Let the memory of Jason be with us forever
  • Passed away on October 24, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, LCpl Jason Barfield . We will remember him forever.
Posted by Kyndal Payne on 24th October 2018
Dear Jason, hi my very favorite and dear Marine friend Jason, today is the Anniversary of when you gave your life for my freedom. I wish I could have gotten to meet you. You sound like you were a cool and great and wonderful Marine. You are my very favorite hero. You and your service and ultimate sacrifice is Never Forgotten....... Semper Fi....... Lighting a candle in honor and in memory of you.
Posted by Kyndal Payne on 24th October 2017
Lighting a candle in memory and in honor of my very favorite and dear Marine friend Jason Nicholas Barfield.
Posted by Kyndal Payne on 22nd October 2017
Dear Jason, hi my very dear Marine friend Jason, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and miss you. You were and are a very very cool Marine and a wonderful and true hero!! I wish I could have gotten to meet you here on the earth, but I know that I will get to meet you one day when I get to Heaven. I'm looking forward to getting to meet you in Heaven someday. Getting to meet a real Marine is so neat. Hey Jason, someday when I get to Heaven and I get to meet you, hope you won't mind if I shake your hand and tell you "Thank You" for your service to our country. I know that you won't mind. Hey my very sweet and very dear Marine friend Jason, I hope you know that you are always on my mind and always in my heart. I sure do miss you my very dear Marine friend Jason. You are my very favorite hero!! Your friend down here on earth, Kyndal.
Posted by Deb Johnson on 17th August 2013
As the parent of a previous 3/7 Warrior we share a bond though we have never met. My heart goes out to you and yours, and hope that all can find peace and healing. Know that your Marine family stands beside you all the way, always.
Posted by Harry Davis on 16th August 2013
Jason, I never had the privilege of meeting you in life, only after you received orders to report to your new Permanent Duty Station at the Right Hand of the L-rd, helping Guard the Gates of Heaven. Thank you for your dedication, your commitment, your selfless sacrifice and your service to the ideals that make American Great.
Posted by Roni Dyer on 16th August 2013
I have never met you but you will always be close to my heart. You are an "AMERICAN HERO" to never be forgotten. 3/7 will always remember you for your courage and commitment to saving many lives. Any 3/7 is a family of mine and I love you and your family. I am sure you are guarding the gates. R.I.P. Barfield.
Posted by Pamela Johnson on 16th August 2013
I cannot imagine the grief a parent feels at the loss of a child. My heart goes out to Jason's parents, family and friends. May your grief heal your hearts. Semper Fi from a Marine Mom.
Posted by Sharom Smolik on 16th August 2013
May god bless Jason's family and bring them to peace! Thank you Jason for your service and bravery! You will always be a true hero! RIP hero!!
Posted by Kim Lopez on 16th August 2013
Jason, while we had not had the opporunitity to meet I consider you family. Being a 3/7 parent I know and understand the bond between Marines and their families. Thank you for your bravery and for your devotion in protecting and serving our country. You are a true HERO and you will always be remembered as one! May God Bless You!!!!
Posted by Diane Conom on 16th August 2013
For the family and friends of Jason Barfield who has left this Earth for Heaven... Father of all mercies and God of all consolation, you pursue us with untiring love and dispel the shadow of death with the bright dawn of life. Give courage to these families in their loss and sorrow. Be their refuge and strength, O Lord, reassure them of your continuing love and lift them from the depths of grief
Posted by Patricia D'Augustine on 16th August 2013
I know how you feel and most likely how you are doing. We go day to day, but the pain never really will ever go away. My son, Joseph, an EOD Tech was attached to the 3/7 on deployment. He was KIA on 3/27/12. Your son will forever be remembered. God Bless.
Posted by Mickie Hembree on 16th August 2013
Gone but NEVER forgotten. You and your family will forever be a part of our family. I've heard so much about you and heaven gained a hero when he called you home. Forever a hero in my eyes!! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend/brother to my son. Your his guardian angel along with so many others. Love and prayers to all of 3/7.
Posted by Sheila Skipper on 15th August 2013
Jason, it was my honor to sing at your memorial! Because of your bravery and selfishness you sacrificed yourself for your friends and this country. You will always be remembered as a hero and a loving son, brother, and friend. Thank you for reminding me that everyday is a good day and thank you most for your sacrifice for my freedom!
Posted by Heather Harrell on 15th August 2013
Jason first of all I want to say THANK YOU! You're truly a hero! I didn't have the privilege to meet you but know some of your family and I have been blessed to be friends on Facebook with your dad.
Posted by Ray Barfield Gsd on 15th August 2013
Son, there isn't a day goes by that your not missed so much. Your forever on our minds and in our heart. You are "A GREAT AMERICAN HERO." You gave your life on that day for your fellow Marines. Seven United States Marines are with us now for your selfless act of courage, dedication, love of your fellow man and heroism. We love you and miss you!
Posted by Kelli Goldstarmom on 15th August 2013
What is a HERO? A person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities. This is you!!! You took a protective posture over that IED, taking the FULL blast, preventing 7 Marine's from death or injury. There is no greater love. Love for your "brother's", your family, your country. I am so proud of you, for the man you are. I miss you so much! Love Mom

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