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Jason Alexander Carvajal-Rose
  • 35 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 19, 1977
  • Place of birth:
    Weehawken, New Jersey, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 1, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Newark, New Jersey, United States
Let the memory of Jason be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jason Carvajal-Rose, 35, born on August 19, 1977 and passed away on March 1, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Lexii Abramson on 20th August 2017


Can't believe you turned 40 yesterday! You are officially an old guy!! I could only imagine the kind of awesome party we would've had. It hurts my heart to think that you missed that, but I know, somewhere in this world, your spirit has rekindled. I got to go down to Tennessee and see Brooke and wow, she is literally you. Everything from her mannerisms and attitude to her biting her toe nails with her mouth!! She's hilarious too, I see your soul in her. It's  probably why she was capable of pushing Scott's buttons so easily (you were always good at that) lol. I know your family and friends miss you and I do everyday, but I know your time here had its limits for a purpose. Veronica graduated high school, something I know you always worried about. She's doing fantastic, she has a nice boyfriend, she's being a teenager. I know you watch over her in a different way, keep doing that.  
Happy Birthday my friend, I miss your face like crazy. I miss gossiping with you and complaining with you. I know Scott misses you everyday.
Be with him, he needs that.


This tribute was added by Kasey Garland on 20th August 2017

"Brookie & I miss you so very much. I looked at her yesterday & said, "today is your daddy's birthday". She said "REALLY?!?!" her face lit up & tears filled her eyes. This is how she reacts anytime I say something to her about you. When I hear a song on the radio or drive somewhere a memory was made, I always tell her every detail. She loves that. She is so beautiful & I am so grateful to be her mother. She is starting cheer this coming up week & has mastered her split, i think she will do well as she is naturally an entertainer. She is always dancing & singing & laughing. I would give anything for her to spend even one day with you. I believe you two would be inseparable as you were when she was just a baby. When I look at her, I see glimpses of your big personality. I keep waiting on you to call or message me. I keep thinking that one day you will be here, walking through the door, greeted by a humongous hug from a big hearted girl. It is so hard thinking of all that you are missing. I will forever regret all the things I didn't say & some of the things that I did say. I will never regret the time spent with you, knowing you & all of the memories made with you. I am the age you were when we got together & I realize now more than ever how naive I was then. I would give anything to just sit down with you & talk. The talks we had where I knew I was absolutely loved. I don't think I will ever feel that loved again in my life. Even though I was so blind to it then, I know that you loved me & my girls. I wish that I could wrap my arms around you & tell you how much I miss those days & how much I miss you.  It stings. Not only the pain of you being gone but the pain of everything you miss out on. The pain of not ever hearing that laugh again, not ever hearing you go on a rant or the look of joy in your eyes. I miss you so very much Jason. You have helped me grow so much & can't even be around to see it. I view things so much differently now. I wish I could've helped you, saved you. I was just a kid, a stupid one. If I would've realized your pain & suffering, I would've tried so much harder to help. These are things that I have to live with now. I love you Jason & I hope that somehow you see my heart & the tears I cry for you & know that your daughter & I miss you terribly. Me first & the gimme gimmes sing Somewhere over the rainbow & I can still hear you singing along with them......."

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 19th August 2017

"Your I sit and wonder what you would be doing today if you were still here. Would you be worried because of the age or just laugh it off. I miss you Jay, your laugh ,your anger , your hugs and your big heart. I know that we will see each other again I just hope you will not have changed too much. Love you forever and beyond.Ma"

This tribute was added by Crystal-Dawn Marone on 19th August 2017

"How has it been 4 years already?  It seems like just yesterday we were sitting on the steps in my grandparents back yard talking about life and how much it changed since we were kids.  Whoever said it gets easier over time was clearly an idiot who had never lost someone they were so close to.  You were more than a friend, you were like the big brother I wasn't biologically related to.  You are always missed and I pray that you are smiling up there and having an amazing birthday!  Miss you and love you always. *HUGS*"

This tribute was added by Melanie Hansen on 3rd March 2017

"thinking of you a lot lately..wishing we could have a conversation and laugh about some silly things we did as kids. words can never express the loss that is felt without you here. you will always be in my heart...until we meet again..."

This tribute was added by Veronica Rose on 2nd March 2017

"It's crazy that's it's been four years, I can still remember listening to 'wake me up when September ends' in the car when I was around 8. Everytime I think of you that song comes to mind, I wish you were here now to see the person I grew into and all the accomplishments I've made, I believe you'd be proud you always were so proud of me. I miss you❤️"

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 1st March 2017

"What can I say that hasn't been said? The emptiness I feel is just as great now as when you first left. I carry on with this insipid life only because I truly believe Jehovah holds you in memory and I will see you again, without this thread of hope there would be no reason to continue to go on. Know that you are greatly missed and unconditionally loved.      ma."

This tribute was added by Joan Shannon on 1st March 2017

"4 Years and it still isn't real :(  I miss you as much now as I did then.  Time can't heal ALL wounds, some wounds get stuck in time.  Always in my heart and mind.  Love you, Jay!!"

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 24th November 2016

"Jay it is now 9:56pm Thanksgiving night. I missed our movie marathon and could not bring myself to do anything worthwhile for the whole day. Oh how I wish you were still here. miss you ever so much: the sound of your laugh and how fast you could get angry, how you always wanted baked macaroni and playing your guitar. Someday. Love you for eternity. Ma."

This tribute was added by Dana Santiago on 20th August 2016

"Jay, can't say that I have known you forever or have tons of crazy hysterical stories, I was only left with a few and the few that I do have mean the world to me I will cherish them for a life time its just sad I don't have you to reminisce with. You where such a wonderful friends and a wonderful person to talk to I was never afraid to be myself around you we where always laughing, we would stay on the phone for quite awhile taking about recovery and how much you wanted to get back to your girls, It was just to hard for you and I understand that, your not suffering any longer. I love that you will be forever in our hearts and souls, P.S.  laaaaaadieeeessss up!!!!!? Love your forever friend Dane"

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 19th August 2016

"39 years old yet 35 forever. What would you have been like today; would you joke about getting closer to 40? I can only wonder about things like that because like a thief in the night drugs robbed me of what could have been the best years of your life.Thank you for the cardinal and the strong scent of nicotine, I took comfort in both. Rest well my son the days are getting shorter and it won't be long before we meet again.
Love never dies it just grows stronger. Miss you .......Ma"

This tribute was added by Barbara Guillen on 2nd March 2016

"Jay it's hard to believe it's been three years already, it seems like just yesterday you were here we us. But just because it's been three years does not mean we stopped missing you, we miss you just as much today as we did the first day you left us. You will forever be in our hearts. Love and miss you Jay.  Aunt Barbara"

This tribute was added by Joan Shannon on 1st March 2016

"And I still hear your voice...  Love you, Jay, forever and All ways"

This tribute was added by Liz Monigan on 1st March 2016

"It's hard to believe that you left us 3 years ago. You are one of a kind and the world is not the same without you. ..."

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 1st March 2016

"I wish it were possible to remove this day from the calendar.It never gets easier,just makes me more aware how cruel life can be and how we are never guaranteed another tomorrow. I miss you just  as much today as the day you left. Love you for an eternity and then some.Ma"

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 24th December 2015

"Well Jay it is 9:33 Christmas Eve. I just want you to know you are never far from my thoughts. Your brother and I are going to see Star Wars The Force Awakens on Christmas Day. Even though physically you won't be there I know that spiritually I will feel your presence. I would hate to try and explain the whole movie. As always I miss you terribly and wish we could have been dealt a better hand. I love you for"

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 27th November 2015

"Well it has been awhile and for that I am truly sorry. Jay today or rather yesterday was my 3rd thanksgiving day that we did not get to go to the movies. So much for starting new traditions. I miss you more as time goes on,there is no comfort no easing of the pain.I love you and wish there was more time."

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 19th August 2015

"Another birth date and missing you so much. you took a part of me with you. Why couldn't we have more time. You became a friend and confidante and someone I was blessed knowing."

This tribute was added by Joan Shannon on 19th August 2015

"Some days, it feels like you have been gone forever, and other days seem like it was just yesterday that I heard the awful news that you would no longer call, message, show up at my door... Every year on your birthday, I miss my second son more than the year before. I always heard time heals all wounds.  Time only closes the outside of the wound.  The inside is still raw. It seems wrong to say "Happy" Birthday so instead I'll sa, y Miss you tons today and always, Jay!!"

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 24th April 2015

"you have been in my thoughts so much lately. I often think how different life would be if you were still here. I miss you so very much. Your oldest daughter got her first tattoo, you would be so proud and you were right about how she would be as she ages. She chose a beautiful tribute to you to be forever on her shoulder. later..... love ma"

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 28th February 2015

"I thought the first year was unbearable, this 2nd anniversary is a killer. I miss you so very much. I have never in all my life had a pain as deep as this. Why Jay? There was so much we didn't experience as mother and son.Who am I gonna go to Ireland with now?I would give anything for just 1 more moment in time to let you know just how loved you were and still are. Forever in my heart.Love Ma."

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 23rd November 2014

"well it is that time again.I will continue our tradition of going to the movies in place of celebrating thanksgiving. You will not be with me physically but in my heart I know you would be if you were still here.I miss you so very much Jay,it still hurts.Someday......Love ma."

This tribute was added by Joan Shannon on 19th August 2014

"Happy Birthday in Heaven!!  You will always be loved and missed here :("

This tribute was added by Crystal-Dawn Marone on 23rd July 2014

"It's almost August and it's such a hard month.  We should be celebrating your birthday and laughing about all the crazy times growing up.  It hasn't been the same without you.  Brookie Cookie looks soooooooo much like you.  It's been different without you.  There have been so many times that something Star Wars came on tv or a friend dressed up like a Storm Trooper and I wanted to tag you in a pic or call you and tell you about it.  I know you're in a better place and free from the pain you didn't deserve, but it doesn't make missing you any easier.  Luv ya always!  *HUGS*"

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 25th May 2014

"I cried for you today my son.Sitting on the steps of my porch, could not help but think that today would have been a great day to just hang out and chill.This is when I miss you most.You would have understood just where I was coming from.Always in my thoughts ,forever in my heart. love ma."

This tribute was added by Elizabeth Kays on 2nd May 2014

"I will always love you"

This tribute was added by Larry Cavaiani on 2nd March 2014

"Jason its been a year and you are in our heart, Jay always in our hearts and souls.. Miss ya kid...Larryc."

This tribute was added by Crystal-Dawn Marone on 1st March 2014

"How can it really be a year later?  How could this year have gone by so fast?  It's so hard to believe you're gone and we don't get to hear your stories, your sarcasm, your wit, and your laugh.  You brought a light to the world that can't be replaced.  I know you finally found peace and are in a better place, but selfishly, I wish you didn't have to go.  *HUGS*  Love ya, always."

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 1st March 2014

"The pain of giving birth to you was a joy, the pain of losing you to death is unbearable. I was blessed to have had you in my life for 35 years,and I know we will see each other again in the paradise that is promised to us. Love never ends.Ma"

This tribute was added by Joannie Shannon on 1st March 2014

"It's so hard to believe that it's already one year ago since you left us to rise up to Heaven. I still miss you, Jay, and still can hear your unique voice. The tears still flow for you here, but I know you have only happiness and joy where you are, which helps a little.  Love you forever and ALL ways"

This tribute was added by Kasey Garland on 27th December 2013

"Jason Alexander, where do I begin..... To everyone you are Jay, to me you were always my Jason. I owe a huge part of my happiness to you, Miss Brooke "Brookie Cookie" Alexandra Rose. I had the best of times with you. I have letters & pictures & videos & memories that I will ALWAYS hold close to my heart & cherish. We had some awesome adventures. You attempted to show me how to drive a stick & honestly got closer than anyone. Lol, You let me drive Grace through the neighborhood but no further cause you already knew I would kill the clutch. You made me the Star Wars Nerd that I am today, you schooled me on everything & ALMOST had me convinced to get the matching tattoo. When I was pregnant, you waited on me hand & foot. Rubbed my feet, my back... I literally felt like the luckiest woman on the planet... I will never forget our "special" times... Our walks & our LONG talks... We did sooo much exploring, a lot of my first visits were with you. We fell apart & there were days when I cried relentlessly hoping that things would be different & we would be pulled back together like a "force" but it never happened. I love you & I miss you & I ALWAYDS will. A part of my heart will forever be yours & when I look into our daughter's eyes I see you..... Blue October, Calling You... Seeter & Amy Lee, Broken... Billy Currington, Must be do something Right... songs that every time I hear, I think of you singing.. Know that you picked the best mother for Brookie, even if you didn't know who she would be then. I will share stories with her & let her know Just how much you love her. I'll be seeing you........"

This tribute was added by Crystal-Dawn Marone on 5th December 2013

"I look at this page often and always want to write something, but can never find the right words to say.  Even as the months pass, I still can't seem to believe that you're really gone.  It's like I can still hear your voice laughing about something stupid you and Adam were doing or just did and how animated you'd get when you tell a story.  With the colder weather coming I can remember snowball fights and the "daring" sleigh rides down the hill of death…let's face it, we were completely insane to go down that thing!  We would always try to see who could make it completely across the street and into the parking lot of what used to be the liquor store!  What were we thinking???  I miss times when life was simpler and the only worry we had was if we'd be allowed to have hot chocolate when walked all the way up that huge hill!  I can't think of a single memory from age 7 until adulthood that doesn't have you and the rest of the "crew" in it.  You are so badly missed and will always be the big brother that wasn't biological!  *HUGS*"

This tribute was added by Larry Cavaiani on 14th October 2013

"" At this moment I'm having trouble finding the words i want to say. But for now  i will  say,   i  miss you very much and especially how you remembered  the  Lyrics  to certain songs  we loved. I just wish we had more time,  but i will always  cherish  the time we did have  and  thanks for that"  Lv Ya Jay........"

This tribute was added by Brenda Jean on 14th October 2013

"Jay you were always cool and so much fun in class. Always smiling and having fun, always there to help someone or make their day. I can't understand how this path has claimed you. I'm sorry it has. You are definitely missed. :("

This tribute was added by Barbara Guillen on 14th October 2013

"Jay you don't know how much your are missed. I wish that you could see how much your mom is hurting then you would truly know how much you are loved. You will forever remain in our hearts, you will never be forgotten and we will love you always. Miss you Jay. Your aunt Barbara."

This tribute was added by Crystal-Dawn Marone on 14th October 2013

"What can I say?  You were the big brother I didn't biologically have.  You were at my house more than I was and there was definitely never a dull moment.  Since I was 7 years old, you were such a huge part of my life and it's still so hard to believe you're not here, but you will NEVER be forgotten and will ALWAYS be loved.  *HUGS*"

This tribute was added by Joan Shannon on 14th October 2013

"I loved you like a son and watched you grow from a caring child who brought me an injured bird to heal, to a compassionate adult with children of your own. No matter what else was going on, it was always a good day when you walked through my door, wherever I lived.  Although you will never walk through my door again, you will remain forever in my heart.  Forever and ALL ways...."

This tribute was added by Maggie Rose on 13th October 2013

"you were my love child and I wish I could be more like you..You were troubled, but yet found ways to make others feel good about themselves.I miss you so very much my pepper shaker."

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