Unlike The Black Pearl, which met with a titanic disaster, you persevered and remained buoyant. Partly due to your own fortitude and partly owing to your family’s love" - Jason Berry
  • 38 years old
  • Born on December 24, 1974 .
  • Passed away on August 24, 2013 .

"...Everything, unfortunately, is out of your control. For better or worse, what you are experiencing is a trial--a trial that cannot be understood through the frailties of rational man. Rather, it must be endured by faith and the knowledge that it is He who is greater and stronger than us who has a plan for you...." - Jason Berry 

Posted by Vicki Blackstone on 24th August 2018
There is not an August that has gone by since you left us that I have not thought of you, my student, sweet Jason. I remember you so well and how you fell in love with literature in my American Lit class, oh so many years ago. I tell my students about Jason, the Bear, my beloved student and Mr. Berry the beloved teacher of his students. You are loved and missed by many, and your legacy lives.
Posted by Mark Charney on 24th August 2018
Good Lord, I can't believe it's been so long since Jason left us. As a mentee of mine, he brought with everything he did so much happiness, so much enthusiasm, so much grace, that I continue to think of him with love all of the time. At Clemson, where I met him, he was so excited about the study of film that he brought to classes a exuberance almost unmatched by others around him. He was often at my house, and I was often at his apartment, in walking distance, working on his writing and sharpening his ideas. I miss you Jason, not only your good work, but especially your infectious love of learning.
Posted by Pablo Coz Saiz on 24th August 2018
It's been 5 years since Jason Berry left us and there is no day that pass without thinking of you. You inspire so many people, your legacy will forever remain. You were a friend, a brother, a teacher in life, and in the classrooms. I miss you so much my dear, dear, dear friend and brother
Posted by Pablo Coz Saiz on 24th December 2017
Today most people will celebrate the birth of Jesus Chris, but I will celebrate the life of Jason Berry. I will always remember Jason Berry. His stories are in my heart and thoughts. His spirit will always remain in the many souls he touched.
Posted by Pablo Coz Saiz on 24th August 2017
Time pass but you are not forgotten. I cannot believe its been already 4 years. I will always love you my friend. I miss you sooooo much
Posted by Mark Charney on 24th August 2017
Not a week goes by that Jason Berry, my mentee, doesn't enter my mind. His spirit lives on through his mentors and students, and I remember so fondly my love and admiration for Jason.
Posted by Pablo Coz Saiz on 24th December 2016
Jason Berry will always live in our hearts and minds. We were so lucky to be able to share so many memories, experiences and good times. Time will pass but Jason will live on us forever. I miss him soooo much and will give everything to have him between us again.
Posted by Pablo Coz Saiz on 24th August 2016
I can't believe it's almost been three years since Jason Berry left us. Time flies but your legacy remain intact and strong. I miss you so much and remember you every single day.
Posted by Mark Charney on 24th August 2016
Jason was a much beloved student, someone I took to his first conference and someone who always did me proud. The memory I have of him to share today is when he moved down the street from me in Clemson. I helped him move, and he invited me in afterwards where we sat around, ate pizza, discussed women, and worked on his thesis. He brought great energy into the program at Clemson, and will always be that guy who jumped up and down after he delivered a successful conference paper. I love him. I miss him.
Posted by Pablo Coz Saiz on 24th December 2015
One more time today some people will celebrate Jason´s birthday. Jason was a dedicated man that love life, and impact many people´s lifes. He was the brother that I never had, and his friendship was a treasure to me. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about Jason Berry. I miss you.
Posted by Mark Charney on 24th August 2015
As Director of Theatre and Dance, I think of Jason almost every time I teach OR go to a conference. I took him to his first conference, where he did a great job delivering his research. More importantly, though, I spent time with Jason at his apartment very near my house, and in my basement, where we talked our love of literature. I knew he would be an excellent professor, and by all accounts, he exceeded expectation. I think of him with love and great fondness, another brilliant mentee who I miss with all my heart.
Posted by Mabel Luo on 24th August 2015
Still missing you, Mr. Berry. You were such a role model to me, and there hasn't been an English class I've looked forward to as much as yours. Wish I could share with you what I've been up to for the past two years - we all still miss you.
Posted by Pablo Coz Saiz on 24th August 2015
There are no words to describe how much I miss Jason Berry. He was a remarkable man with a high set of ethics, and morals. Every day I learn something new by just having a conversation with him. He was the brother that I never had, and his friendship was a treasure to me. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about Jason Berry. I miss you.
Posted by Hannah Bollar on 5th February 2015
we still miss you coach bear.
Posted by Pablo Coz Saiz on 24th December 2014
Today I celebrate the birth of Jason Berry. I miss you so much. You will forever be in my heart my dear friend and "brother"
Posted by Elizabeth Chapman-Arata on 24th December 2014
Driving to work today you were on my mind.. Your personality was always larger than life. You could light up a room and cheer anyone up . I still cant wrap my head around the fact that your gone. Taken way to soon from all of us. Thinking of Mary Ellis and the family today who I know will be celebrating in your honor.
Posted by Pablo Coz Saiz on 24th August 2014
Time will pass but you will never be forgotten. Your legacy will live on. You touch so many souls with your kindness, spirit, knowledge, passion and inspiration. I miss you sooo much.
Posted by Mabel Luo on 24th August 2014
Love and miss you, Mr. Berry! Starting college today and thinking of you
Posted by Pablo Coz Saiz on 24th December 2013
Today some people will celebrate the birth of Jesus, but I will celebrate the birth of Jason Berry. Jason was a true inspiration to anyone that has the luck to meet him. He was a person full of passion, love, ethics, and kindness. Jason was a man that helps his friends no matter what, and was there for anyone. He was without any doubt the best person in the whole world. There was no men like him, and there will not be a human being like him. There is no day that pass without remembering my friend. I miss him so much.
Posted by Chris Douglas on 24th December 2013
I am also celebrating the birth of Jason Berry today. Happy Birthday Bear! We miss you so much! You will forever be in our hearts and we are so grateful to have known you. You were a kind-hearted soul who cared so much for others. We loved your passion and inspiration that you shared with the girls' lacrosse team at Harker. We also share your love for New England and the sports teams there; you must have been smiling when the Sox won the World Series! :) Michelle was at the parade to celebrate with you! Please know that we keep your loved ones that you left behind in our hearts and will always care for them. We miss you and will never forget you! xoxoxo
Posted by Vicki Blackstone on 7th October 2013
I had the special honor of knowing Jason as a high school student, my student. He was a joy-pure joy. He was the kind of student every teacher loves to teach because he loves and embraces what the teacher loves and embraces. I witnessed the genesis of his literary career in my American Literature class, and I am blessed to have been your teacher, Jason Berry. Love, Mrs Blackstone
Posted by Roopal Mayor on 11th September 2013
Jason you were a thoughtful person, a passionate teacher, and a dedicated coach. Your baccalaureate speech to the Class of 2012 was one of the best speeches I have ever heard. It communicated your love for students, your passion for teaching, your excellence in English literature, your brilliance in oratory skills and most of all the fact that you were a great human being. We all miss you.
Posted by Kathryn Pruiett on 31st August 2013
It has been about 17 years since I last saw my cousin- but growing up in New England, nearly ever Christmas and Thanksgiving our families spent together. My heart aches for my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Lance, and Josh along with his new bride MaryEllis-however he was greeted into the spiritual world with open arms by his Grandpa and Grandma, and Aunt Carole-and many other family members.
Posted by Kathryn Pruiett on 31st August 2013
.... remember "Death is not an end, rather an opportunity to fulfill a life of higher use!" Emmanuel Swedenborg. I only regret losing touch-
Posted by Elizabeth Chapman-Arata on 30th August 2013
Jason was a kind soul who was a pleasure to work with. We enoyed working with him as our client at The David Gragnola Agency. He was always a joy to talk with. Mary Ellis your in our thoughts and prayers. We will miss his monlthy calls and his sense of humor he was a kind soul taken from us all to soon. Mary Ellis please know he touched so many whos lives are better for knowing him .
Posted by Sarah Finck on 29th August 2013
I had the honor of working with Jason at EF Boston in 2005-2006. Sharing a love of words with me, he took the care to mentor me to become a better teacher. It was just coincidence that we both moved to the San Jose area around the same time, and I'm sad to say I only saw him two or three times here. I will deeply cherish the memories of our time together. My condolences to all.
Posted by Art Young on 29th August 2013
I remember Jason fondly as one of the best and most engaging and engaged students I have ever taught. Jason enrolled in two graduate classes at Clemson with me in 1998-99, Composition Theory and Victorian Literature. I remember him well for his enthusiasm for teaching, both writing and literature, and for his intelligence and creativity, for his determination and sense of humor.
Posted by Rena Bartlett on 29th August 2013
Jason set a standard of excellence as a teacher and as a human being that I strive for. I have always wished I could sculpt a phrase with the same artistry as he. His wealth of language was remarkable, but it was his steadfast refusal to accept mediocrity that I most admired. No, in fact, it was his heartfelt respect for others and his compassion, and that is what made him so well loved.
Posted by Justin Lee on 28th August 2013
It was like yesterday when he and I taught together at The Steward School, and we connected from the beginning.The students loved him and that was evident by the number of students he spoke for at baccalaureate. He and I shared great times watching Liverpool FC at Penny Lane Pub. Jason you will be missed, but YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE.
Posted by Anu Moudgal on 28th August 2013
Being the parent of Keerthi Moudgal (class of 2012), I had the opportunity to know you through my daughter and the brief exchanges during those parent teacher conferences. She describes you as her favorite high school teacher whom I know meant a world to her. Words can't describe the loss we feel, but are blessed to have known you. May your soul rest in peace Jason Berry.
Posted by Mark Charney on 28th August 2013
I taught Jason for the years he was at Clemson University. He was my mentee and I directed his thesis on Jane Campion. Not only was he won of my favorite students, but he was a member of our family. He even had Thanksgiving with us once. I've rarely met someone kinder, brighter, more enthusiastic, and more willing to learn. I loved him and I admired more than anything his love of life.
Posted by Pablo Coz Saiz on 28th August 2013
Life is less worthy, and amusing after we all loss Jason Berry. Millions of people live and have no luck to meet a person like Jason Berry, but I was blessed to know him. I had the honor to call him brother. There is no higher praise than have been Jason´s friend. I was not only blessed to know him, I was blessed to have him in my life for all this years.
Posted by Pablo Coz Saiz on 28th August 2013
I still cannot believe Jason is not around us anymore, but somehow I know he live in all the people he manage to make an impact in their lives (who are thousands). I am devastated. I cannot express in words how much does he mean to me. He was a man of principles, full of passion, devotion and knowledge. He was a man that embraces challenge, and reaches majesty with effort and talent.
Posted by Pablo Coz Saiz on 28th August 2013
I collapsed and devastated to lose a person who contributed to be the person I am today. I am a better man because Jason Berry was in my life. He was my professor, my mentor, my friend, and my brother. Love you Jason. I will never forget you.
Posted by Terri Shelton on 27th August 2013
Shocked and saddened by this news. I taught with Jason for 3 years at The Steward School. Believe it or not, he tried to keep to himself the first few days, but I wouldn't let him. Maybe he was turned off by my "Southern drawl," but I insisted on welcoming him to the department. Once he found out I was a Patriots fan, I fondly became "Betty" (bad A**) and he "Seamus O'Malley." Will miss u.

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