembrance dedicated by POMC - parents of murdered children. People from near and far will stand on the steps of CA State Capital Sacramento 6:00 to 8:00 pm and unite as families and Stand together. My dear sweet son, I will always love and miss you. God continue to give me strength
Posted by Kathleen DuBose on 14th April 2017
Two years have passed but it still seems like yesterday that I watched you walk away at Winco that day I saw you at work. That will always be a sweet memory for Zeke and I. Love you, so much
Posted by Kathleen DuBose on 14th April 2017
I love you, I miss you! Always a part of me, always my heart. I am trusting God all the way for things to come. I am trusting Him to see your children, my grandchildren. I stand on His promises!! Peace and love to come. I will see you in paradise, son, with Jesus
Posted by Cassandra Moland on 29th March 2017
Jason, You were with us for such a short time but you made a big impact on our lives. We know that God knows what’s best yet we feel you were taken from us too soon. You were a wonderful person, an example for us all. We are still so brokenhearted. We miss you so much, you left an empty space in our hearts that can’t be filled. We constantly pray that in time, God will mend our broken hearts and fill them with good memories and joy, knowing that we will see you again. We ask God to continue to strengthen your parents, help them through this difficult journey. We are grateful for the time we had with you and feel so blessed to be your aunt and uncle. Forever in our hearts, Brian and Cassandra Moland
Posted by Susana Barajas on 29th March 2017
Jason, I pray that by now you have met my daddy in heaven. He always wanted a son. You fit the perfect image of that son with your beautiful character traits of your love for the Lord, the way you honored and respected your mom when you were still with us, your gentle spirit of kindness, your strong LOYALTY to your family, your solid work ethics and your warm loving smile. I can only pretend to imagine how deeply every fiber of your moms soul and body hurts, having lost such a beautiful son. Fill her with your warmth and love from heaven sweet soul, so she can continue to live her life here on earth without you, filled with grace and peace till the hour our loving Father calls her home. P.S could you Pleeeese give my daddy a hug for me and tell him I miss him terribly and that Elisa has a boyfriend now?! Lol!
Posted by Kathleen DuBose on 27th March 2017
My dear beautiful angel son, everyday that passes by the Lord lifts me and I put my trust in Him. I never would have made it thus far without our Lord and Savior and I am so thankful that you chose life with Jesus when you did. I will look for the day when I see you among the heavens with all that have gone before me. I pray for strength to keep pushing towards the mark of the high calling until God calls me on home. I miss you, son and you will always be a part of me. Love, always and forever. Your mom
Posted by Elizabeth Wortham on 10th January 2017
Hello Jason, Barry and I miss seeing your beautiful smile and kind spirit at our pool parties in the summer. And helping me out with your mother when Kathleen would have an appointment or something to do with Zeke in the evening, my Lord, you were my life-saver when I needed help with her. I remember we would put our heads together and make sure she was taken care of the best way we knew how. But your kind and patient spirit is what I miss most of all about you Jason, more people need to have that kind of a spirit. I hope up there in paradise, you will run into my nephew/Godson Lyle H. Woodward, he could use a good friend up there. We will always miss and love you forever Jason!!
Posted by Lakia Chandler on 19th December 2016
You are missed but not forgotten. Love and miss you cousin!
Posted by Kathleen DuBose on 18th December 2016
My precious baby boy, I stand on Psalm 9 today. His Word is a lamp unto my feet. God never ignores our cries for help and oh, how I need His help. Though my heart aches and I feel a void: I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done. I will be filled with joy because of You. I will sing praises to Your name, O most High. Psalm 9:1-2 Jason, I tribute to a son that was loved and gave love. You leave a legacy of humility, love, respect, hard work, dedication, peace, true friendship, and the greatest legacy was your love for Christ. You gave your all and for this, my precious baby boy, I can survive through the heartache, I can Stand, it still hurts deeply but I can make it. I will run this race with all God gives me. I will always love and adore you. Thank you Lord for 29 years of LOVE. I will survive, trusting and believing in the Master weaver. A card from my aunt Mary: our lives are but fine weaving That God & we prepare- each life becomes a fabric planned & fashioned in his care. We may not always see just how the weaving intertwine, but we MUST trust the Master's hand and follow His design, for He can view the pattern upon the upper side, While we must look from underneath And trust in Him to guide....when a strand of sorrow is added to His plan, it is difficult for us, we still must understand that it is He who fills the shuttle, It's He who know best, so we must weave in patience And leave to Him the rest...Not till the loom is silent And the shuttles cease to fly Shall God unroll the canvas & explain the reasons why- The dark threads are as needed In the Weaver's skillful hand As the threads of gold & silver In the pattern He has planned. With all my love and His strength, I must continue to weave this tapestry of life, until I see the Savior face to face and all those gone before me. I see you son with all your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, your brothers Ronnie & Robert. What a beautiful reunion and you all rest in His care with so much PEACE. My beautiful angels Love always, your mother❤️
Posted by Kathleen DuBose on 15th December 2016
Another day, that the Lord has kept me. He is ordering my steps in His Word. Standing on His promises. Forever my love and I will always have precious memories until we meet again in paradise!
Posted by Monique Mcgee on 3rd December 2016
I miss you
Posted by Michelle Lucas Hill on 27th November 2016
You will forever be with us and we feel your presence as we prepare for our new addition to our family. - love Fred, Michelle, Jazz, Taylor plus one .
Posted by Stephanie Hill on 27th November 2016
You are missed but never forgotten ..The Hill Family
Posted by Kathleen DuBose on 29th March 2016
My son, my hearts aches with deep pain. Only God can Ease the impact. Right now I have little words but God can relay to you from my heart into spiritual language.
Posted by Susana Barajas on 29th March 2016
Jason, it has been one year that our world lost a beautiful soul. I pray that our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary comfort your mother in her deep sorrow over having lost her beloved son, by reminding her daily of His passion for us. I pray that the deep unimaginable sorrow the Blessed Virgin must have endured while she followed her son to Calvery, comfort my friend with a reassurance that she is being carried through this darkness within the loving mantel of our heavenly mother and the loving hands of Our Creator. Her pain will endure all things until the day she is joined again in Heaven with her beloved. We miss you.
Posted by Kathleen DuBose on 19th December 2015
Jason, my heart, my love my gift from God. Our children are only loaned to us for a while and I was truly blessed and honored to be your mother. As our Heavenly Father delivered you to His heavenly home, I have to live daily in His presence and walk out the plans He has over my life. Yesterday was so hard but through the Grace of God, I am here visiting another day. Your cousin, Corine, Your niece, Brya, brother Zeke, Uncle Brian, Aunt Cassandra, cousins Tiff & Bri, and myself shared a wonderful celebration of life on your birthday. I revisited the hospital where God delivered the most beautiful symbol of life to me, your father and your brother, JR. The charge nurse, Jan was still working there and she treated me and Brya with opened arms and allowed me to quietly sit in one of the unoccupied delivery rooms. Brya read to me as I could not finish my prayer. Over your Aunt and Uncles home we nourished our bodies with good food and later had reflections over your beautiful life, lit candles and sang happy birthday. God brought us safely back home. I love you so much, and you are forever missed
Posted by Susana Barajas on 19th December 2015
Jason, I'll always remember your joyful demeanor the night you came to pick up Zeke from Elisa's 15th birthday party a little over a year ago. You had just got off from work and seemed so happy to be going home to your family. I packed you a BIG plate of enchiladas to take home to your wife and children. I remember how you almost appeared to be in disbelief of your good fortune. I guess you forgot you had come to a Mexican party with plenty to share! As you walked away from me with your plate in hand, you turned around and gave me a beautiful smile with a gesture that told me how sincerely grateful you were. What a tremendous loss for us all here on earth but a beautiful gain in heaven!
Posted by Kathleen DuBose on 15th July 2015
I love and miss you so much, son. I know that you are in the presence of the almighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus help us all who are still enduring on this earth.
Posted by Kathleen DuBose on 26th April 2015
Thinking of you, daily
Posted by Kathleen DuBose on 18th April 2015
My son, I will always remember how you made me so proud. You will always be a light, a shining star, a twinkle... I miss you so much. My heart is broken, there is a deep sadness but the assurance of seeing you again with Jesus will always keep the hope. I love you so much.

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