For we grieve, but not as those without hope...
  • 24 years old
  • Born on April 12, 1989 .
  • Passed away on February 18, 2014 .

Dear family and friends,

Thank you for visiting this site to reflect on the joy Jason brought us all and to share your thoughts, photos and videos. We appreciate how you help us keep his memory alive. 

We are pleased to report that the organizations we chose to carry out Jason’s legacy are actively doing just that.  The Music Boosters at Reservoir High School have held instructional clinics and are hosting an appearance by The Yellow Jackets, an a cappella music group, to perform for the students and provide another clinic.

HEARD, an organization that works to ensure that the deaf have equal access to the justice system, will fund a paid fellowship in 2018, to further that mission. 

Donations to these organizations in Jason’s name can still be sent to:

Music Boosters
Reservoir High School
11550 Scaggsville Rd.
Fulton, MD 20759

P.O. Box 1160
Washington, D.C. 20013
Or click the "donate" button at

Rick, Laura and Andrew Mastroianni

With much love,
Rick & Laura and Andrew Mastroianni 

Posted by Vicki Seibert on 18th February 2019
I was remembering Jason and you, his family today. It has been a sad day, reflecting on the loss of many we love. But I still see God 's mercy. Laura, I found myself looking for The letter J today too, thinking of you. When with Ann today , I saw a smile on her face from other friends who secretly left tribute drumsticks, hearts and smiling monkeys at their door. I think of the joy of celebrating Andrew and Amy's wedding too. I am will always be thankful for your family. May God' s peace renew you all.
Posted by Carol Bledsoe on 18th February 2019
We miss you Jason. You would love playing and joking around with all your little cousins. I know they would love you as much as the rest of us do. I pray that your mom, dad and Andrew all know that they are surrounded by people who love you and them. That we will always keep you alive in our hearts. That we hold them in our hearts each and every day, but especially on those days that are painful reminders of when you left us to join Jesus in heaven.
Posted by Kevin McGhee on 17th February 2019
I will be preaching in a prison in a few hours - I'll talk about Jason there. He would have loved meeting the men in there. The guys inside will be praying for us all ... In the next few months, I will speak in Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, Germany, and many other places. Pretty much everywhere I go, I talk about Jason. On the day he woke up in heaven, something woke up in me. I cried out to God in a visceral place, "Could the church please get serious about the Great Commission?!" Jesus called us to make disciples of all nations. He also said when the Gospel of his kingdom is preached to every people group, then He will return. (Mt. 28:18-20, and Mt. 24:14). Peter said we can look forward to his return and speed its coming. (2 Peter 3:11-12) So, everywhere I go, I talk about these things ... because we want to see Jesus ... and because we can't wait until the day we are with Jason again. Will all the telemarketers be lined up near him in heaven with baseball bats?? I don't know, but I can't wait to find out. To all who love Jason, our prayers are with you this day, tomorrow, and always.
Posted by Scott Tiemann on 19th February 2018
Talented guy, great student, thoughtful and compassionate young man.
Posted by Laura Mastroianni on 18th February 2018
February 18, 2018 - 4 years later and God is still at work reminding us of His love and care for us. Often through my J's in the sky, or leaves and branches... often through notes, hugs, balloons and monkeys from friends...And sometimes in ways we never imagined... I was reading a blog this weekend which lead me to a different know how it goes, you just keep clicking and reading.. When I was finished reading, this idea popped into my head - a way to acknowledge February 18, 2014, honor Jason, and do something positive with that day...So I did some searching on the Compassion International website and here's what's up - 4 years later... Rick and I have decided to sponsor a little boy from Uganda through Compassion International. His birthday - February 18, 2014. His name: Blessed Joy. It seemed fitting that God would provide Blessed Joy on a difficult day I love you and miss you J!
Posted by Carol Bledsoe on 18th February 2018
Jason - I will never forget where I was and the shock of getting the news that you were gone. I had just seen you a couple days before. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a year that would be filled with grief of losing you. It would be a year of medical issues for Alan. And it would also be a year full of incredible joy in the birth of three new babies - cousins sadly you would never meet. God showed himself to me in more ways than I can count. Four years have passed. Alan's health has stabilized. Those three babies will all turn 4 this year. My faith has continued to grow. But you are still gone. Our family will never be the same. The hole in our hearts will always be there. But you continue to show yourself in small ways. You let us know you're still with us. Yes, you are gone, but you are not forgotten. Love, Aunt Carol
Posted by Vicki Seibert on 18th February 2018
Dear Laura, Rick and Andrew. I am remembering Jason with you today and the music and fun he brought to so many. I thank God for him and you, his dear family. I am praying for a renewal of God’s comfort and presence with you. You are precious to me and my family. I am sure the child you sponsored this year will be also blessed! God’s grace continues to overflow.
Posted by Dave Sherry on 18th February 2017
Three years ago today was a shocking and incredibly sad day. We miss you Jason.
Posted by Lori Stern on 18th February 2017
I still see you up there on stage with Andrew, your mom and dad when they are worshiping with all of us at BCC. Hope heaven is all we imagine it to be:) We will all see you soon. Hugs!
Posted by Holiday Gaitor on 18th February 2017
Jason I miss hearing you play guitar and the way you'd laugh at funny things. I hope it's warm up there because I know how much you loved the sun. I'll remember you always - love Tica
Posted by Debbie Rhoad on 18th February 2017
Dear Laura, Rick and Andrew, Our prayers are with you as you so lovingly celebrate Jason's life and legacy. Thank you for shining Jesus' and Jason's light! Blessings, The Rhoad Family
Posted by Kevin McGhee on 18th February 2017
J - I was honored to preach at Son of David congregation today ... They prayed the ancient Jewish prayer (Kaddish) for those who are mourning, and asked anyone to stand who was missing someone today. It took me about a nanosecond to jump to my feet as I thought of you and your Mom, Dad, and Andrew. The prayer is full of hope as it reminds of the goodness of God. Today, we are three years closer to when we see you again. Hope the telemarketers are chasing you past the pearly gates laughing all the way.
Posted by Carol Bledsoe on 18th February 2017
I can't believe it has been three years. I remember your smiling face, your excitement about what was going on in your life as we had brunch together at Grandma's house. Little did I know that as we made plans to see you again very soon, that would be the last time I'd see you. I think of you often, especially when I see an amazing percussion video. My heart goes out to your mom, dad and Andrew. May they find comfort in knowing how much you are loved and missed by so many. That you continue to make a difference in people's lives, just in a different way. Love- Aunt Carol
Posted by Brendan R on 18th February 2016
A random memory came to my mind the other day about a night when Jason had accidentally locked his keys inside his car at the Baskin Robbins down the street from RHS. Took a group of six of us 20 minutes of trying to jimmy locks and crawling around looking for a spare key or another way in to realize that the sunroof was open just enough to fit a hand in. Jason reached in flipped the switch and somehow shimmied head first down into the car through the sunroof. By the end of it we were all laughing hysterically. If Jason was there, you were always in store for a fun night with great friends and plenty of laughter.
Posted by Sheryl Cooper on 18th February 2016
I was Jason's professor in Deaf Studies at Towson, and I will never forget him. He was a warm, caring soul who was passionate about the Deaf community. I'm so thrilled to see that donations in his memory will go to two wonderful causes representing his interests. Sending strength and love to his family and friends on the anniversary of his passing.
Posted by Donna Fenicle on 18th February 2016
Thinking of you Laura & Rick! ((((HUGS)))) may God continue to bless you every minute.
Posted by Holiday Gaitor on 16th October 2015
Jason I appreciate life everyday as you come to mind - Tica Gaitor Bahamas
Posted by Kevin McGhee on 12th April 2015
Happy birthday J! We miss you so much - but the impact of your life resounds in those you love. We all can't wait til we see you again. I hope the flat spot on the side of your head is all fixed now. ;-) Kevin
Posted by Jennifer Heyser on 12th April 2015
Remembering you on your birthday, Jason <3, and always.
Posted by Donna Fenicle on 12th April 2015
Hugs to your mom & dad! I can't imagine the strength & faith they have to face each day missing you! I'm sure there's a big party in heaven & you're the life of the party. :) Til we join you & our creator one day.....happy birthday jason!
Posted by Lori Stern on 20th February 2015
Dear Jason, We all miss you and there is not a church service where I don't think of you. If you would use the Lord's power to give your mom, dad and Andrew special hugs and love to lift them up, that would be great. As you would expect, they are carrying on as strong disciples in Christ but they hurt every day from missing you. But not without hope...we are Bethany strong:)
Posted by Donna Fenicle on 18th February 2015
I will never hear the song 'Cornerstone' & not think of Jason! His memorial service was beautiful & uplifting as was his life. Hugs to Laura Rick & Andrew. Such a big loss.......such a big life he lived. God bless.
Posted by Gina Oliva on 18th February 2015
Dearest Jason, This morning, as it happened, you were in my waking thoughts!!! You must have been tapping me on the shoulder. I want to thank you for leaving that sweet video of yourself signing your desire to work with Deaf prisoners. It really touched me and I will never forget it. I know it will make you and your family happy that because of this you will be remembered in our community -- you'll see!! Thinking of you, missing you, and sending a hug. Love, Gina
Posted by Jennifer Heyser on 18th February 2015
In loving memory of you, Jason. You are in my thoughts quite a bit, little big guy. You, your presence, your wit, your smile ... still very much missed.
Posted by Danielle Sherry on 18th February 2015
Dear Jason, It has been a year since we lost you. I think about you often and remember the strong presence you were in our family. I think about how losing you has affected my brothers. I think about how losing you has affected me. All I know is that we are all blessed for having you in our lives. Jason, a few months ago I cried because I saw a beautiful article about a restaurant in Canada who employees only deaf servers, and I couldn't physically share it with you. They use menus that teach hearing people to sign their order and the servers help them to learn signs. I thought that this was such a wonderful business! We need these in the U.S. A few months after that my family lined up their LLBean moccasins under the Christmas tree in remembrance of you and the necessity of these shoe/slipper combo in our family. We all miss you dearly. Thank you for sharing your love and happiness with me and my family. You will always be in our hearts. Danielle
Posted by Kelsey McGhee on 18th December 2014
Dear Jason, Today is December 18, 2014, which marks ten months since you left us. It also means that it is six days until Christmas Eve, which means one thing- STEW. I so badly want to text you the countdown daily, I want to see your emojis back of stew, I want you to say how excited you are, I want you to tell the infamous Christmas Eve story, which you bring up every year… But I can’t text you and you won’t be there to bring up the story. Jason, I’m mad at you because you went ahead of us. Why did you have to do that? There is so much stew to be eaten. I have struggled to write this letter, because I don’t want to say goodbye. In fact, I have refused to finish this letter, until now. So I am sorry that it is long overdue, but cut me some slack, you were always late for church. I refused to finish this letter because it symbolized that you were actually gone and meant that I had nothing left to hold onto to keep you alive. I know it sounds silly, but it’s true. Though, I have finished this letter, I do not accept your death. I do not accept your death because death has no hold over you - Christ defeated the grave and so one day we will laugh together over a bowl of Christmas Eve Stew and celebrate Jesus’s birth and victory. I write this letter with tears streaming down my face, like the Coldplay song, and I want you to know that I love you. I miss you more than words can say. But I am not without hope and look forward to the day when Jesus returns and we will be reunited. I love you Robin, Jay, Older Brother, Mr. Taylor Swift (haha remember that time you wanted to marry her…. you were always too good for her), CareBear (as Bryden liked to call you), and Jason Nicholas Mastroianni-McGhee. Love, Kelsey- your little sister P.S. I feel I must be honest with you. You will probably learn anyways if you are looking down on us and hear our conversations. There might have been a time when I was in elementary/middle school when I had a crush on you. Don’t worry I got over it quickly and only ever saw you as a brother… But I cannot deny that it happened. Ask Bryden if you don’t believe me.
Posted by Laura Mastroianni on 18th August 2014
Dearest Jason, it is August 18, 2014 – 6 months since you left us. Here’s what’s on my mind: I have often heard people say that God never gives us more than we can handle. I must disagree. I think we are given things that ARE too hard for us to handle alone for the simple reason that we were never meant to go through this life alone. How does one “handle” the death of a son (or anyone) alone? On February 18, as I sat in my principal’s office waiting for the detectives who needed to talk to me, I cried out, “Lord, catch my heart”. I made a couple of phone calls and sent a text message, barely able to get out the words, “SOS, please pray! Detectives from Baltimore are on their way to see me. This can’t be good!” And while I was the only one sitting in that office for quite some time, I was never alone. Friends were lifting up prayers even as Rick and dear friends were driving to get to that office… driving to get to me. I heard the news that you, my dear Jason, had died before anyone could get to my school. Yet I still wasn't alone. In that instant, as my heart shattered, God was already providing this friend to hold this piece over here and that friend to hold that little piece. Each piece gently held and lovingly tended to by family and friends as God held and holds us all because quite honestly this is just too much to hold and “handle” alone. I still have days when I am very angry, very sad and very shattered. (Contrary to science, it really is possible to walk around with your heart not working and when the pain is so bad the air is literally sucked out of you.) Yet God in His love and mercy hasn't left me to handle this alone. I love you bud!
Posted by Sheri Becraft on 14th April 2014
Dear Jason, Your birthday was just this past weekend, and I have to say, Saturday was one of the most beautiful days of weather that we've had so far this year. The sun was out and it warmed us under the blue skies as we gathered throughout the day at your parent's house to be together and remember you. It would only have been more perfect with you there to blow out candles or release balloons. But then again, I know you were there. Right as we released our balloons, a gust of wind took them straight into the trees. We all had a laugh and a few small tears as we watched the balloons drift and get stuck in the trees. When each one finally wiggled it's way out one at a time and went on to fly as high as they could toward the Heavens, we cheered. Those were cheers in your honor, cheers for a wonderful laughter and love filled life. Cheers that we know where you are, and Who you are with. We'll be here, missing and remembering you...until we meet again.
Posted by Barbara Sherry on 12th April 2014
Happy Birthday Jason - beautiful spring day and a pleasure to spend some time with you parents recalling and celebrating your life's accomplishments.
Posted by Rick Mastroianni on 5th April 2014
A Party for Jason When: Saturday, April 12, 2:00pm - 6:00pm Where: The Mastroianni Home, 9407 Mayflower Ct., Laurel, MD 20723 Please join us as we gather Jason Mastroianni’s family and friends to remember him on his 25th birthday. We will provide snacks, soft drinks, beer and wine. Feel free to bring snacks or drinks to share if you wish. Drop in when you can and enjoy this time to remember and celebrate Jason's life, love and laughter. All who knew and loved Jason are welcome to stop by, so you're welcome to pass this invitation along. We look forward to meeting some of you for the first time. RSVP: or or (301) 906-0015 by Thurs. Apr. 10th if possible.
Posted by Ryan Fessler on 5th March 2014
I met Jason just a few months ago at our training class for work (LRA Worldwide). Although I did not get to know him well, I'm glad we were able to have a few whiskeys and a few laughs together. He is loved by many and will be missed.
Posted by Jake Sherry on 2nd March 2014
I wanted to share my remembrance speech from the service yesterday in case it was a little bit hard to make out. A huge thank you to Rick, Laura, & Andrew for the opportunity to share with everyone a little bit of what Jason meant to me and all of our friends from high school. The service yesterday was absolutely perfect and I know Jason loved it. "Hi. My name is Jake Sherry. I first met Jason in 2005 in our sophomore year of High School. One of my very first memories of befriending Jason happened one of the first nights he came over to my house. Jason had recently acquired a new MacBook and as we all know, Jason loved having the latest and greatest technology especially when it meant giving all his money to Steve Jobs. Now, the first thing anyone does when they first use a Mac is take a bunch of crazy pictures in the photo booth program using all the funky filters. Matt Donnelly, Jason, and I stayed up all night taking hundreds of photos until we couldn’t breathe anymore. We were laughing so hard after capturing every single picture that I remember having to leave the room multiple times just to keep from passing out. It seems really juvenile and cheesy but I have never laughed that hard in my entire life. There have been multiple times when Jason made me laugh harder than anyone has ever been able to make me laugh. That’s the Jason I will always remember. He had such wit and grace with his humor to get anyone in the room to laugh. He would always find the ‘funny’ in any situation. Through various nights like these, Jason grew to be one of my absolute best friends in life. Jason and I had such a close relationship that we didn’t hesitate to tell each other how much we meant to one another. This was a trait that I believe Jason passed on to me early on; the ability to step back from situations and cherish the beauty in them. We constantly had conversations about the things we valued in life. We regularly reminisced on our high school days and the incredible peers who surrounded us. We would talk about how great it was that 5 years after high school graduation we still kept in touch with a great group of friends who genuinely love and care for each other. We would also discuss how fortunate we were to have such a phenomenal music department, with directors and teachers who we quickly began calling our ‘friends.’ We had such a unique and positive high school experience and he never wanted to take that for granted. These traits he instilled in me cause me to be thankful everyday. I am extremely fortunate and grateful to have had someone like him in my life. He was someone I could always turn to for absolutely anything. I know I speak for everyone when I say that he will be beyond missed. But I know when I need to turn to him he will always be listening with a big smile on his face."
Posted by Debbie Rhoad on 2nd March 2014
Dear Laura, Rick and Andrew, We are holding you close in prayer right now. You are not alone in your grief as so many family and friends loved your son and brother. Brendan was deeply sorry that he could not attend yesterday's service as he is out of the country but he would have loved to have been there for you. We first met Jason through RHS's marching band and, then, as he and Brendan became friends, he was often at our home for birthday and graduation parties. Jason and Brendan shared similar musical interests and we once took them to see a concert at Rams Head Live in Annapolis. I can't remember the artist but he signed their t-shirts! He also helped Brendan pick out a computer when he worked at Best Buy. He was a warm, loving and cheerful person--the kind that Jesus uses to draw others to Himself. God has a special place in heaven for him just as all of us hold a special place for Jason in our hearts. May your strong faith and the love of family and friends comfort you, knowing that you will be reunited for all eternity. Your friends in Christ, John, Debbie and Brendan Rhoad
Posted by Andre LaHaie on 1st March 2014
I just do not know what to say. The spark relit in me in the kitchen at church on the day Jason told me to just come to practice one evening if I wanted to get involved with music at BCC. I did not know Jason well, but he inspired me and got me one step closer to God. You are misse, Jason...
Posted by Lauren Murphy on 1st March 2014
It has taken me awhile to do this because I haven't been able to come to register that he really isn't here anymore. The service is the only thing that made it really sink in. I will never forget the first time I met him, he helped me pick out a new laptop while he was working at best buy, the same one I am on right now. I thought he was so cute and I came back twice because he wasn't there the first time. Jason taught me so much about family, church, music, happiness and my new favorite skill, drums. He used to teach me something new on my brother's drum set every time he came over. Jason was such a wonderfully sweet, honest, and lovable person. An all around stand up guy. This world has taken a loss with your passing but I know you were greeted with open arms by the big guys upstairs and watching, guiding, and taking care of us from above. I love you, Jason. You will be forever missed.
Posted by Scott Moran on 1st March 2014
Miss you already brother. A childhood full of memories can be summed up by one story from a long time ago. We we're playing catch in the park by your parents house. Those older kids stole the tennis ball we had and when I got it back, one pulled a knife on me. And you sprinted in the other direction! But you weren't abandoning me, you were getting help as soon as you could. Your first instinct was to protect me as best as you could. You are a fiercely loyal friend and brother. And my life is better for having time with you on this planet. Can't wait to hang more on the other side, love you brother.
Posted by Vicki Seibert on 1st March 2014
I loved Jason's impish grin from his early days and since! In more recent years, I so loved when he played percussion during our worship services and am so glad I was able to tell him so. When I heard the thunder (in the winter!) the day after he left this life, my first thought was that it was for him! I am so saddened by how short his time with us all was but as was so clearly shared at his memorial today, we grieve but not without hope. We look forward to the day when we will see him again in heaven. Thank you to Rick, Laura and and Andrew, family and friends who bravely shared your stories and music and food and support for each other today. You helped me know and love Jason more...and my LORD more as well.
Posted by June Pompei on 1st March 2014
I didn't know Jason well since he graduated before my son, Kyle, entered RHS, but Jason's legend lives on at RHS Music Department. My son, Kyle Pompei (graduated 2012) and I would like to let you know that Kyle and I are holding your family up in prayer through this difficult time.
Posted by Susan Krabbe on 1st March 2014
The Columbia Association Finance Service Bureau also extends our deepest sympathy to our colleague and friend, Andrew, and his family, in the loss of your brother and son. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time.
Posted by Kevin McGhee on 27th February 2014
This post was composed by Ann McGhee Dear J, It has taken me awhile to write to you here, because as a Second Mom to you, my heart just feels broken. Until I catch up to you on the other side, we have this temporary wrenching separation of the physical and spiritual, and frankly buddy, it sucks. To not get to see you again walk in my front-side door with a Starbucks in one hand, that incredibly contagious, broad, “I’m up to no good,” smile stretched across those forever ruddy cheeks of yours, and hear your low, oft gravelly voice boom, “Hi, how’s it going?” well, it’s just tearing me up. So, to tide me over till I see you again, I’m just going to steady my heart with these memories . . . From the moment you entered this world you epitomized the classic phrase: Beautiful Bouncing Baby Boy! From infancy to adulthood, though you were small in physical stature, your zest and zeal for life kept us all chasing after you like a wild hopping infield hit off Chris Davis’ bat. Your frolicking, belly laughing, pranking, engaging in deep conversations, creating music, playing baseball, watching your beloved Orioles, playing with Andrew, Bryden, Kelsey, Lauren, Mara, Jana, Kelly, Matt, Erik, the Giroux boys, The Fraser girls, the Moran and Cutler kids, and so many other buddies . . . in sandboxes, pools, baseball diamonds, forts in basements, snow sledding hills, birthday parties of all sorts, concerts, band and choir performances, feasting together at our extended family gatherings, plays, graduations, proms, retreats and Bible studies, Collage Christmas parties with singing and clapping monkeys, first loves, learning to drive, first cars, second cars, worship band, so many beautiful scenes in my mind go on and on and on and . . . but here a couple particularly favorite ones . . . 24 Christmas Eve’s (I guess 25 really since we had 2 the year Bryden was in NZ.) enjoying stew, and hearing you kids marking off the days . . . “364 . . . 213 . . . 106 . . . 55 . . . 1 . . . more day till we get to eat stew!” Beautiful. I love that our two families are so inextricably linked. I know you and Andrew, Bryden and Kelsey, had no say in it, but when God forged your folks and Kevin and I into the core team to build His Body in Laurel, He gave us the most precious of gifts; next to the Gift of His Son, none sweeter. And I don’t know if I ever told you this in person, but I am so deeply grateful for the many sacrifices you and your “siblings” have made through the years. There were many times when we asked all you kids to give up time with us, or share your toys and life experiences with strangers, while the four parents ministered Jesus' love to others. "Thank you" seems so ridiculously inadequate, but Bud, it’s all I got . . . so “thanks J.” Beautiful. I am also so deeply grateful that your sacrifice did not chase you away from enjoying and knowing our great God. One of my most cherished set of memories is seeing you and Andrew by yourselves and sometimes with your folks helping to lead us all in worship on Sunday mornings. Your worship was genuine and sweet, a true reflection of your faith. No obligation or “forced” feel to it, but rather a heartfelt love for God and his people. Beautiful. I loved that our joined “family” includes so many others too, and that many of our times together are “book ended” by the great celebrations of our faith: The Incarnation – Christmas, and the hope of all hope, the defeat of death at the Resurrection of Jesus – Easter. Worship celebrations followed by family-friend gatherings filled with feasts and games (parent’s verses kids) and music, laughter and love! Beautiful. The day I was doing PTA stuff at Reservoir and I was walking down the hall and a door was open, and you were in practice with your drum line, and we shared a moment, winking at each other, you beaming - loving being in the line, and me beaming back at you, filled so full because I saw your joy, the exuberance you had for all things musical, especially those drums. And I remember thinking, “Thank You God for J and for helping him find his sweet spot,” and I walked away so full that day . . . Beautiful. So, for all these, and all the other beautiful memories too many to list, I say “Thank You God for J and thank you J for allowing me to be a second mom to you.” From this mother’s heart (and on behalf of all the other extended “mom’s and dad’s” who are on this side of heaven), I say for us, “Thank You Heavenly Father for . . . The gift of life you brought to our lives in J. for letting us snuggle and cuddle and giggle with him, for letting us read him Good Night Moon and Alexander and Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and Harold and the Purple Crayon (who I swear was created based on you J), and change his diapers, and cut his hot dogs into little pieces, and throw a baseball to, and take trips together, and see his faith begin and grow in You, and watch him discover the creative, compassionate, passionate man you created him to be. Thank You Father for J.” I was hoping I could pen a song for you, but I’m not quite able to yet; so for now, I will borrow the words of another and the creative staging of this song from others too. It seems fitting as it blends both of your great passions, music and love for the deaf; I offer you these words from John Lennon and Yoko Ono and the scene from the end of the movie “Mr. Holland’s Opus.” From the moment I heard you left us, I have been hearing the song and seeing the scene. So with apologies to John and Yoko, for changing the name at the end . . . I am standing, looking at you now with tears streaming down my cheeks, singing and signing simultaneously, to you “Beautiful Boy:” Close your eyes Have no fear The monster's gone He's on the run and your daddy's here Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Beautiful boy Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Beautiful boy Before you go to sleep Say a little prayer Every day in every way It's getting better and better Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Beautiful boy Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Beautiful boy Out on the ocean sailing away I can hardly wait to see you come of age But I guess, we'll both just have to be patient 'Cause it's a long way to go, a hard row to hoe Yes, it's a long way to go but in the meantime Before you cross the street Take my hand Life is what happens to you While you're busy making other plans Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Beautiful boy Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Beautiful boy Before you go to sleep Say a little prayer Every day in every way It's getting better and better Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Beautiful boy Darling, darling, darling Darling Jason Good night Jason See you in the morning Right again See you, when I see you. I love you J. Ann
Posted by Rose Vaughn on 27th February 2014
The Columbia Association Aquatics Department wishes to extend deepest sympathy for you in your loss. And hoping, too, that comfort and peace may come to you.
Posted by Colin O'Brien-Lux on 24th February 2014
I always liked hearing what Jason had to say about the Orioles. I remember being happily surprised when he told me he was becoming a fellow member of the deaf community. I'm bummed we never got to go to a game or sign with each other. You'll be missed.
Posted by Lauren Seibert on 23rd February 2014
While youth and adulthood memories with J abound, for some reason, the first thing that popped into my head was little me "instructing" little toddler Jason in an important life lesson: "We don't hit!" (SMACK). Very helpful, I know. Somehow J put up with that same crazy girl for 20+ more years of friendship, so go figure! :) Bryden and I have always said that Jason was like our little brother. From toddlerhood to adulthood, he never failed to make us laugh... and his presence made any social event twice as fun! It won't be the same without him. Gonna miss you, lil bro. See you on the other side.
Posted by Nicholas Simone on 23rd February 2014
I have two wonderful grandsons that I love very much. I was able to visit them often when I left California and returned to Pennsylvania. Andrew seemed very serious and controlled. Jason was a free spirit with an easy smile and willing to give you a hug. He was also The Great Negotiator. I present the following pieces of evidence. I took the boys to the dairy section of the supermarket and told them to each pick a gallon of their favorite ice cream. Andrew picked his. NOT JASON.. He asked, "Can I pick three?" "Pick a gallon, Jason" "Can I have two?" "One gallon, Jason." He picked his gallon and was quite happy about it. The boys were into a series of books about youngsters who could morph into animals I took them to the bookstore and gave each twenty dollars. Jason went to the tables of books. NOT JASON. He smiled and said, "If I had twenty-THREE dollars I could buy something really nice." "You have twenty dollars, Jason" "Twenty-TWO?" "Twenty, Jason." He turned and skipped off to find his treasure. Jason was always a joy to be around. The picture of him with his many friends tells the whole story. Thank you, Lord for giving all of us the gift that was Jason. Grandpa Nick
Posted by Rebekah Watson Bouldin on 23rd February 2014
We had some fun times on those Andros trips. Even after long, hot days, when everyone was tired, Jason could crack a joke and make everyone laugh. He was always joking, laughing, and having fun. He had that crazy grin on his face. I'll never forget that. He will be so missed, but a blessing he was to so many.
Posted by Luke Sherry on 23rd February 2014
Two days ago I received news that I did not want to believe. A dear friend of mine and the Sherry household had passed away. It crushed me knowing that someone who had been around my family for so many years and a best friend to my brother was gone so soon. In the past couple of years my encounters with Jason were brief and did not come often since I've been away at school, but I cherished those short periods of time where we got to chat and catch up. He always managed to get me smiling by cracking a joke or doing something ridiculous. It felt like only yesterday my parents left Jason in charge of me for weekends they went out of town. How could I forget the crazy photos and videos we took on his laptop or both of us goofing off instead of doing school work. Or the times he would mess with me while playing video games, begging me to dance to different music while recording it all of course. It was never a dull moment when we got to hang out and spend time together. And what was a day working at Merriweather without texting Jason to find out what stand or beer cart he was working at so we could have a conversation and joke around before things got too busy. This world has lost a great person that I will miss and never forget about. You taught me to always be my goofy self and I will cherish all of the moments we had together. I first knew you just as one of my brother's friend but I'm glad we were able to get to know each other and become as close as we were. Rest in Peace Jason
Posted by Holly Roth on 23rd February 2014
Jason was a great drummer in the world of sound, but he made room in his life for Deaf friends, as well. He worked with Deaf inmates, and became a great signer. I loved signing with him. I will miss our conversations, his smile and hugs.
Posted by Emily Magdics on 23rd February 2014
I have been thinking about Jason (and his family) since I found out about his death a few days ago and I am still at a loss for words. I never got to know Jason well but he was always kind to me, and always seemed to have a smile on his face and was always making whoever was around laugh, including me. I am deeply saddened that he wont be there to give me a hug the next time I am home visiting. I am even more sad for those that were closest to him and I so wish I could be there for his memorial to hear all the great stories everyone will tell about him. Jason, you will be missed. Laura, Rick, Andrew, and countless friends mourning this loss my heart is there with you and I am sending you all cyber hugs.
Posted by David Pincus on 22nd February 2014
I met Jason as a young boy in Cooperstown, the Baseball Hall of Fame, when his grandfather George and I and other colleagues were presenting a paper to a Symposium on Baseball & American Culture on baseball and film. Rick and Laura and their young family drove up from the D.C. area to visit and enjoy the experience -- and they did! In a touch of irony, I and a few others had a short visit with Rick at the Newseum last week, a couple days before the tragic news of Jason's passing, and Rick spoke of him and his new job with a giant smile on his face, his pride as evident as his love. It's the memory I'll hold in my own: the happiness Jason brought to his Dad, and all his family . . . I'm sure he and George are catching up now, and planning some fun together . . . L'chaim.
Posted by Fred Forester on 22nd February 2014
We've missed Jason at Andros Bible Camp the last few years as he had other opportunities to pursue. It is certainly with sadness that we will continue to miss him until we get together again in glory. Praise God for peace that passes understanding.

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