Shared by Robert Knowles on August 8, 2011


As a group of friends we have been through many things together

But today is going to be the most difficult. How do we say goodbye to someone who has been such a special part of our lives for so long?

We feel this poem can at least express a little about how much Jayne means to us



Our hearts they are filled with pain

 And our minds are asking why

We’ve lost a precious friend in Jayne

With no chance to say goodbye


“They don’t make them like that anymore”

Sums Jayne up in one line

When life was tough or closed a door

She said “come on sweetheart know you will be fine”


Our kitchen table gatherings were the times we loved the best

We laughed and cried together, and put our problems to rest

From muffin tops to crows feet, Jayne’s  jibes were oh so slick

Robert fondly called us the witches of Eastwick


Like chocolates, Jayne’s soft centre was hidden in a shell

But of her kindness and her thoughtfulness we all have tales to tell

Our Polly would be lost without her after a few in the Hare and Hounds

Jayne would walk her home and settle her and leave her safe and sound


Jayne loved her nails and jewellery their brightness will not fade

As colourful as some terms she used, she called a spade a spade!

If we ever passed a comment or admired a new piece

Guaranteed next week we’d have one…. her generosity never ceased


There’s many tales we could tell you but this really must be said

We can’t tell you them all here today …………as it’s before the watershed


Jayne we are proud and honoured to have known you, as a very special friend

There’s an aching left in our hearts that will never fully mend

Our friendship chain has broken and will never be the same

But as god calls us one by one the chain will link again


We will miss you so much ….and in your words Jaynie


N’ night sweetheart god bless




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