Shared by Robert Busby on April 4, 2014
Jay is still remembered in our hearts and minds even though he has been gone 17 years and would have been 35. Hard to believe he is gone or that he has been gone so long. Remembering the good times Jay.   When I first met Ann in 1988 there were times she could not stop talking about her family, she loved her Mother Agnes, her brother Jackie, her sisters Beth and Kem but was so excited about her niece Tiya and nephew Jay, daughter and son of her brother Jackie. In fact Ann and I talked about Jackie and his wife Sunan and what a great job they had done raising their kids.   Met the family for the first time at the river estate where the McNabb family had a large trailer, boat dock, slip, landing, ramp on a large section of land with the river on three sides, with a great view. What a great place, the family met there every weekend possible, cooking out, sleeping over, swimming, boating and just having fun together.   Tiya and Jay were  such fun kids, loved the out doors and the water. Jay was always into athletics or so it seemed, he grew from such a small guy to a very large in shape kid soon to be man with thoughts of being a U.S. Marine. Tiya was involved in many sports, band, school and just living life and having fun.   Ann and I were still working, she was with the Army Polygraph School, I was an Army Warrant Officer so we did not get to see Tiya and Jay as much as we wanted. We moved from Alabama to Texas, New Mexico, and finally Virginia. One day Jay called Ann and told her he was graduating from High School in the summer and had signed a notice of intent to be a U.S. Marine. Jay wanted to come visit us in the Washington D.C. area after he graduated and before he went to the Marines. Sadly Jay died a week shortly after our conversation.

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